Who is the Lead in Disaster!

#1Who is the Lead in Disaster!
Posted: 6/19/24 at 2:02pm

Hey! Over the summer, I'm going to be performing in Disaster! The Musical at a Summer Camp for Theater

But one thing that's been bugging me is- who exactly is the lead?

Wikipedia lists Ted Scheider as the first main character

Stage Agent lists Chad Rubik as the first

A couple random sources (old online audition forms and articles) seem to list Tony or Scott first sometimes, but I might be misinterpreting those?


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#2Who is the Lead in Disaster!
Posted: 6/19/24 at 3:11pm

Sadly I saw this during its Broadway run.  I don’t remember any of the male characters (or female characters) being the actual lead.  It all seemed like characters running around an inexpensive set with the purpose of singing 80’s disco hits.  I literally have little memory of it, except how much I hated every minute of it (and I do love Seth very much, but will always blame him for that 2 hours of torture.)

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#3Who is the Lead in Disaster!
Posted: 6/19/24 at 3:56pm

I kinda looked at Ted as the "lead" character when I saw it.

Saw this off-Broadway and then on Broadway. Loved it both times. Jennifer Simard as the Nun was just comedy gold. Have fun and have a good show!

Just give the world Love.

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#4Who is the Lead in Disaster!
Posted: 6/19/24 at 5:08pm

I don’t think of any “leads” per se. I think it’s an ensemble piece since everyone has their musical moments and their storylines all intertwine.

That was kind of the point of those all-star casts in disaster movies. Nobody was a true “lead”, every actor worked the bare minimum, got a credit, and were paid handsomely.

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#5Who is the Lead in Disaster!
Posted: 6/20/24 at 7:02am

This is up there  as one of the worst musicals I’ve ever seen on Broadway!  

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#6Who is the Lead in Disaster!
Posted: 6/21/24 at 10:37pm

For me, it was Chad. At least in the sense that I remember Adam Pascal being the leading man. 

#7Who is the Lead in Disaster!
Posted: 6/23/24 at 1:37am

If this is truly bugging you, I sense the lead character looming over this production will be your ego. Congrats! 

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#8Who is the Lead in Disaster!
Posted: 6/23/24 at 2:26pm

I've been lucky enough to do the show twice.   It really is the definition of an ensemble piece with Chad and Marianne being the central love story.   But also Ted and Jackie are right there too