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Is Investing in Broadway worth it?  Aug 25 2023, 09:25:46 AM

There is one GREAT way to almost ensure you end up with a small fortune by investing on Broadway.


Start with a large fortune.

Striking Actors Are Turning to Cameo for Extra Cash  Aug 7 2023, 02:50:42 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "It's the buyer that gives me pause.I don't know why anyone would want tobuya message from an actor who isn't, like, Tom Hanks-level famous. "


If you know someone who is a big fan of someone on a less-than-Tom-Hanks level, they make fantastic presents.

A couple of years back, I had an Impractical Joker wish my daughter a happy birthday while she was away at college. Was a big hit.

Whatever became of?..,  Aug 7 2023, 02:48:47 PM

nasty_khakis said: "
A TON of shows use "announcing" as a fundraising tool. To drum up excitement and to honestly look at reactions online to gage interest. If you announce "Movie You Might Like: the Musical" and 95% of tweets and online comments are bad, you may back down. If you announce "Movie Maybe: the Musical" and most response is positive it can help you raise funds based off of those metrics.

Which leads me to two:

Leading Roles that Don't Really Do Much/Featured Roles that Do A Ton  Jul 26 2023, 12:14:34 PM

It's been a long time since I've seen it, but would you count Applegate in Damn Yankees?

Pre-Show and the Balcony  Jun 23 2023, 04:24:48 PM

Very fair!


I apologize for my snark as well.

There will be no hook poking today!

Pre-Show and the Balcony  Jun 23 2023, 12:46:05 PM

I figured since the post was specifically in the Peter Pan Goes Wrong folder, I wouldn't need to clarify. But I've edited my post.

Pre-Show and the Balcony  Jun 23 2023, 12:17:52 PM

I'm bringing my 10 year old to Peter Pan Goes Wrong for his first Broadway Show. I'd like him to get as much of the experience as we can, but also don't want to get into the seats too early without anything happening.

How much of the pre-show will he be able to get from the balcony? I think a large chunk of it happens in the orchestra but does move to the stage.  

Any thoughts?

Jonas Brothers to play Broadway at the Marquis  Feb 24 2023, 11:40:00 AM

CarlosAlberto said: And doing "Les Mis" isn't exactly an impressive feat "

Clearly someone's letting their message board tag of "Broadway Legend" go to their head.

Jonas Brothers to play Broadway at the Marquis  Feb 24 2023, 11:05:39 AM

CarlosAlberto said: "These guys never were and never will be "my boys". They can go back from whence they came from...seriously."

Considering that's Jersey, and that one of them was on Broadway well before the brothers were a musical act, they not only don't have far to go, it could be argued they are doing exactly that.

mcdonalds on 42nd to broadway house  Aug 1 2022, 03:27:58 PM

SouthernCakes said: "I mean if McDonalds can’t find success there then what can? And I realize McDonalds basically just moved to the heart of times square but like what could possibly go in there? I do wonder if we will ever see a new ground up theater. Maybe one of the billionaires can throw some coin to get the Amazon Theater."

McDonalds did just fine there. They didn't close that location due to lack of business. The elected to close it after opening the

Are the days of Autographs gone?  Jul 26 2022, 03:34:47 PM

Autographs, to an extent, represent a moment in time when the fan had a brush with a celebrity, that the fan wanted to hold onto A keepsake or proof of the memory. These days, selfies take a lot of the same role.

OFFICIAL: INTO THE WOODS Broadway Revival to Open at the St. James Theatre, Performances Begin June 28, 2022  May 26 2022, 10:18:01 AM

TheQuibbler said: "The real crime is the $45 service fee on TWO TICKETS! The prices seem to be the normal range of $399 premiums, $229 orchestra, $199 front mezz."

Got 4 in the balcony and only charged $35 in service fees total ($8.75 each).

TAKE ME OUT Previews  Apr 18 2022, 10:59:50 AM

Yes he does.

Mandates need to end  Mar 11 2022, 10:15:19 PM

Because the industry likes to make these kind of moves and changes as a whole. Rather than let each company/theater/landlord decide on their own and have a fractured-and therefore confusing to the guests-policy.

The Broadway mandates are slated to end in just over 2 weeks. The League may be meeting to discuss things before that, but I'd venture that's as long as things will go.

Forgotten Musicals  Mar 11 2022, 10:13:03 PM


Replacements / Stunt Casting we’ll sadly never see.  Nov 11 2021, 08:31:24 AM

Martin Short as Buddy in City of Angels. (With John Hamm as Stone. Though his singing abilities appear unknown, I've always suspected he could pull it off).

three person acting scene  Sep 30 2020, 09:40:41 AM

There a few good choices from All in the Timing by David Ives

The Philadelphia is probably the most straightforward

Words, Words, Words has your 3 cast members playing monkeys

The Universal Language requires someone with a nimble tongue

Parad  Sep 14 2020, 01:31:19 PM
Mr Roxy said: "The Politbureau in Albany and Ruling Committe in City have killed what 2
World Wars Could not do. The Macys
parade has been cancelled. Once the tree lighting & New ell their job wi I'mll be complete.


Did you have a stroke in the middle of posting this?

Regarding the "parad" anyone who thought it would happen as normal is a fool.

As for what WILL be happening, in lieu of the normal pa

BCEFA Flea Market  Sep 2 2020, 10:38:23 AM
Back in the beginning of July the City canceled any large public events through September 30th.

Pretty sure that would include the Flea Market.

Space, Sci-Fi and Broadway  Sep 2 2020, 10:34:54 AM
About 10 years ago, when the Marvel Films were just picking up speed, and Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter films were coming to their conclusion, you couldn't swing a magic wand without hitting a news story/puff piece about the rise of Sci Fi and nerd/geek culture.

And Spider-Man was the beginning and end of Broadway's attempt to ride that train.

But I always thought there was a missed opportunity for more Sci-Fi/nerd friendly shows.

I always thought it would have be

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