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Why hasn't The Wizard of Oz appeared more on Broadway?
 Jul 3 2024, 09:42:41 AM

The 1902 was revived in Canton, Ohio on July 10, 2010.

I was there.

Clips from it were on YouTube sometime ago.

Jeremy Jordan in concert at Steppenwolf Chicago yesterday.
 Jan 14 2024, 09:34:27 AM

I had never seen him perform onstage until this.

He did a 90 minute show in which he included a song from the recent Gatsby musical.

He also performed a number from Little Shop; for which a volunteer was chosen from the audience to act as Audrey.  Somewhere during he jokingly mentioned that in time, he'd be playing Mr. Mushnik.

Another highlight was a roughly 10 minute capsule version of Newsies; in which he acted and sang all the roles!

Towards the end of

BEACHES musical continues development and will return in 2024
 Oct 5 2023, 07:53:55 AM

What is an industry reading?

BOOP! The Betty Boop Musical - Pre-Broadway Chicago
 Sep 24 2023, 09:37:40 AM

Enough secrecy about the casting; already.


PARADE On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Aug 13 2023, 09:17:33 AM

steven22 said: "Call_me_jorge said: "If this does tour, I hope Max Chernin is Leo."

Couldn’t agree more. He was fantastic!

Brandon Uranowitz, please, please.

Who's Max Chernin?


BETTY BOOP Musical - News & Discussion Thread
 Jul 9 2023, 10:19:43 AM

Recent developments?



Any word on an afterlife for LIFE AFTER?
 Dec 9 2022, 07:32:20 PM

After seeing it at the Goodman Theater Chicago in June, I got it into my head that it was next Broadway bound, but that was just me thinking.

It has apparently fallen off the radar though, and I am curious to know if anyone has any update...

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA Musical (Chicago Pre-Broadway) - News & Discussion Thread
 Aug 20 2022, 09:26:40 AM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "Call_me_jorge said: "Anyone see the briefing claiming this “was one of the top selling world premiere events in Broadway in Chicago History.” Earning just shy of 6 million dollars over the span of its 5 weeks here. They have a hit here, whether it’s a critical success is another story. Wicked was also notably panned out of town, so who knows if they do any changes to this at all."

The show's success in

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 7/10/22
 Jul 12 2022, 07:34:27 PM

quizking101 said: "Call_me_jorge said: "What exactly is keeping the minutes open?"

Probably the fact it got government money and, since it’s closing on the 24th, has no incentive to shut down at this point

What government money?

LIFE AFTER - Pre-Broadway at Goodman Chicago
 Jul 11 2022, 07:44:35 PM

Any affirmation that this is going to land on Broadway this season?

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 7/3/22
 Jul 8 2022, 09:21:29 AM

DennisSSebasiStephen said: "My notes:

  • Paradise Square is finally getting up there! 70% capacity means it's beating Beetlejuice and Phantom of the Opera. Unfortunately, it's still only grossing $235k/week and needs ~$550k/week to break even, so they're still losing money. I guess that's why they're raising more money.
  • Music Man oversold!
  • What's Beetlejuice's strategy here? It's the second week they&#
Ginger Rogers Singing
 Jul 6 2022, 12:22:38 AM

Oh, how I would love to hear Ginger's take on "I Put My Hand In."

Bet it was sublime.

"Side Show" Broadway Documentary 1997
 Jul 4 2022, 07:45:57 PM

StageJunkie2 said: "Patti LuPone FANatic said: "I watched the entire documentary. It's beautiful and poignant. Towards the end, the major stars discuss going out and trying to drum up business and convince people to see their show."

Thanks so much for posting this. It remains one of my favorite shows, and I really enjoyed the cast and creative discussing its genesis. Emily and Alice both were quite amazing.

I’d’ve killed

Chilina Kennedy from Paradise Square should have won the Tony for best supporting actress in a musical. Not Patti.
 Jun 30 2022, 01:34:00 PM

And the punctuation following the word "musical" in your mammoth heading should have been a semicolon, not a period.

What's next for the Jacobs
 Jun 24 2022, 08:01:18 PM

spicemonkey said: "Stephen75 said: "My guess is that the Je hiffrey Richards show is a transfer of the Steppenwolf production of Bug."


I should have asked David Cromer about this when I met him earlier this month

Could it be the Steppenwolf Chicago production of KING JAMES?

LIFE AFTER - Pre-Broadway at Goodman Chicago
 Jun 20 2022, 09:06:44 AM

The brief appraisal I heard while coming out of the theater yesterday afternoon:

"Too many screechy female voices."

Mimi Hines as Molly Brown...
 May 15 2022, 09:28:24 AM

So she too was a chandelier-swinger; along with Jane Powell.

Someone took and leaked nude photos at Take Me Out
 May 11 2022, 01:07:51 PM

In another time, another era, some ballsy individual managed to shoot a video of the entire, original production.

Dames At Sea With Bernadette
 Apr 2 2022, 09:24:07 AM

I was fortunate enough to see a production of the show starring Bernadette at the long gone Academy Festival Theatre in suburban Chicago; Summer 1973.

PARADISE SQUARE - Broadway Previews
 Mar 31 2022, 01:27:54 PM

The show hasn't opened, and the CSM review is already up?

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