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Bartlett Sher to Direct J.T. Rogers' CORRUPTION at Lincoln Center Theater  Feb 18 2024, 10:44:54 PM

TarHeelAlan said: "Broadway Flash said: "Anyone see it yet?"

That would be difficult. First preview is 2 days away on Feb 20.


Not the case. Performances started earlier this week.

APPROPRIATE Transferring to the Belasco  Feb 10 2024, 10:47:28 AM

In any case, I'm really happy this transfer is happening, but I'm with Forbes on this one: I'm skeptical that this will work out for them financially.

Credit where it's due: they learned from Take Me Out's mistake, and decided to strike while the iron was hot, rather than waiting months after closing to announce a commercial transfer.

But I have to assume Elle Fanning's name is getting a sizeable chunk of people in those seats. Obviously, there's an a

APPROPRIATE Transferring to the Belasco  Feb 10 2024, 10:45:36 AM

Yes, I mistyped -- thank you! Will fix my original post

APPROPRIATE Transferring to the Belasco  Feb 10 2024, 10:30:46 AM

Apprioriate is 4 years older than Mary Jane, which might not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but for these "grey area" productions, I'd argue 4 years is big difference. Mary Jane falls within the window of recency that Tony precedent has defaulted to "original" (even for plays that have been licensed and published), and Appropriate doesn't fall within that window. Also worth noting that Appropriate is a brand new physical production, while Mary Jane h

Great songs given to minor/insignificant characters  Feb 3 2024, 03:03:58 PM

Anyone else still stuck on the fact that 3 of the best examples in this thread all start with the word "Another"?

2024 Tony Awards  Jan 29 2024, 11:44:04 PM

Eddie, that inconsistency can easily be accounted for, with the fact that the Tony rules have since been changed. That was before the "Classics Rule."

I don't agree that licensing is the main thing they look at: there have been far too many cases of shows being licensed and still being considered a new play. I've been keeping track of this pretty carefully for years, and from my anecdotal observation, the way they make the determination is:

1. If the original p

Will Stephen Sondheim Ever Win The EGOT?  Jan 20 2024, 07:01:26 PM

I don't know much about Emmy rules, but both the Oscars and the Tonys have given posthumous nominations for writing, in cases where the creators of the adaptation decided to give the source author writing credit. TS Elliott for the "book" of Cats, and August Wilson for the "adapted" screenplay of the Fences film.

It's trickier with Sondheim because he generally wrote songs, not scripts. But what if someone did a word-for-word remake of Last of Sheila as a TV

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 1/7/24  Jan 12 2024, 10:34:08 AM

^I'm not expert on this, but my assumption would be that, because most Broadway venues have historically used 3rd party sites (meaning the producers never even touch that money at any point in the transaction), it's just standard practice to exclude those fees from the gross. So even when producers use in-house services, they still follow that standardized format. And it's functionally the same anyway, since those online ticketing services still cost money to operate, and that'

An Enemy of the People - seating advice?  Jan 5 2024, 09:53:15 AM

You're unlikely to have a BAD experience anywhere in the house. So if you're going for rock bottom price, you'll be fine either way. 

The only thing I'll say is that I personally prefer being on the long sides of the oval if I can - e.g. "3 o'clock" and "9 o'clock" on the circle, over the "12 o'clock" and "six o'clock" ends. Don't break the bank for it, but if you can find seats of comparable price, o

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 12/17/23  Dec 19 2023, 09:59:49 PM

Bobster159 said: "Or they just do what they're currently doing, which appears to be hoping for a miracle"


It may not be logical, but this has been the strategy of many Broadway shows in recent years. Unclear whether it stems from denial, or whether they think of it as "donating" the money to keep a passion project open longer (for the sake of the company, and whoever DOES want to see it).

But when productions like this come along, i

A lack of great new choreographers and director-choreographers?  Dec 18 2023, 11:48:45 PM

Dance/choreography isn't my strongest area of knowledge with theatre, but here are some scattered thoughts:

Sonya Tayeh has done a fair amount theatre, just not a lot on Bway - and she always does good work IMO.

