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Sondheim/Ives HERE WE ARE @ The Shed  Oct 17 2023, 04:44:43 PM

I've won the rush and the secret is even if it says "all tickets being held" keep refreshing like hell over and over that's how I got it....just keep clicking don't be dissuaded right away- assume in the first minute that yes all tickets are held but over the next 5 mins someone will release them.

Broadway flea market 2023 collectors unite!!  Oct 2 2023, 11:47:34 AM

Stuff from Kinky Boots Off-Broadway, tons of stuff from Trevor Off-Broadway (that stuff is gonna be at Flea forever)

Other surprising finds: stuff from Lehman Trilogy, The Ferryman, Sidney Brustein! 

Liz Kingsman's London Hit ONE WOMAN SHOW Will Transfer Off-Broadway This June  Jul 31 2023, 02:17:16 PM

I saw it and liked it, she's an excellent performer but I enjoyed Alex Edelman a lot more- her humor is VERY British so not all the jokes/references landed when I went. There were lines which I'm sure killed back across the pond but not really here.. she also speaks softly and the sound design isn't great.


Alex Edelman is a little more accessible since he's a NYer playing for a NY crowd. I still reccomend her show though and it felt good supporting a femal

Immersive Gatsby  Jul 8 2023, 02:35:28 PM

This was pretty bad, I do know the story and was still completely confused, I was shuffled into Meyer Wolfsheim's den where tries to sell you on a scheme? He goes on about the American Dream and how you should team up with him to do crimes? One room involved Myrtle's apartment and I also was confused but happy to sit down.

I was a "Premium Member" and they allowed me to walk in before a few other people waiting, they also gave me a Party City gift bag with literally t

The Comeuppance @ Signature  Jun 30 2023, 11:15:49 AM

One of the best new plays of the year, I am still thinking about's an ambitous piece and maybe tries to tackle too much but it definitely comes together.


Modern musical choices for Encores!  Jun 26 2023, 04:33:13 PM

Mr. Wormwood said: "jagman1062 said: "Grand Hotel


Marie Christine

110 in the Shade

Yes, to Women on the Verge...

Wasn't Grand Hotel done a few years ago?

Yes 2018 with John Dossett, it was ok but nothing special imo

ALEX EDELMAN: JUST FOR US Previews  Jun 26 2023, 01:33:58 PM

BoringBoredBoard40 said: "Can't imagine they will be much different then they were off-broadway?"

I had the same exact thought, if anyone is curious Jesse Green will be reviewing.

ALEX EDELMAN: JUST FOR US Previews  Jun 26 2023, 01:19:02 PM

FYI reviews come out tonight, there is an embargo until 9PM.

Fat Ham or Primary Trust  Jun 21 2023, 01:38:28 PM

Fat Ham, Primary Trust is pretty slow....

ALEX EDELMAN: JUST FOR US Previews  Jun 21 2023, 01:33:35 PM

Going this weekend! Not really sure what to expect but I see everything 

The Comeuppance @ Signature  May 22 2023, 10:10:01 AM

Looking forward! Going June 8 will report back

Walking Out at Intermission - The Thread  May 15 2023, 01:00:03 PM

I'll echo The Little Prince, I never ran so quickly out of a theater- at one point I was counting ceiling tiles, seats, anything to keep me occupied.

Off Broadway  May 3 2023, 05:00:07 PM

jbm2 said: "Bees and Honey at MCC looks great- opening later this week. Anyone have tickets?"

May 17!! Looking forward

A Dolls House or Fat Ham?  May 3 2023, 03:50:27 PM

Fat Ham, it's not a brilliant play but loads and loads of fun- Doll's House is a pretty bleak production---Jessica Chastain is excellent but I wouldn't run to reccomend it.

Shadow/land  May 3 2023, 01:18:44 PM

That is super tight since shows never start exactly on time and those theaters are not.... near each other at all.

What Play should I see ?  May 1 2023, 02:25:51 PM

I would go with Oscar, Sean Hayes gives one heck of a performance and it's a great evening overall!

What Play should I see ?  May 1 2023, 02:11:48 PM

Leopolstadt, Sidney Brustein, Fat Ham, Thanksgiving Play

Shadow/land  May 1 2023, 10:07:07 AM

I had tickets for yesterday (Sunday 4/30) but show was cancelled due to technical diffculties 

Off Broadway  Apr 12 2023, 03:10:28 PM

Titanique hands down hysterical, one of the best nights I've had in theater all season can't reccomend it enough

Plays for the Plague Year was pretty good although long, can't go wrong with Suzan-Lori Parks

Regretfully So the Birds Are was absolute torture, nonsensical and dreadful writing that's the only one I would avoid

God of Carnage is starting at Theater Row soon, I would watch out for the early buzz on that one 

Spring BC/EFA Collection Thread  Apr 11 2023, 10:26:38 PM

At Pictures From Home tonight they had signed playbills and window cards for $100, Nathan Lane also held a live auction for the handwritten poster from the show that says "empathy, communication..." 

Someone bought it for $500 on the condition that Nathan also take a picture with him after the show (Nathan seemed less than pleased about that)- his banter with the guy was the best part of the night. 



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