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 Jul 7 2024, 11:00:10 PM

Charley has always left the stage for a brief moment during "Opening Doors" on Broadway. Groff/Frank would always run over and type something on the typewriter (this is the paper that was often auctioned off for Broadway Cares).

A beautiful performance this afternoon that really further confirmed this production/lead trio as one of the finest interpretations of Sondheim's work in the modern era. Will be remembered for years to come.

Jonathan, Daniel, and Lindsay we

CABARET at the Kit Kat Club (2024) Opening Night Critics' Reviews
 Jun 13 2024, 11:13:58 PM

I saw this production a couple of weeks ago and have been sort of grappling with my feelings. 

To preface, I saw this production twice in London with Fra Fee/Amy Lennox as the Emcee and Sally and was positively bowled over by it. I remember such specific details of both the experience and their performances, as well as those of the supporting cast I saw. I have been eager for it to come to NY and was looking forward to seeing Eddie Redmayne and Gayle Rankin, whom I loved in the la

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 10 2024, 11:41:09 PM

I'm still holding out hope for quite literally any show other than Hell's Kitchen to win Best Musical this year. The odds seem increasingly more unlikely as time goes on, but I'm just not ready to throw in the towel yet.

For my money, HK was by far the worst musical I saw this season. A stale, bland, completely ineffective book in search of a central plot or theme to follow, vocal performances that were certainly impressive, and actors having to work overtime to make terrib

Next to Normal Broadway Revival?
 May 12 2024, 12:38:59 AM

Caissie was absolutely breathtaking in London. In exceptional voice and such deeply felt acting. Her connection with Jamie Parker -- the soul of the production -- and Jack Wolfe and Eleanor Worthington-Cox, who both absolutely redefined the roles of Gabe and Natalie was astounding to watch. Sad I won't be able to make the trip to see this company again, but hoping the whole group of them transfers.

I would've been interested in seeing Stephanie J. Block as Diana before every pe

The 77th Annual Tony Award Nominations for 2024
 May 8 2024, 12:10:10 AM

I don't even think Eddie Redmayne is in second place. I could see a case of BDJ or even Brody Grant being closer to beating Groff than Redmayne.

THE GREAT GATSBY Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 May 8 2024, 12:00:11 AM

Saw this Saturday evening and found the whole thing pretty abysmal.

Gone is any mystery behind Gatsby because every single character tells you exactly what their motivations are, how they're feeling, and what they're going to do the first second they come onstage. Gatsby's first song explaining that he created his image for Daisy strips the entire evening of any sense of mystery, and sets the tone for the rest of the show.

The music isn't tuneless at all, but it

Your Single Favorite 2024 Tony Nomination
 Apr 30 2024, 10:59:19 PM

Jonathan Groff is giving probably my favorite musical performance of the season, and possibly one of the best I've seen in a long time and I'm thrilled he was recognized with a nomination. I'm very hopeful that this is finally his time, it will be well-deserved.

Also very pleased by Joshua Boone's nomination, saw The Outsiders again over the weekend and he's just explosive up on that stage.

 Apr 14 2024, 07:49:44 PM

Broadway Flash said: "Liking Carmen Cusack better than Amber makes us racist?"

No, but you implying Amber was hired solely because she’s a Black woman and Chavkin wanted to show how progressive she does make you racist. 

I don’t post here often or interact with people, but I’m regularly shocked by some of the truly abhorrent things you say and then turn around and act like other people misinterpreted. 

 Apr 14 2024, 07:36:52 PM

I was was actually thinking while I watched the show what Carmen would have been like as Tamara. I don’t adore Carmen as a performer (I find her voice is but unpleasant to listen to at times), but she has a magnetism and a star quality to her that I think would have served the piece very well.

Welch’s GATSBY to premiere in 2024
 Apr 9 2024, 12:14:34 PM

Solea is Myrtle. The show has shifted focus and the role now is more of a co-lead with Daisy.

Eleri Ward is Jordan.

