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R+J revival- which theatre?
 May 2 2024, 12:29:44 PM

I don’t remember seeing Circle in the Square listed, but it’s not there now.

I would think this would warrant a bigger venue though, no?

R+J revival- which theatre?
 May 2 2024, 12:28:00 PM

Ha yes I meant Romeo and Juliet.

R+J revival- which theatre?
 May 2 2024, 10:32:50 AM

Has anyone heard any rumors about which theatre the R+J revival will go in?


I think they will need a larger theatre for this.  Maybe the Broadhurst?  

2024 Tony Predictions
 May 1 2024, 01:42:35 PM

I see predictions for Cabaret for Scenic Design of a Musical.

I have not seen Cabaret, but with all the hubbub about the scenic design of Here Lies Love, how do people feel are the chances of that show winning Scenic Design?

Who Deserves the Next Lifetime Achievement Tony Award?
 Mar 29 2024, 01:47:46 PM

Lee Grant is still alive and she never won a Tony award. She also might make a good recipient for this award.

The Drama Desk Awards 2024
 Feb 10 2024, 03:16:23 AM

I find the Drama Desks exciting because they celebrate off-broadway as well and they are much harder to predict.

Does anyone have any ideas what off-Broadway shows could be favored to be nominated or win for various categories?

I assumed Rob Madge would win for Best Solo Performance. Any idea who might take that now?  Perhaps Patrick Page?

2023 Drama Desk Nominees
 Apr 27 2023, 12:55:02 PM

Is anyone surprised that A Christmas Carol was absent from this?  Not a nod even for Director, Adaptation, or Solo Performance?

Drama Desk 2023
 Mar 21 2023, 10:37:44 AM

That’s great. I must have been clicking on a dead link. I’m glad the ceremony is still on.  Please encourage the group to let us know when things are happening.

thank you!

Drama Desk 2023
 Mar 20 2023, 10:11:42 PM

Hi All,

Lurker here but happy to read everyone’s informative reviews.

I see people are beginning to make Tony predictions, which is always interesting, but does anyone know if the Drama Desks are happening this year?  The website is down and there is no info on it anywhere that I can find. I look forward to them because they celebrate off-bway theatre also and they are much less predictable than the Tonys.

If they are happening, does anyone have any thoughts on

 Feb 2 2023, 11:34:57 AM

The Tony rulings had me thinking about the shows so far this season…

Does anyone think that Samuel R. Jackson is the frontrunner for the Supp. Actor Tony?

KPOP Sets December 11 Closing Date on Broadway
 Dec 7 2022, 05:56:15 PM
What do people think are the show’s chances of a Choreogeaphy Tony?

Is it eligible for anything at Drama Desks?

The Wiz returning to Bway in 2023 after National Tour
 Dec 2 2022, 10:31:51 AM

I know it can't happen because of the TV show, but Quinta Brunson as Dorothy?

Drama Desks 2022
 Apr 2 2022, 02:04:08 PM

Are 2022 Drama Desks happening?  A Google search reveals nothing, not even an announcement that they aren’t happening this year.


2022 Tony Awards Predictions
 Mar 23 2022, 09:28:39 PM

We are all talking about the Tonys.  But does anyone know if the Drama Desks are happening?  There is no announcement at all.  I'd hate to imagine they were done in by the pandemic.


I have actually grown to enjoy the Drama Desks more than the Tonys because it considers a more complete picture of the theatre in NYC, and they have interesting categories like Best Adaptation, Best Projection Design, and Best Stage Fighting.

Question about Larry Kert and the original Company
 Jan 21 2022, 07:03:33 AM

Does anyone know why Dean Jones left?

Question about Larry Kert and the original Company
 Jan 21 2022, 01:35:47 AM

Larry Kert was nominated for the Tony, but the album of the OBC has Dean Jones. I am sure this was discussed somewhere in the history of this board, but can someone explain how this happened?


Also, are there other instances of someone getting nominated for a Tony but not being on the recording?

Too Early Tony Nom Predictions
 Jan 1 2022, 06:35:13 PM

There are posters here saying that Six will win nothing. I saw Six… do you really believe none of the elements are Tony-worthy?  I guess it might fare better in the Drama Desks because A Strange Loop won’t compete with it there. Do you not even think the lighting design will be competitive for a win?

Too Early Tony Nom Predictions
 Dec 29 2021, 09:21:44 PM

Will The Little Prince be eligible in the musical category?  

Also… not that it’s on topic for this thread… but would The Little Prince be eligible in the Best Unique Theatrical Experience category for the Drama Desks?


AIN'T TOO PROUD To Close on January 16, 2022
 Dec 29 2021, 12:13:11 AM

Maybe the Imperial will get Sing Street. if Tina’s cancellation announcement is imminent, then the Lunt-Fontanne could be another ideal choice for it.

Too Early Tony Nom Predictions
 Dec 29 2021, 12:10:18 AM

The OP indicates that Uzo Aduba would be a Supporting Actress unless the committee rules otherwise. Also, I think it is highly unlikely that Ruth Negga will miss a nomination in Leading Actress. She may even get an Academy Award nomination this year. My feeling is that she will end up being a favorite to win, but unless Macbeth is a total bomb, she will get nominated. She is more of a safe bet this year for Macbeth than Glenda Jackson was for Sam Gold’s production of King Lear.

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