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What's Next for the Broadhurst?  Feb 22 2024, 10:53:15 AM


Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd’  Feb 21 2024, 12:57:35 PM

They're closing May 5. If Aaron/Sutton were the biggest names they could get as a first replacement cast (they asked many others, including Sara Bareilles I'm told), then they aren't going to go another rung down in terms of star power. They did that experiment with the weeks between casts. The Nederlanders probably will try for a musical act to have a short residency over the Summer as they've done in the past.

Dianne Warren musical in development from DiPietro and Marshall  Feb 20 2024, 04:14:57 PM

CarlosAlberto said: "But, despiteall that and after all of these years, it is Rhimes' version that has stood the test of time."

Speak for yourself! Trisha's version is the only version we listen to in my home lol

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/18/24  Feb 20 2024, 04:06:38 PM

Kad said: "OhHiii said: "Kad said: "But according to posters on this board, Hadestown is almost about to close and has been for years!"

So you remind us all. Every. Week. Everyone clap for Kad. Good job, Kad..

Then stop making the prognostication.

You act as though we've pondered this based on zero evidence. The show has most definitely lost money for several weeks at a time more than once ove

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/18/24  Feb 20 2024, 03:58:16 PM

Kad said: "But according to posters on this board, Hadestown is almost about to close and has been for years!"

So you remind us all. Every. Week. Everyone clap for Kad. Good job, Kad.

I'm one of those that have prematurely written Hadestown's obituary and I'm pleasantly surprised that they're doing this well. Particularly with some of the weaker leads they've had in the show (in ability, not ticket selling credentials, clearly). I'

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/11/24  Feb 15 2024, 12:03:38 PM

Imagine questioning a casting decision that, by all accounts, has been an excellent performance in the show. Sweetlips needs a dose of the great outdoors it would seem.

Boy George in MR  Feb 15 2024, 07:14:22 AM

Malinda5000 said: "Give Boy George his flowers…he’s a living legend and stepping into a long running show that’s not all that perfect in the first place.

We should always give our elders their flowers while they are still here…

George has been through a lot and survived.

The producers must feel proud to have him so enjoy the show or you get up there and I’m sure you’ll do better…?

Just Saying !!!

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/11/24  Feb 13 2024, 01:45:32 PM

Reality of the upcoming Spring is starting to set in. Spamalot will limp along to the Tonys I would bet, but they lost a lot of money last week. Back to the Future seems like one that will hold on and see great business over the summer again like they did last year. But likely their last Summer on Broadway given how expensive that one is to run.

So curious to see how new shows fare as they start over the next few weeks. It's a dead level run through the end of April now. 

SLAVE PLAY headed to London?  Feb 13 2024, 10:29:15 AM

n2nbaby said: "I hope that it is FINALLY filmed over there. I’m honestly surprised Netflix didn’t do it the first (or second) time."

Would be HBO as they have a relationship already with Jeremy O. Harris. They were trying to do it with the re-opening, but the Omicron variant outbreak scuttled those plans as was too risky an investment at the time with the prospect of cast going down with Covid.

APPROPRIATE Transferring to the Belasco  Feb 13 2024, 09:49:16 AM

HogansHero said: "OhHiii said: "There's a website ready. Password protected.

The site you link was registered by someone (a broker likely) in Arizona. I would not rush to the conclusion it is connected to the production.

Just circling back to this...

Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd’  Feb 12 2024, 04:57:47 PM

ACL2006 said: "This production being overly choreographed is still dumbfounding. The worst part of this production"

It speaks to Kail's distrust of the material. He brings in Hoggett's overly busy movement when we should be honed in like a laser on the words being spoken. The staging for Ladies And Their Sensitivities should be criminal, for instance. A song where the lyrics do all of the dramatic work, you bathe the ensemble women in neon pink and

Wicked Movie Musical Teaser  Feb 12 2024, 04:11:46 PM

CurtisTaylorJr2 said: "Call it a difference of opinion, but from my point of view it was giving when a church soloist messes up a high note and tries to growl through it. I listened to Rachel Tucker while there was a growl there it was much cleaner."

Vocal pedagogy isn't a matter of opinion, btw. 

Wicked Movie Musical Teaser  Feb 12 2024, 02:18:43 PM

Malinda5000 said: "What do you mean “You People” ? 😡"

I imagine, given the context of the rest of their message, they're referencing those being hypercritical (and in some examples, outright nonsensical) of a 2-3hr feature film solely off of less than 60 seconds of a trailer. So, THOSE people. Don't try to make this into something it's not.

Wicked Movie Musical Teaser  Feb 12 2024, 10:53:43 AM

Yeah...Tina Fey definitely made some valid points.

Broadway Replacement Flop Era?  Feb 11 2024, 01:44:13 PM

Tina Fey made some points

APPROPRIATE Transferring to the Belasco  Feb 9 2024, 12:50:09 PM

DiscoCrows said: "Does anyone know who is producing / managing? When TMO transferred,Barry & Fran Weissler were leading but with general management by RCI."

The 2ST run has ATG listed as produced in association with along with Annapurna. So, there you go.

APPROPRIATE Transferring to the Belasco  Feb 9 2024, 12:34:25 PM

There's a website ready. Password protected.

New Hadestown Casting  Feb 9 2024, 12:17:40 PM

getatme said: "Pfeiffer’s run was always meant to be short. She was hired as a temp replacement for Noblezada as the original plan was for Eva to return after Gatsby at Paper Mill. Plans changed, Pfeiffer’s contract was extended. She’ll have been there for 6 months when she leaves and she already has her next gig lined up."

Funny that she's going to ART for the other Gatsby and Eva is going into this season's.

SMASH Reading Lottery  Feb 9 2024, 11:59:43 AM

hearthemsing22 said: "Hold up- please tell me they still have Let Me Be Your Star in the show?"

I didn't even see the presentation and would bet my left arm that this song is firmly in place. Lol

APPROPRIATE Transferring to the Belasco  Feb 9 2024, 11:58:19 AM

Jarethan said: "I tried both the Telecharge site and the 2nd Stage site. Neither has tix for the extension on sale yet."

Yes, that's because this thread was started when they caught the Telecharge page testing that's no longer up. This is how Parade was confirmed before official announcement went out too. Have to wonder how producers feel about Telecharge constantly spoiling announcements like this. Though I think TicketMaster has too, so what can you do?&nbs

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