Surprised Steven Hoggett doesn't appear anywhere in your post. He's always been one of my favorites (Sweeney Todd was the first misfire I've ever seen from him, and even then I mostly blame Kail). He's even someone who I think could try his hand at di

Michael R. Jackson & Anna K. Jacobs' TEETH Musical at Playwrights Horizons (Winter 2024)  Dec 15 2023, 03:09:48 PM

^As I said, it's more the subject matter for me, not the size of the show (obviously we haven't seen it yet). 

As for NWS specifically, I agree that part of it is more arbitrary. It could be another rental venue, but obviously NWS has the infrastructure and history of housing Broadway-style productions, more frequently than say, Theatre Row or the Lortel.  In any case, my point was that commercial Off-way seems like a better fit, where they can cater to a local cult-c

Michael R. Jackson & Anna K. Jacobs' TEETH Musical at Playwrights Horizons (Winter 2024)  Dec 15 2023, 02:44:17 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "Of note, the commercial producer behind it is Mark Gordon (Saving Private Ryan, Criminal Minds, Steve Jobs), who has been trying to make a name for himself in theatre. So we can safely assume this has Broadway aspirations if it goes well at PH."


Given the subject matter, trying to sell this to tourist audiences on Broadway would certainly be....a choice. If they have commercial aspirations, feels like New Worlds would be a

JOB (SoHo Playhouse)  Dec 13 2023, 01:54:37 PM

raddersons said: "Oh god I hate the Connelly theater. It's so overpriced"

It's a rental venue, so I believe pricing is set by the producers (as is the choice of whether or not to utilize the balcony for seating, and how to communicate nightlines). But yes, I agree the balcony sucks.


While I don't doubt the producers are looking into Broadway as an option, my guess is that won't end up happening. Seems like commercial Off-Broadway

Most Prominent Off-Broadway Musical  Dec 11 2023, 04:08:01 PM

I think there's a case to be made for The Last Five Years, honestly. 

The Fantasticks obviously get longevity points (and IMO, quality points). But I have to say, The Last Five Years feels like it's more well-known nowadays. The Fantaticks is one of my all-time favorite musicals, but when I talk to people about it, it's a real crapshoot whether the person will have even even heard the score (a real shame!). Meanwhile, it's hard to find anyone who doesn't know T

Jamie Lloyd's revival of THE EFFECT to play The Shed (w/ Paapa Essiedu & Taylor Russell)  Dec 11 2023, 10:10:34 AM

I had mixed feelings about this play when I saw the David Cromer production Off-Broadway, but I think it's an intriguing piece, and this revival caught my attention when I saw it would be playing in London. Glad I'll have a chance to see it! 

Excited to see what Jamie Lloyd does with it. 

Also, for those who don't know - Taylor Russell is very much a rising star in the indie film world. Her performances in Waves and Bones & All were really beautiful. I look forward to seeing her onstage alongside Paapa Essiedu (another great actor)!


People Who Won Tonys for the Wrong Projects  Dec 11 2023, 12:13:09 AM

I think the recent example that people tend to bring up most frequently is Kelli O'Hara. I actually thought her performance in The King & I was fantastic, and fully Tony-worthy, but there was a large contingency of theatre fans that felt that (a) it should've gone to Chenoweth, and (b) O'Hara should've won for Bridges of Madison County instead.

NYT: Off Broadway, a Vital Part of New York Theater, Feels the Squeeze  Dec 5 2023, 06:26:38 PM

From an outside perspective, it seems like this was a great fall season for audience attendance. The major institutions were papering far less than in the past couple of years, and as others have pointed out, there were an unusually high number of sold out + high-demand Off-Broadway shows this fall (and not just musicals, and not just the plays with celebrities).

Granted, as another one of these articles pointed out (sorry, I can't remember which is which at this point), it's n

Will Radcliffe get nominated for Merrily  Nov 27 2023, 09:09:24 AM

quizking101 said: "the Comedian Harmonists (if they do a collective nod)"


Just a quick note, at the risk of deviating off-topic: while there's precedent for joint nominations at the Tonys, they have since written a new rule to disallow them. And even if they were to be moved to reverse the rule-change, it wouldn't be done mid-season. 


STEREOPHONIC @Playwrights Horizons  Nov 22 2023, 08:36:57 PM

^I can't speak with authority about whether or not the production you saw was abridged. But I will say that part of what makes The Flick so long are the long periods of silence, which can vary significantly from production to production. Again I don't know for a fact, but I would wager that they didn't abridge the script, just performed it more quickly.

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