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 May 6 2024, 12:24:42 PM

I saw the penultimate performance on Saturday night. This musical is just not ready for prime time. It has none of the wit, charm or sweet sadness of the original play. Most of the score is not memorable and, with the exception of Rita's song "I Haven't Slept in Years," it doesn't really do much to define characters. The production looks clumsy and cheap, and some of the choreography was downright laughable. Chris McCarrell deserves some slack because he came in at the e

Lempicka false advertising
 Apr 21 2024, 09:50:25 AM

I'm a theater critic. Not for a publication on the magnitude of the NYT, but I've regularly had my reviews excerpted for ad copy. And often those excerpts have been misrepresentations of what I wrote. Either comments are taken out of context or invented from whole cloth by stitching words and phrases together. It's frustrating, and on several occasions, I've pointed it out to the press teams -- and their attitude is almost always a shrug and "that's just the way we do

 Apr 11 2024, 07:50:51 AM

I thought Anika Noni Rose was superb in Caroline, or Change (justly deserving of her Tony) and in A Raisin in the Sun. On the other hand, I thought she was a weak link in the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof revival and really couldn't command the stage in a non-singing, leading role. I'm seeing this next weekend so am curious to hear the early reports.

MARY JANE Previews
 Apr 1 2024, 04:00:23 PM

Is the Rachel McAdams's first professional stage appearance ever? If so, it's gutsy for her to do a play like this that's a real acting tour de force. Wishing her the best.

 Apr 1 2024, 03:38:46 PM

Per a press release issued by the production:

Michael Stuhlbarg will perform at tonight’s first preview performance of Patriots on Broadway at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre, as scheduled. As media outlets have reported, the actor was randomly attacked near Central Park last night. The entire Patriots company fully supports Mr. Stuhlbarg, who feels fine and is looking forward to performing on stage tonight.

John Cardoza held at gunpoint, Michael Stuhlbarg attacked with a rock
 Apr 1 2024, 02:39:51 PM

How about we take a chunk of the NYPD's astronomical budget and put it toward getting the people who commit these acts off the street? The person who attacked Stuhlbarg has a history of violent aggression and probably untreated mental illness/addiction. I would not be surprised if that was the case for Cardoza's assailant too. These were absolutely preventable situations if the city actually cared about deterrence.


J. Antonio Rodriguez Forced to Stop Performing in Hadestown Tour Due to DACA Delays
 Mar 29 2024, 03:51:23 PM

The tour closes in May. I guess there's a possibility that he won't be allowed to return before it wraps up.

Sunday in the Park with George at The Axelrod Performing Arts Center
 Mar 19 2024, 03:30:57 PM

Owen22 said: "It's a beautiful production. I saw Graham play George last year at Pasadena Playhouse (in the Sarna Lapine production), and his performance has deepened since then (in between he played Nick in Virginia Woolf with Calista Flockhart and Zachary Quinto which may have had something to do with it). Was not, however, a fan of the recent Bway Elphaba who played Dot/Marie. However, I seemed to be in the minority (she did sing it well).

Eamon Foley is a director/

Sunday in the Park with George at The Axelrod Performing Arts Center
 Mar 18 2024, 03:53:08 PM

TheaterMania has a rave review for the production and leads:

Lempika Runtime?
 Mar 2 2024, 12:50:07 PM

It was a full 3 hours at Williamstown.

Boy George in MR
 Feb 22 2024, 04:46:56 PM

I saw Courtney on one of her last tour stops, and it was one of the most bland professional performances I've ever seen. Nonexistent acting, weak vocals, and a general sense that she didn't want to be there. (And she was appearing with John Cardoza, who sang the crap out of the score, so you couldn't blame it on her being partnered with a weak costar.) I assumed at the time that she was just checked out after being on the road for over a year, but friends who saw her on earlier st

DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES - Opening Night Critics' Reviews
 Feb 20 2024, 08:28:51 AM

Obviously theater is not meant to moralize, but I found something slightly icky about the plot: a man who drags his partner into the depths of alcoholism, then saves himself while she flounders. And although Kelli O'Hara sings beautifully and does the best she can on the acting front, the character of Kirsten felt very one-dimensional in comparison to Joe. I think the score has a lot of Guettel's unique signatures -- the musical language reminded me more of his early work than PIAZZA

Brooklyn Laundry
 Feb 20 2024, 07:49:49 AM

inception said: "Also, this isn't Cecil6 Strong's stage debut. She did a revival of The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universeat The Shed and then later in Los Angeles."

Cecily was a professional actor in Chicago theater as a child and teenager, and she went to college for theater at CalArts. She didn't get involved in improv until after she graduated with a BFA. She has a deep background in theater; she didn't just wake up one

JRB's THE CONNECTOR at MCC will star Scott Bakula, Jessica Molaskey, Ben Levi Ross, & more
 Feb 7 2024, 12:02:52 PM

TaffyDavenport said: "From the MCC website:

Beginning Tuesday, March 5, Ashley Pérez Flanagan will assume the role ofROBIN MARTINEZand Joanna Carpenter will join the performing ensemble. Hannah Cruz’s final performance will be on Sunday, March 3.

Thanks for that. (Must be relatively new -- I didn't see any such message when I checked the website earlier today.) I'm actually going on March 3, so I guess I'll be at

JRB's THE CONNECTOR at MCC will star Scott Bakula, Jessica Molaskey, Ben Levi Ross, & more
 Feb 7 2024, 11:00:10 AM

Does anyone know if Hannah Cruz is staying through the entire extension? She's got SUFFS on deck.

Tyne Daly Withdraws From DOUBT, Amy Ryan To Replace
 Feb 7 2024, 10:59:13 AM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "AC126748 said: "Roundabout is a subscription-based, nonprofit theater. Questions of whether or not Amy Ryan is a "draw" are really moot."

Subscribers make up a small percentage of the audience over the run of the show, and "nonprofit" is a tax status. They require single-ticket sales to sustain their business, and though a show isn't capitalized individually like a commercial production, they no doub

Tyne Daly Withdraws From DOUBT, Amy Ryan To Replace
 Feb 7 2024, 08:33:00 AM

Roundabout is a subscription-based, nonprofit theater. Questions of whether or not Amy Ryan is a "draw" are really moot. But she was recently a star of a popular, still-running TV show, and she had a notable role on one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. People know who she is.


As for Isabel Keating: she's an old pro whose worked consistently in this business for 40 years. This isn't her first standby gig, and I doubt she had any impression that sh

 Jan 8 2024, 01:23:15 PM

Is it still protocol for an actor to be out of the show for 10 days if they test positive, or are they permitted back sooner now pending a negative test?

Cross Sex Casting
 Dec 12 2023, 09:46:51 AM

It's not Broadway, but when the Roundabout revived Tennessee Williams's THE MILK TRAIN DOESN'T STOP HERE in 2011, a male actor (Edward Hibbert) played The Witch of Capri, a traditionally female role.

An older example is the play WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY?, which opened on Broadway with a male actor (Tom Conti) in the leading role. The part was then rewritten to allow Mary Tyler Moore to replace him. The play now essentially exists in two versions -- one with a male main chara

New Hadestown Casting
 Nov 30 2023, 09:18:36 AM

Solea sustained an injury early in her run and had to miss a few performances to properly recuperate. Other than that, her attendance has been solid.

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