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City Centers 24-25: Ragtime, Urinetown, LaChiusa's Wild Party, Love Life
 May 16 2024, 12:32:13 PM

And then my entire Chrome instances crashed while in checkout. Good grief.

and Jordan isn’t kidding - $260 for a front mezzanine, geez. Gala “fundraiser” I guess…

City Centers 24-25: Ragtime, Urinetown, LaChiusa's Wild Party, Love Life
 May 16 2024, 12:29:02 PM

thatdarnzach said: "I can't select any dates - all of them just say "Member Presale" even though I'm logged in and have a confirmed membership. Why is this always so complicated?"

I had to launch a new Incognito window, login, and go through the Queue (real quick) again. The original browser must have cookies and was t resetting even when logging in/out 

City Centers 24-25: Ragtime, Urinetown, LaChiusa's Wild Party, Love Life
 May 16 2024, 12:19:01 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "Painless checkout but Jesus, the seats I normally get for these shows are $100 more for this one."

Wish I could say the same - not letting me click any dates. Logged in and am a member so something not working.

THE GREAT GATSBY @ Paper Mill Playhouse Thread
 Oct 18 2023, 08:31:11 PM

MarilynMonroeSmash said: "I attended last night and this was probably one of the worst pieces of theater I have ever seen.

To preface, I must say the performances are excellent though. The cast is making the most out of nothing. I wish Jeremy was in the Florence Welch production because he’s a great Gatsby; he just has terrible material to work with. I also enjoyed some of the direction and the sets (except for Gatsby’s mansion, which looked like a factory), bu

Stephanie J. Block to lead SUNSET BOULEVARD at the Kennedy Center
 Aug 24 2022, 02:22:32 PM

I was able to get what appeared to be about the last Guys and Dolls ticket for the final Saturday two shows, ex-companion seats or what seems to be recently released extreme side obstructed view seats. Not great but I’ll take it. 

also booked tickets for Papermill’s Sound of Music and Rent, neither of which I’ve seen on stage, so it was an exciting (and expensive) day! 

Anything new on the rumored Groban-lead Sweeney?
 Aug 24 2022, 01:47:32 PM

BroadwayRox3588 said: "Is Chris...okay? He's always been pretty obnoxious when it comes to his takes, but that thread is borderline unhinged, particularly with the way he calls out another person, who was actually really nice to him in the thread."

I’ve considered trying to engage with him in comments and ask him bluntly whether he acknowledges the **considerable** change in terms of diversity in casting and productions brought to Broadway and other major v

Anything new on the rumored Groban-lead Sweeney?
 Aug 24 2022, 09:23:56 AM

What are some some supporting role dreamcasts?

read a social media comment about Patrick Page as Turpin rumors.

No idea about her Groban relationship from Great Comet, but Denée Benton seems a likely Johanna contender? Ariana DeBose, Joaquina or Aisha Jackson? Ashley Park, Pippa, someone from Six rising fame?

Anthony… Jordan Donica, Matt Doyle (Barrow Street production), Jordan Fisher…?

Anything new on the rumored Groban-lead Sweeney?
 Aug 24 2022, 08:59:12 AM

DCS said: "BCfitasafiddle said: "I don't anticipate people will willing to pay Hugh Jackman or Bette Midler prices for this. Myself included."

Groban has a huge following; so, I wouldn't be surprised to see this be a hot ticket for the first several months of its run.


Not only that, but a huge following that when made as a Venn diagram with the biggest theater ticket buying demo, is practically a circle - middle Alag

 Aug 21 2022, 05:50:52 PM

Kad said: "TaffyDavenport said: "Saw a tweet about Andrew Rannells being at the show tonight. Preparation, perhaps?"

Actors are known to go to shows for, like, fun and to support friends, too.


Ciara Renee was sitting right in front of me at ITW, and Afra Hines right in front at Encores Tap Dance Kid… from the looks of it, coincidentally both to see and support their friend Joshua Henry (among othe

Confirmed: Radcliffe to lead MERRILY revival at NYTW
 Aug 19 2022, 12:29:18 PM

akhoya87 said: "AllThatJazz2 said: "What’s the price range for tickets? I know the release said starting at $145."

All tickets are showing up as $149 for me. Oddly enough, availability seems to be worst in January?

