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Catherine O’Hara/ Eugene Levy cost guest
 Mar 15 2024, 10:23:44 PM

As artists both would be invaluable to any production, but commercially problematic.

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA musical headed to the UK and West End in 2024
 Feb 18 2024, 02:30:20 PM

I enjoyed the movie on the basis of its wit and the cast. But something the producers may not have considered is how much of the ticket buying general public would be interested in the fashion industry? For most, I think, it would spell dullsville.

Todd Haimes marquee looks less than appealing
 Feb 4 2024, 04:59:18 PM

I think the marquee name as shown is good. It's simple and straightforward. If there are to be flourishes they should be reserved for the title of the show playing. 

A Casino in Times Square?
 Jan 1 2024, 11:33:49 AM

A 'real' casino, similar to the casino palaces in AC, Vegas or Monaco would require taking down an entire block and I don't see that happening in Times Square. Otherwise it will just be a glorified bingo hall similar to Resorts World in Queens. (Which is just an extension of the NY Lottery with video slots) So forget it! 

MEAN GIRLS Movie Musical - News & Discussion Thread
 Dec 19 2023, 01:33:22 AM

If the songs are catchy and the witty clips in the trailer can be melded into an engaging story with a beginning, middle and end (not detectable yet) it can be very successful.

Plays at the Tony Awards
 Dec 14 2023, 08:46:12 PM

They should just copy the Oscars and have two awards: Best play original and best play adapted and in each case the playwright alone would accept the Tony.  As the Tony's stand now there is no award for the playwright unless you count him or her standing behind a crowd of producers taking  bows. As for a trailer as someone mentioned It should only be one protracted scene of the play. (That's what got me to see M With The Hat).  But by just showing a flashy montage the w

What happened to this alleged MAME revival?
 Nov 28 2023, 12:11:21 PM

It hurts my head remembering how Gigi - The Musical - was 'revised' a few years back for 'modern' audiences. Better Mame be left alone and untouched at least for the present. 

Who knows what's playing ??? No one in Brooklyn.....!!!
 Nov 25 2023, 07:34:42 PM

It's a 100% valid concern about getting home at 1A.M. by subway. The subway alone would worry  lots of people of any age and forget about where you might be dropped off. But you do have two easy ways around this. The best is simply to book a hotel room for the day you will be attending the show and then you can just go home the following afternoon. I can think of several good hotels where it would not be more than $200 at most. The second alternative would be to just take a cab to yo

Broadway needs to start using Yondr pouches
 Nov 5 2023, 10:15:55 PM

I posted this long before - pre-covid - that many people don't know the difference between turning off a phone and powering off a phone. To power off a phone is not that easy. You have to hold down a button for an extended period of time and then possibly do a confirmation of it. Older people - sorry - often have problems doing that. It's kind of unnatural to them. 

Broadway needs to start using Yondr pouches
 Nov 5 2023, 08:27:13 AM

I'm generally against them as well, but as for a national emergency I'm sure someone back stage would/should have one on and would halt the show. 

 Sep 17 2023, 11:37:35 AM

A reviewer on another website said that he didn't believe Steve was as big as he thought he was in the '80s. Yes he was. 

Is Investing in Broadway worth it?
 Aug 24 2023, 05:00:52 PM

Look at your investments as contributions to a good cause - the arts - with the added bonus of exciting get-togethers with famous actors. More fun  than Wall Street meetings. 

Play about making of
 Jul 22 2023, 10:13:14 AM

Since I haven't seen either 'Bruce' or 'The Shark Is Broken' I can't say anything about their quality except for this: 'Bruce' is the better title. 


Play about making of
 Jul 21 2023, 07:49:01 AM

As a previous poster mentioned there was another play named 'Bruce' which seemed to have the identical story. I looked it up as best I could and it seemed  really good despite what the reported critics reviews and the character who played Steven Spielberg was his spitting image. If I was in Seattle at the time Iwould definitely have seen it. Will there at least be a three-way lawsuit going on soon?

Sondheim's Final Musical HERE WE ARE will premiere at The Shed this fall (No, really!)
 Jul 18 2023, 03:35:39 AM

'Here We Are Again' is a song from 'Do I Hear A Waltz' - Sondheim and Richard Rodgers musical.  

Broadway and the NYC Air Emergency (June 2023)
 Jun 8 2023, 03:25:19 AM

'Blame Canada'  nice update but the joke is sort of lost because on this we really should blame them. 

Walking Out at Intermission - The Thread
 May 18 2023, 07:26:00 PM

I can't imagine walking out on The Gin Game (colorthehours 048) unless the actors were really the pits. It's a work of art 

BAD CINDERELLA On Broadway - P/reviews & News Thread
 Feb 11 2023, 10:47:05 AM

Bad Cinderella sounds like something that should be playing off-off Broadway. 

Burt Bacharach has passed away at 94
 Feb 9 2023, 12:42:00 PM

Burt Bacharach was Great.

Advice for scoring great single ticket?
 Jan 26 2023, 03:23:59 PM

As I have mentioned before if you have a professional or emotional connection with a popular show you simply to see simply go to the box office a few hours before curtain and ask if there is any single seats available for that performance. The answer is usually "yes" and often a good one although you'll have to pay full price. But at least you won't be paying brokers fees and other add-ons and the money you pay will be going fully into the production itself. It also works fo

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