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Jonathan Bailey in Richard II, London 2025
 Jun 21 2024, 09:38:36 AM

This is a great role for him!

FOLLIES at Carnegie Hall
 Jun 20 2024, 05:01:01 PM

I'll be attending the concert in shorts tonight, and I don't have any reservations or guilt about it! :)

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 6/9/24
 Jun 11 2024, 05:44:38 PM

I wonder if Stereophonic will get to the 1 million mark after the Tonys. By my math, they’d have to sell out with a $160 average.

Of course I’m not one to *advocate* for raising ticket prices, but just from an industry standpoint it would be an impressive feat!

What would happen if Parade was mounted today?
 Jun 8 2024, 10:20:43 AM

In addition to what other posters said above, this question feels especially irrelevant considering we just had "Prayer for the French Republic" on Broadway in January. That play actually *does* deal with Jews' relationship to Israel/Zionism, but to my knowledge there wasn't any backlash, protests, or safety threats.

Shuffle Along previews
 Jun 3 2024, 05:51:49 PM

binau said: "Was Audra not getting nominated considered an upset?"


I'm sure there were plenty of people who saw it as an upset, and reasonably so; her performance was up to her usual standard of brilliance, and I personally preferred it over several of the nominees.

But my memory is that, once the surprise wore off, people understood. It was a competitive lineup, and I think many people felt that the first-time, breakout nominations for Phill

2025 Pulitzer Prize prediction, with statistics
 Jun 2 2024, 06:58:30 PM

WindyNewYorker said: "Sondheim’s Here We Are."

Here We Are would have qualified for last year (the eligibility pool announced a few weeks ago). And I doubt they submitted, considering they opted out of other awards eligibility. If that’s the case, that technically means they still could submit for a later year, but only if it received another production. 

As for Suffs: normally when a show has already had a major NYC run (in this cas

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/26/24
 May 28 2024, 11:22:01 PM

RUkiddingme said: "JoeW4 said: ". In any case, it was a fun little rabbit hole to go down either way, lol"

We don't want you in a rabbit hole Joe - go make more videos!


Most of my videos come from a rabbit hole of some kind or another! ;)

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/26/24
 May 28 2024, 09:28:40 PM

RUkiddingme said: "re HOME low numbers

I think it's normal for non profits to have really low numbers when they open shows in the summer.


This comment piqued my curiosity so I went poking around a little; as far as I can tell, the only 2 non-profit Broadway productions in the last decade+ to have a summer opening were Roundabout's Marvin's Room and Second Stage's Straight White Men. Am I missing any others? Genuinely

Musicals that will never be revived on Broadway
 May 20 2024, 05:18:55 PM

Given the number of Broadway musical revivals vs. the number of new musicals that come out each year (especially with how many of them flop, with little cultural impression) it feels like the answer to the OP's question is: the vast majority of them!

2024 Pulitzer Prize Predictions
 May 6 2024, 01:09:18 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "Eligibility is for the 2023 calendar year and USUALLY limited to shows that had their world premiere in 2023 but sometimes there's some fungibility there."


Yes and no. There's a certain degree of fungibility backward in time, but not forward. Plays that had their world premiere in 2024 (like The Ally) are categorically ineligible for today's prize.

The grey area comes in when you're looki

2024 Pulitzer Prize Predictions
 May 5 2024, 10:28:53 PM

I haven't plugged anything on here in a while, but I posted my Pulitzer thoughts/predictions on TikTok last month

In hearing other people's hopes/predictions since then, I do wonder if Flex has a better shot than I gave it credit for (I have it on my "honorable mentions" list). If so, I wouldn't be mad! I liked Flex a lot.

I also heard several people throw out Wet Brain as a potential winner after I posted this, which I was surprised by. I had mixed feelings about the play, so maybe that's just my taste influencing my predictions, but I'm not convinced. We'll see!

I'm also continuously warring with myself about whether Stereophonic is too high up on my predictions list or not. As I said in the video, I think it's an intuitive pick in some ways, and counterintuitive in other ways - and I go back and forth basically by the day lol. Again, we'll see!

Otherwise though, I pretty much stand by everything I said!