Re: January, no idea if this is a cause, but as someone whose partner and usual 2nd ticket seatmate will be slammed with Nutcracker rehearsals and performances until after Christmas… January is my likely target b

 Aug 19 2022, 11:22:04 AM

Casting changes seemed inevitable - time and aging of young cast aside - given the changing social winds from before vs after the pandemic.


will definitely miss Gus Halper, the character was a highlight of the movie and NYTW staging, and the song they gave him was great and he knocked it out of the park

 Aug 19 2022, 11:22:04 AM

Casting changes seemed inevitable - time and aging of young cast aside - given the changing social winds from before vs after the pandemic.


will definitely miss Gus Halper, the character was a highlight of the movie and NYTW staging, and the song they gave him was great and he knocked it out of the park

Night Music at Barrington Stage
 Aug 11 2022, 09:15:07 PM

I saw opening preview on Aug 6. I’d not seen the show before but have really embraced Sondheim since the pandemic, and listened to the original cast album a lot plus read plenty of analysis on particular scenes as covered in The Secret Life of the American Musical. I haven’t seen a ton of regional or summer shows but overall I felt it was terrific. No glaringly weak performances, a few exceptional ones, some music - lyrics timing/rhythm trips in Now/Later and Miller’s Son wh

Waitress Casting
 Nov 8 2021, 04:23:08 PM

“Perfect” may get thrown around too liberally sometimes, but “perfect casting” is all I can think of with Josh Henry (and Ciara).  Cannot wait. Was wondering if if find reason for a 10th visit, and here it is.

CSC’s ASSASSINS Revival - Previews
 Nov 3 2021, 04:31:03 PM
I don’t know htf I let this slip by me - I have been dying to see Pasquale live and see some Sondheim and invested in a project Swenson is attached to and would love to see him perform….. and to add insult to injury, this is a block away from the apartment I lived in for three years until September. Well done, me!

Sure hope some cancellations happen or I score in the lottery or they extend and I bad tickets!

Ciara Renée is the Next Jenna in WAITRESS on Broadway
 Nov 2 2021, 11:06:59 AM
I’m thrilled, and surprised so many people saying they haven’t heard of her or “not a big name”…. even if her run was unfairly short, being chosen as the Elsa to take over for Caissie Levy should’ve made her a fairly (Broadway) household name, either that or you all need to have about 1,000 listens to the masterpiece Hunchback of Notre Dame cast recording. I’ve listened to her Someday more times than I can count.
When did
 Oct 26 2021, 02:13:07 PM
Probably in lockstep with the mass commercialization of Broadway? If you want and need to appeal to all, especially tourists, you’re going to get a diverse crowd… attire included.

Part of it for me was when I started going to A Lot of shows, it was less of a “special occasion” and just part of my routine, also my office moving to smart casual dress helped as I often go to shows straight from work.

The writer of Come From Away complimented the tshirt I was wearing on their re-o

 Oct 9 2021, 01:41:16 PM
Was there and with far less pre-existing familiarity with the show or score than others. Which made it a little tough for me. Kushner’s non-linear story-telling and “lots going on” and sung through book just made it tough to really understand the lyrics - especially whenever the objects were singing, but even Emmie’s huge closing number I was a little lost on the story.

Still really enjoyed it, made me have to think a lot about the messages and themes, the entire cast was great… am a Ca

Discount Kelli O'Hara Diamond Series
 Sep 29 2021, 10:19:59 PM

OlBlueEyes said: "Given the whole package, I don't think that it's much different than dinner and a show, and it's been a very long time since I saw a show so there's some money in the entertainment budget. It includes three course dinner, one cocktail and tipso it's not so absurd.

It's also much more than an hour. For the premiere Jason Robert Brown and Stephen Pasquale were guests and they sang the entirety of"Before and After You/ One Second

"Almost Famous" and "Sing Street"
 Sep 29 2021, 08:07:26 PM

steven22 said: "Dan6 said: "In today's NYT article on Daniel Craig's Macbeth, Barbara Broccoli, who is also producing Sing Street, said she still has plans to bring it to Broadway but wouldn't say when other than "we're trying to figure out the best way to bring it back."

I was a huge fan of Sing Street at NYTW. I'd love to say the cast should continue with the show BUT they're so much older now. Do we think they'll recast it?

only ~2 years older, and they were pretty real to portrayed age at the time… 2 years doesn’t make a big difference when it’s live on stage, vs on film. Ben Platt was 24 playing high school Evan on stage and nobody questioned it. Brenock O’Connor is still only 21 and his lead character is about the same age as Evan. 

they were a great cast, I hope they get to see the Broadway open 

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