Hell's Kitchen lotto and rush

#1Hell's Kitchen lotto and rush
Posted: 11/20/23 at 5:12pm

Hi all! I entered the today tix Hell's Kitchen lotto for tomorrow Tues matinee and I still haven't gotten an email (usually they email even if you don't win). Anyone else in the same boat? 

also, when you call the public, it says the box office opens at noon. But in person lotto should start at 10:30am tomorrow. I'm very confused. If anyone has insight, that'd be much appreciated! Thank you! 

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#2Hell's Kitchen lotto and rush
Posted: 11/21/23 at 10:08am

You have to go to the Public 2.5 hours before the show.

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#3Hell's Kitchen lotto and rush
Posted: 11/21/23 at 4:57pm

I was there for the lottery today - they were open 2 1/2 hours before the 1PM show (so, 10:30) and the box office opened right at 11 to accommodate winners. There was a small crowd - I had hoped this unusual Tuesday at 1pm show would not be on most people's radar and it seemed to be a good guess. We won, fourth called, so not sure how many they gave out altogether. But after trying for digital lottery since they started previews, with no success, this was a good result.

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#4Hell's Kitchen lotto and rush
Posted: 11/22/23 at 2:37am

I'm going to second the in person lottery! I went on a  Tuesday night a few weeks ago, and my number didn't get called. Everybody did get a seat, however, because in the end, the final few of us formed an alliance to all order 2 tickets (as most of us wanted singles) and pay each other back. It was really sweet, and we all got amazing seats together and somebody to talk to during the show. It's an amazing and heartfelt show so I'd suggest going for the in person lottery when you can and hope you get a lovely crowd like I did! 

#5Hell's Kitchen lotto and rush
Posted: 11/29/23 at 6:32pm

Hi! I was there the same day as you! I agree, way better than the digital lottery, which seems non-existent or something. Really fun show and has a lot of promise. Malea sounded very sick when she spoke but somehow when she sang, every note was pitch perfect. I wonder if she was sick, and if she performed that night. Or maybe she just has a raspy speaking voice (which is totally cool!)

#6Hell's Kitchen lotto and rush
Posted: 11/30/23 at 9:31am

Is the in-person lottery for every performance? 

thinking of going Saturday (matinee)

#7Hell's Kitchen lotto and rush
Posted: 11/30/23 at 9:32am

I think so, but there are a few blackout dates. If you google it you'll find those dates on the public's website. 

#8Hell's Kitchen lotto and rush
Posted: 11/30/23 at 9:56am

Here's the link for info and blackout dates: https://info-faqpt.helpscoutdocs.com/article/600-hells-kitchen-lotteries