The Tony Awards have lost the little credibility they had.
 Apr 29 2024, 11:10:32 PM

I'd argue that the lack of credibility people are noticing isn't a result of corruption, bias, or voting practices. It's a natural side-effect of being the only major award body in the entertainment industry to be working with such a small pool of competition for their top award (Best Musical). And while it's obviously subjective, many of us would go further and say that the pool of competition most years is not only small, but also weak. So until the Tonys change their rules

Tony Awards Eligibility 2023-2024
 Apr 26 2024, 05:33:17 PM

Ah sorry for the duplicate thread. Forgot we were doing a combined eligibility thread. Copy-pasted:

2 notable things right off the bat: 

--William Jackson Harper is considered Lead for Uncle Vanya. And for my money, his just became the best performance in the category.

--Solidified by today's ruling, my earlier speculation about the number of eligible performers in Lead Actress in a Play became confirmed. There are only 8 eligible contenders, meaning ther

 Apr 26 2024, 05:23:51 PM


Canceled Productions That Eventually Happened?
 Apr 25 2024, 06:24:25 PM

Not counting COVID-related ones (I agree with Kad's remark above) -- a recent one that comes to mind is Annie Baker's "Infinite Life" which was canceled at Signature before Atlantic picked it up a couple years lated. Granted, the press release did mention the "ongoing health and safety concerns" with COVID as a reason for the cancellation, but I've always assumed there was more to the story, given the fact that virtually every other theatre was back open. And in retrospect, the fact that Signature didn't reschedule it.

As I was typing this, I was reminded of the situation with the Sam Gold/Oscar Isaac Hamlet, which was supposed to play at TFANA, but Sam Gold pulled the production due to "insurmountable artistic differences." It technically doesn't fit the prompt of the thread since the Public (who eventually put it on) swooped in pretty much right away. But re-reading the NYT article was quite interesting -- I forgot just how bitter the contention was. I feel like we rarely see this sort of tension exposed publicly in the non-profit world.

Feel stressed when arriving to the theatre?
 Apr 23 2024, 08:19:11 PM

It's an interesting question -- I'd be curious to hear from people who have been attending Broadway shows for many decades, to hear theories about what might have caused a change, if there's been one. Because it seems to me that the hardest things about this process -- having to shepherd a large number of people into a confined space with assigned seats, in a short amount of time -- has theoretically stayed the exact same for however long they've been operating as Broadway ven

2024 Tony Predictions
 Apr 21 2024, 01:09:44 AM

Jeff Tupolski said: "I put five because I use GoldDerby’s prediction center and although they haven’t yet expanded the field to five nominees,they have nine women listed as leads, withAnika Noni Rose rounding out the actresses you mentioned.I thinkRose and Pill’s roles in Uncle Vanya have historically been nominatedin both lead and supporting categories, so I’m not sure if they’ll besubmittedwhere that site currently has them, but I’ll stick with t

2024 Tony Predictions
 Apr 20 2024, 11:49:02 AM

I'm seeing Mother Play in a few weeks, and avoiding the thread until then. Can someone indicate whether Celia Keenan-Bolger is likely to go Lead or Featured?

I ask because there's a very real chance that Lead Actress in a Play doesn't meet the threshold for an automatic 5 nominees. They need 9 eligible performers, right? So right now I count (in no particular order)

1. Sarah Paulson
2. Jessica Lange
3. Rachel McAdams
4. Laura Bell Bundy
5. Amy Rya

Why do so few New World Stages shows transfer to Broadway?
 Apr 17 2024, 09:18:00 AM

^But as chrishuyen was pointing out, New World Stages is a landlord, not a producer. So they’re not entitled to a financial stake in any Broadway transfers of shows that rent space from them.

Why do so few New World Stages shows transfer to Broadway?
 Apr 16 2024, 10:32:01 PM

Because it's a commercial venue, and the vast majority of OffBway-to-Bway transfers come from non-profits. It's actually quite unusual (at least in the last decade or so) for Broadway productions to originate in the commercial Off-Broadway sphere, without having a Non-Profit run in NYC first. And even when they do, they're usually comedy/concert/entertainment style shows (e.g. My Window, Freestyle Love Supreme, Oh Hello, Just For Us, etc.). In the last decade or so, the only excep

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