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The 75th Annual TONY Awards!
 Jun 12 2022, 11:00:23 PM

Chita looks absolutely amazing for being 89 years old

The 75th Annual TONY Awards!
 Jun 12 2022, 09:50:23 PM

Haven't been here in ages, I still hate this horrible update to the boards.

Also haven't seen any shows since covid started and nothing so far has really made me want to go see anything. Girl from the north country is the only one so far that I actually want to see at some point. 

Tonight's performance of ALADDIN cancelled due to breakthrough COVID cases
 Oct 2 2021, 01:05:08 AM

Broadwaybuff17 said: "What part of my statement was misinformation... the sports world tests frequently.. but they quietly put them in quarantine and continue ... no games get canceled."

You clearly don't watch sports, there have been plenty of games canceled because of covid in the last year. 

74th Annual Tony Awards will go digital this fall
 Sep 26 2021, 11:39:42 PM

YvanEhtNioj said: " Freestyle Love Supreme just felt kinda..cheesy. "

Agreed but I always feel Miranda is corny and it reaffirmed that freestyle love supreme is simply not for me. 

Beetlejuice and the possibility of it returning?
 Sep 26 2021, 11:01:02 PM
Saw the commercial tonight, it's coming to Marquis theatre on April 8th 2022. Tickets on sale October 1st...

74th Annual Tony Awards will go digital this fall
 Sep 26 2021, 10:50:06 PM

BCfitasafiddle said: "YAY Chita and ALW. The standing ovation honoring Chita in WSS made me emotional." 


​​​​​​She looks phenomenal for being 88, really cracked up at how she said she was thrilled that she could walk out and wasn't rolled out lol

74th Annual Tony Awards will go digital this fall
 Sep 26 2021, 10:39:45 PM

BCfitasafiddle said: "The inmemoriam needing more than one song breaks my heart."

It doesn't make it any less sad but it was names from June 2019 till now. 

Open letter to Broadway theatre owners and house managers -- TURN UP YOUR A/C!
 Sep 26 2021, 10:10:54 PM
This is why I wear shorts and comfortable clothes when it's still hot out. I'm always hot as it is and I can't stand how hot some of these theatres. I don't mind wearing a mask but if I had to sit in a hot theatre wearing one I'd be miserable.
Slave Play Returning To August Wilson Theatre
 Sep 26 2021, 10:07:40 PM
This seems like it's going to be a huge financial mistake but hey it's not my money.
74th Annual Tony Awards will go digital this fall
 Sep 26 2021, 09:48:11 PM
A Soldier's Play was the last show I saw before the shutdown. Really forgot how weak the play revivals were that this actually won.
ALL Broadway Theatres To Require Proof of Vaccination AND Masks inside
 Jul 30 2021, 10:27:53 PM

leefowler said: "Maybe I’m the only one here who feels this way, but I’m not interested in seeing a show if I have to wear a mask for 2 1/2 hours."

I'm with you, I already have the vaccine but I'll wait awhile because I simply don't enjoy spending money to wear a mask for hours when I already find most theatres to be too hot as it is. 

My other problem is too many of the new shows I haven't seen are about topics that aren&#

Pass Over at August Wilson Theatre to require proof of Covid vaccination.
 Jul 16 2021, 01:50:23 PM

Jordan Levinson said: "BroadwayRox3588 said: "Jordan Levinson said: "Good, just as it should be - and I love the mandatory mask wearing when seated!"

Masking isn't mandatory when seated. It's mandatoryuntil seated.

That could still change though. I’ll be donning my finest masks whatever shows I see in the future.

It's a bit over kill if everyone is vaccinated, can people

Washington Post on Broadway's Return
 Jul 15 2021, 02:46:38 PM

I'm local, pre covid we were always trying to see everything that opens on Broadway that wasn't a concert. Neither of us have much desire to sit inside a crowded theatre that almost always has cramped seats next to strangers right away so I don't see us seeing anything until at least 2022.

We usually go into a lot of shows with a simple plot summary and don't read reviews, I'd say I would end up hating or thinking they were a waste of my time for about 40% of th

CURSED CHILD to alter BW production
 Jun 28 2021, 10:20:30 PM
So happy I got to see the show in its entirety
Recipients of Astra Zeneca will not be Attending Bway
 Jun 21 2021, 10:42:13 PM

CT2NYC said: "A couple of friends went to the sold-out Foo Fighters show at MSG last night. Vaccinations were required, but no masks or social distancing, which sends the message that, if you're vaccinated, it's time to get back to normal in NYC.



I don't think it's gonna last long, Yankee stadium and citi field just dropped the vaccine proof or negative test requirements. I know they are outdoor events but I don't think

Andrew Lloyd Webber Threatens to Defy UK Government to Reopen Theatres at Full Capacity
 Jun 10 2021, 09:32:03 AM

Sunny11 said: "What was the method used that reached the conclusion that the events where not spreader events though?Was every customer tested biweekly for a month afterwards?

Many cases are asymptomatic so people may not have realised that they had it. At my hospital every staff member is aggressively tested and young 20/30 something colleagues in particularregularly test positive by surprise.

I have noticed a lot of government and business gaslighting by proclaiming low covid rates when actually their methodology is full of holes.

Not gonna act like I know how they figure all this stuff out but the CDC has ways to track all this stuff and haven't said anything about it happening yet. If it did they would most likely release a report about it like they did with that large motorcycle event Sturgis in South Dakota...

Andrew Lloyd Webber Threatens to Defy UK Government to Reopen Theatres at Full Capacity
 Jun 10 2021, 12:46:31 AM

HogansHero said: "TheatreFan4 said: "MBFan said: "Are you saying no one will be allowed into a NYC theater ever unless they're vaccinated?"

Is that how it SHOULD be? Yes absolutely. Will it be? No...

I'm not so sure. Multiple shows are requiring vaccines and, to my knowledge, no Broadway show has said they are not. We have a lot of experience now with baseball, and the segregated test-instead-of-vaccine sections ar

CDC lifts indoor mask/social distancing requirements for Vaccinated people.
 May 26 2021, 09:25:52 AM

HogansHero said: "I also realize that for someone unwilling to sit next to someone without knowing their status, and who would be traveling to New York, offers of refunds of theatre tickets is not the extent of the issue."


bear88 said: " Ticket refunds are fine but not the biggest incentive when one of a primary reasons for the trip is to see shows."


The offers of refunds to me are more to give people who end up

CDC lifts indoor mask/social distancing requirements for Vaccinated people.
 May 25 2021, 09:37:38 AM

bear88 said: "All I really want to know, and it's annoying that we still have to wait on this, is if proof of vaccination or a negative test will be required for audience members.

Have I missed an announcement?

I know I'm supposed to be patient on this issue, both with local theaters and Broadway. I know it's supposed to all work out. Whatever. Give me the assurance I want.

Nothing official yet but the situation can also change by S

Thoughts on Rush Lines Returning?
 May 20 2021, 10:47:11 AM
I love digital rush and lottos and hope they all go this route, it beats wasting your time for no reason going to and being outside a theatre just to not get any tickets.
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