Taylor Swift Musical?

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#1Taylor Swift Musical?
Posted: 5/14/24 at 7:32am

I don't think this means she's making a musical imminently, but I figure it's only a matter of time. 


I'd see one. 

#2Taylor Swift Musical?
Posted: 5/14/24 at 8:51am

If she ever is involved in musical, I hope she does what Sara Bareilles did and writes original musical for a show. I really would not want another juke box type musical with songs from her career. IMO she is talented enough songwriter to be able to write entirely new music for a show. 

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#3Taylor Swift Musical?
Posted: 5/14/24 at 8:56am

I'd like to hear her write songs for new characters. We know she can do a Disney Princess style ballad. But character songs, charm songs, expository songs, and such would provide a new challenge. She's been accused of writing multiple songs about how tough her privileged life is. She might be easier to take if she was writing for someone else's tale. 


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#4Taylor Swift Musical?
Posted: 5/14/24 at 9:48am

Of course she has been approached about her catalog being the basis for a jukebox musical and her response through her management has been that she is not interested in a jukebox musical but does have interest in (someday) writing an original score for a Broadway show.

“I knew who I was this morning, but I've changed a few times since then.”

#5Taylor Swift Musical?
Posted: 5/14/24 at 2:26pm

I absolutely think she would have the capability to write an original score down the line, but I doubt she'd do that anytime soon.

As to the copyright, she's copywritten phrases before for the purposes of branding and merchandise, so I assume that's what this is (and not because she's actually planning on creating Female Rage the Musical, at least not in the near future).  

#6Taylor Swift Musical?
Posted: 5/14/24 at 2:30pm

The only reason shes doing this is so she can put it on merch. Nothing else. 

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#7Taylor Swift Musical?
Posted: 5/14/24 at 2:36pm

OhHiii said: "The only reason shes doing this is so she can put it on merch. Nothing else."

That, and it prevents people from doing a parody or "ripoff" using the title Female Rage The Musical. Which for someone as brand-conscious as Swift makes complete sense. She's probably taken out a lot of copyrights over the years to protect her work.

Count me among those who think Swift has the specificity and depth to write a very good musical.