 Apr 7 2024, 04:24:24 PM

Genuinely surprised Eden didn't take either performance off yesterday if they start recording today. Her vocals yesterday afternoon were shockingly inconsistent. Noticeably flat or just under pitch for a bulk of her songs.

Enough good things cannot be said about Amber Iman or Beth Leavel, both finding ways to bring humanity and layers to an obscenely bad book. George Abud is chomping on scenery but selling his numbers despite there being minimal reason for his ro

THE NOTEBOOK Broadway Previews
 Apr 4 2024, 11:43:50 AM

akhoya87 said: "Setting aside casting decisions beyond her control, it seems like there's near-universal acclaim for Maryann Plunkett's performance. I know she'll likely be up for Best Featured, and that it's highly unusual (if not unheard of) to nominate someone for Best Lead Actress when they give us all of one song. But I do feel like of anyone in the cast, Maryann and Dorian Harewood are the closest thing we have to leads, just given their stage time and presence.

 Apr 4 2024, 11:40:53 AM

Saw the show this past Saturday evening and unfortunately found it rather a chore to sit through.

The biggest issue is that there's no real plot or storyline. Every time there's the hint of a problem or an obstacle, it goes away in a bout 2 minutes. It hints at some interesting things--What is it like for Ali as a young Black woman in NY to be raised by essentially a white single mother? How does her connection to music/Miss Liza Jane allow her to embrace an aspect of her ident

Actress Predictions - 2024 Tonys
 Mar 18 2024, 11:25:18 PM

Cannot imagine a world where Katie Rose Clarke and/or Krystal Joy Brown are nominated.

Actress Predictions - 2024 Tonys
 Mar 18 2024, 08:19:05 PM

bigbelterbaby said: "The role of Mrs. Walker is historically nominated. Ann Margret was nominated for an Oscar for the film and it was also nominated in the 90s. We will see!”

I think if any performances in Tommy are nominated, it’s more likely to be Ali Louis Bourzgui. 

“Eva Noblezada is an alternative for me. People have mentioned Lindsey Mendez attendance being bad but that might not affect a nomination so much as a win.”

Actress Predictions - 2024 Tonys
 Mar 18 2024, 06:37:41 PM

I think Maryann Plunkett will be petitioned up to leading, and Joy Woods will stay in featured. In which case:

Actress in a Musical

  • Kelli O'Hara
  • Eden Espinosa
  • Gayle Rankin
  • Maryann Plunkett
  • Maleah Joi Moon

Featured Actress in a Musical

  • Lindsay Mendez
  • Joy Woods
  • Bebe Neuwirth
  • Shoshana Bean
  • Leslie Kritzer maybe?

Actress in a Play

  • Sarah Paulson
  • Jessica Lange
THE OUTSIDERS Broadway Previews
 Mar 17 2024, 03:18:21 PM

Was also at first preview last night and echo the previous reviews here. I thought it was pretty fantastic with some genuinely thrilling staging and direction from Danya Taymor. It's incredible raw and that cast is throwing themselves all over the stage, it's incredibly physical.

Score-wise occasionally it starts to sound a bit same-y, and I'm not entirely sold on some of the numbers that are sung conversations, the lyricists don't feel totally at ease there, but when t

Welch’s GATSBY to premiere in 2024
 Mar 13 2024, 04:00:02 PM

Final callbacks for Daisy were last week and as of today they have a choice/offer out.

Ben Levi Ross is the only cast member from the previous reading to continue with the production.

THE WHO’S TOMMY Broadway Previews
 Mar 13 2024, 03:57:34 PM

Saw the show Saturday night and liked, didn't love it as a whole. Some really exciting music/vocal moments, but overall I was left pretty cold by the whole thing.

Ali Louis Bourzgui, Alison Luff (that VOICE!), and Adam Jacobs were the real standouts for me. Bobby Conte sounded fine but felt incredibly miscast. Luff in particular gets to show off new shades of her voice and "Smash the Mirror" was thrilling. The ensemble is working their butts off and many of them get great

& JULIET Replacement Casting
 Mar 5 2024, 03:13:13 PM

The replacement hasn't left her current Broadway gig yet. She's still there.

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