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Incoming new musicals
 Jul 5 2024, 09:04:01 PM

I am curious about Swept Away and Maybe Happy Ending- and Satchmo-so much of what is coming here in the fall are revivals (Sunset Boulevard, Once Upon a Mattress, Gypsy) and then there's Tammy Faye and Death Becomes Her..but the ones I'm curiou about- do they have a chance to survive in a very competitive landscape?

'CATS: The Jellicle Ball' at PAC reviews
 Jul 5 2024, 08:54:34 PM

I have never been an aficionado of "Cats"-- my top three ALW scores are "Jesus Christ Superstar," "Evita" and "Sunset Boulevard--but this production surprised and delighted me at all levels.  It should definitely move to another venue space (Circle in the Square if that is economically viable) and settle in for an extended engagement.

Musicals that will never be revived on Broadway
 May 20 2024, 09:25:16 PM

Damn Yankees unless the Yankees become the incredibly successful team they once or unless there's an overhaul of the libretto with more infusion of magic in the plot.   And then there's the sexism of Lola.

The Pajama Game- a book that almost makes Damn Yankees look unconventional.  The score is superior to Damn Yankees, but how does one relate to a 71/2 cent raise.  It's more than a little dated in its relationships between Sid and Babe.

The Best

What’s going on at Second Stage?
 May 2 2024, 09:26:19 PM

I believe they are booking a sumnmer show prior to their season.  With Forbidden Broadway now forbidden to come in during the summer, it looks likely that the intriguing play JOB will be there for an interim engagement.  I wonder if the producer will give the actors who did it in two off-off-Broadway venues the opportunity of creating their roles on Broadway.

UNCLE VANYA 2024 Broadway Reviews
 Apr 24 2024, 11:40:01 PM

and in addition to those three, one shouldn't forget Days of Wine and Roses, Tommy, and Purlie Victorious...all very good evenings of theatre.

2024 Drama League Award nominations announced
 Apr 22 2024, 02:19:14 PM

Snubs:   Kelli O'Hara and Brian d'Arcy James...unbelievable that they didn't get recognition.  Also Jeremy Jordan for Jay Gatsby.   Michael Imperioli for "An Enemy of the People".   Chip Zien for "Harmony".   And Kenny Leon should have been recognized for direction of "Purlie Victorious"...

Great that all three leads were nominated from "Merrily"...can't recall when that happened before

MONTY PYTHON'S SPAMALOT Returns to Broadway - Opening Night Reviews
 Mar 31 2024, 01:23:57 PM

Surprised this hasn't done better.   The audience response at the matinee was genuine and the laughter was continous...the understudy for Arthur (Graham Stevens) was excellent and if there is a funnier woman on Broadway now than Leslie Kritzer...enough said.  Perhaps it was brought back to soon...but it works, Josh Rhodes has given it a first-rate staging, and it's just fun, pure fun.   If you haven't seen it, worth catching before it closes next week...

2024 Tony Awards
 Jan 29 2024, 11:16:28 PM

The inconsistency of the awards is striking.  For examplel, in 1986 The House of Blue Leaves and The Blood Knot were both nominated for Best New Play, when they both had been seen in prominent runs off-Broadway in 1971 and 1964.    There was controversy about the consideration of "Leaves" and "Blood Knot" in that category...both wonderful plays.  The other two nominees that year were "Benefactors" and "I'm Not Rappaport" and the

STEREOPHONIC @Playwrights Horizons
 Dec 15 2023, 09:41:41 AM

Just caught up with it.  A really interesting (if long) play with an excellent company.  Understand it's got the Golden in the spring,  April is going to be a very busy month for Tony nominators!  It will be nice to have another play to consider for the Tony Awards, especially one that could almost be considered in the musical category!

Poll: Best and Worst Broadway Show of 2023?
 Dec 11 2023, 08:55:16 AM

The best:

1.  Purlie Victorious

2.  Summer 1976

3.  Here Lies Love

The worst:

1.  Once Upon a One More Time

2.  The Gray House

3.  The Shark is Broken



London production of Guys & Dolls secured NYC location
 Dec 6 2023, 01:01:51 PM

Certainly an innovative idea re the theatre space.... and quite challenging if it's a non-equity production.  The roles are iconic- Sky Masterson, Adelaide and Nathan and would seem to call for experienced Broadway performers-- but there is so much talent out there, who knows?   What capacity will the venue have?  And Iwonder what happens in a steamy summer apropos a fully air-conditioned space (or a fully heated space in the winter).

Are there any non-musicals on Broadway
 Nov 23 2023, 09:54:22 PM

Visiting NYC next week and I need recommendations for dramatic work or comedies on Broadway and it seems that, with the exception of Harry Potter (which I've seen),  there's an absence of plays.   Last year this time I was able to see "Leopoldstadt", "Death of a Salesman" and "Ohio State Murders".   And in the spring I saw "Pictures From Home," Good Night Oscar" and "The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window&quo

 Sep 8 2023, 12:03:02 AM

Didn't know what to expect but this was a genuinely funny, joyous evening of theatre.   Haven't had this good a time at a play in such a long time.  Highest compliments to director Kenny Leon, lead actors Leslie Odom, Jr., Kara Young and the whole ensemble.  How often do you encounter a play of such glorious humor that is also a powerful and relevant piece which urges us all to come together.  Ossie Davis wrote a remarkable original comedy.   What a

Waiting for Godoy starring Keanu Reeves
 Apr 6 2023, 01:16:36 AM

And why not have Alex Winter join him.  Then it would be Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure meeting Samuel Beckett.   Oh, well, maybe that's such a good idea!  

PICTURES FROM HOME - P/reviews & News Thread
 Feb 22 2023, 11:17:21 AM

I think it's about much more than the fear of your parents' death, although that is certainly a major theme. I think it also addresses our changing definition of success and a generational view of the father's role in the family. I would say "what makes a man?" is a significant theme.

PICTURES FROM HOME - P/reviews & News Thread
 Feb 22 2023, 11:05:25 AM

I thought she was terrific. She didn't not appear to be struggling for lines, but she did appear thoughtful and honest about what she was saying. There were times that I felt it was her story as much as the others'.

funny and poignant
 Feb 13 2023, 01:45:26 PM

Saw the matinee yesterday and was quite taken with it. The cast is terrific, delivering honest performances that resonate with me both as a son and as a father. The concept of success and the male role model through the generations reminds me of the themes in Death of a Salesman. Nathan Lane is outstanding. Highly recommend.

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