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FOLLIES 1971 Video Footage
 May 15 2011, 05:29:29 AM
Sheila Smith is indeed still alive- and lively! A real hoot and ardent about her Follies days.
The Early Days of the BWW Board: Any Info??
 Oct 12 2010, 02:13:52 AM
It's been some years, but I fondly recall the New Year's Eve threads, picnic of '07, Sheep's Meadow pesticide confusion non-picnic the following year, antonijan's beautiful wall of Playbill glory, the 6 hour chat room extravaganzas...BroadwayWorld pleasantly got me through some of high school, the beginning of college, and now a member of the real world, residing in NYC and working on the Great White Way, I can't help but peek at some of the topics to see what it's like on here today. Crazy, but
Xanadu Band?
 Aug 4 2007, 04:03:59 AM
Can anybody please list the members of the orchestra? I feel like I may know every single one of them...
re: John Gallagher Jr. Love Forum
 Aug 4 2007, 03:37:24 AM
Me loves him too, but does he love the du?
re: Was BroadwayWorld serious???
 Aug 3 2007, 05:59:22 PM
I'll admit the Tommy one definitely got me.
re: Where's Ramona Keller now-a-days?
 Aug 3 2007, 03:10:45 PM
If any of you need help finding me at the picnic, look for the guy in the Dorito bag tiara.
re: What You'll Miss the Most About City Center's GYPSY
 Aug 2 2007, 06:49:29 PM
Oh and of course "Stop the train! Stop the music" *hiss* *thud* "Stop everything."
re: So, Tell Us About Mara Davi in 'Drowsy' Already!
 Aug 2 2007, 02:45:57 AM
I think he means ACL.
re: Standing ovation in the middle of the show?
 Aug 2 2007, 02:32:31 AM
The whole audience from my view in the mezz stood at Gypsy July 13th, but not the on 18th at night, only a small handful. I wonder why some give it that reaction while other crowds are more willing to.
re: What You'll Miss the Most About City Center's GYPSY
 Aug 2 2007, 02:07:34 AM
Leigh Ann Larkin, Benanti's "Moo moo moo moo," Patti's "For me," and "If Momma Was Married."

Those moments will forever be with me when I recall what a perfect show this was to see. Abundancy of brilliance, top notch interpretations, impressive acting and singing, and really hilarious moments. Thank you City Center!

re: Sweeney Todd: Fact or fiction
 Aug 2 2007, 01:40:49 AM
I do believe that there was a real Mrs. Lovett who some have said is definitely a person that existed in 1800s England.

re: Standing ovation in the middle of the show?
 Aug 2 2007, 01:39:08 AM
Only standing ovation I've ever seen aside from curtain call was at Gypsy as well. I just don't think most things on Broadway now particularly stand out as deserving an ovation midway through I guess.

re: Sweeney Todd: Fact or fiction
 Aug 2 2007, 01:37:48 AM

Here is an interesting read

re: Chorus Line Lotto: No More
 Aug 1 2007, 12:26:46 AM
Some of the statements made here are pretty outrageous: Those complaining have seen it a million times, and this whole spiel I feel shouldn't even be viewed any more than it has been-

"Hey, random ACL cast member, LOOK AT me. Me. Me. I'm defending the rigged lottery. Look at me. Can't you see how devoted I am? I'm defending YOU! You, ACL cast member who can do no wrong. I want to be just like you. I'm studying theatre in school. You're so hot. I want you. I want to be just like you. OMG

re: Spring Awakening screw-ups
 Jul 31 2007, 03:00:57 AM
No problem, good luck with all that and enjoy the vacation, but post back to tell us how it went.
re: Spring Awakening screw-ups
 Jul 31 2007, 02:58:18 AM
Just relax and remember that when you speak to them, they will (hopefully) be very accommodating and not worth stressing over now. I'm sure their line will be open early enough for you to call before vacation and say whether the order went through or not when they ask for the card info. Then from there, you may proceed in either making the order again or knowing that it was confirmed in the first place. Chances are it went through if you settled the order and it crapped out soon after.
re: Spring Awakening screw-ups
 Jul 31 2007, 02:43:57 AM
Wait until tomorrow, don't chance that the order may have went through and then order again.
re: Spring Awakening screw-ups
 Jul 31 2007, 02:16:45 AM
Glinda, please don't ruin anything for anyone else with Harry Potter **** on here too. I've already seen the handiwork on the Spring Awakening thread, but at least that info was over a hundred years old!
re: Sorry, but DYNAMITES > >The Dreams!
 Jul 31 2007, 01:43:05 AM
"If you think "And I Am Telling You" is supposed to be a fun time - you need to reevaluate which films and shows you decide to spend your money on."

Applause to you, they definitely needn't be compared on how a movie musical is done and whatnot.

re: Bare at the Bailiwick (Chicago)
 Jul 31 2007, 01:38:14 AM
I'm sure he could if you asked him on the right thread.
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