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Dicks: The Musical
 Nov 12 2023, 06:43:50 PM

I can only guess at the level of favors that had to be called in to get Nathan Lane and Megan Mulally to commit to this witless dumpsterfire of a project.  Vile from start to finish, featuring in the leads the two least appealing alleged actors to appear outside of the January 6 riots.



Treat Williams Has Passed Away
 Jun 13 2023, 09:45:22 AM

He had me at hello.  And that hello was his entrance in the film of THE RITZ, looking all tough and butch, saying "I'd like a room, please" in that Mickey Mouse voice.  I've been a fan ever since.

 Jun 1 2023, 12:10:18 PM

Saw this the other night.  A tasty production, tight and interesting, of a not particularly interesting or novel play.  I was sure of where the play was going, just not quite sure of the route it was going to take.

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It was painfully evident in short order that Henry was going to be slain, and that Max would stay

Walking Out at Intermission - The Thread
 May 15 2023, 02:51:54 PM

I've split my share of shows at the intermission for whatever reason.  I left that revival of WEST SIDE STORY because nobody on that stage seemed to know what they were doing or give a damn about doing it.  Others, whatever.

I left one play while the actors were still onstage, because I was hating every goddamn second of it and just couldn't take it any more -- Alan Ayckbourne's TABLE MANNERS, part of that idiotic NORMAN CONQUESTS in that dreadful revival a few ye

New Look for BroadwayWorld!
 May 4 2023, 12:24:54 PM

There's a similar search in the Off Topic Chat, but it only gives results from the Broadway Chat.

New Look for BroadwayWorld! -- No Searching?
 May 4 2023, 09:22:27 AM

Is there a search function available in the message boards?  It had disappeared in the Off-Topic board some time ago.

Patti LuPone says The Phantom of The Opera returning to Broadway would be ridiculous: "Who hasn't seen Phantom and why see it again?!"
 Apr 24 2023, 09:58:39 AM

Lupone has zero f*cks to give about Andrew Lloyd Webber and any/all of this works.

La La Land
 Feb 8 2023, 08:53:29 AM

The movie thinks it is about breathing new life into established art forms (jazz, music, cinema) but it is actually about making damn sure that nothing interesting happens as a result.  The movie is a cheesy knockoff of THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG, and Chazelle should be flogged at Jacques Demy's grave.

At least, on Broadway, there's a likelihood that the cast will actually have a vague idea of how to sing and dance.

Memphis the most underrated musical ever!
 Jan 31 2023, 11:32:48 AM

Well, it's the kind of show where there's this poor black kid who's been shocked into a lifetime of muteness because he saw his father lynched, and you just know that at some climactic moment he'll get his power of speech back, and then you know later on somebody's going to tell him "I liked you better when you weren't talking."

SOME LIKE IT HOT On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Dec 22 2022, 03:22:40 PM

There's probably some contractual reason somewhere for this, but shouldn't there be a credit somewhere along the lines of "based on the screenplay by Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond"?  Considering how very much of their dialogue made the transfer from screen to stage, to say nothing of all those character names...

 Sep 27 2022, 09:17:39 AM

Not me. Paper thin play.

2022 Kennedy Center Honorees
 Jul 22 2022, 04:41:08 PM

George Clooney?  Really?  And Amy Grant?  Really?


 Jul 22 2022, 09:21:42 AM

Well, the Daily Beast review makes many very good points about the show.  The show's treatment of these issues opens itself up to charges of exactly the kind of homophobia the review talks about, and it's a pity that nobody concerned with the show apparently bothered to think about what exact message they were sending.

DEAR EVAN HANSEN Sets September 18 Closing Date on Broadway
 Jun 7 2022, 01:50:11 PM

Well, it had to close eventually.  I thought the days were numbered when that perky self-congratulatory smiley face ad started running on TV.

WICKED Film will be split into two movies, releasing December 2024 and 2025
 Apr 26 2022, 01:41:44 PM

I thought it was some late April Fool's Day gag at first.  I can't imagine anybody going back for the second film a year later.

McDonagh’s HANGMEN will return to Broadway
 Apr 19 2022, 09:11:57 AM

After having seen the livestream of the original London cast of this play, and the same production off-Broadway at Atlantic and thoroughly enjoyed them both as hilarious and moving and thrilling experiences, I was pretty gravely disappointed by what went down on that Golden stage last night.  There wasn't a moment's tension or menace going on from anyone, most particularly Alfie Allen, who seems to have decided to play his role as a sweet-tempered little charmboy with groovy clot

McDonagh’s HANGMEN will return to Broadway
 Feb 1 2022, 01:50:45 PM

Excellent news -- Alfie Allen is a welcome addition.  Maybe this will get McDonagh his long overdue Tony.

Steven Spielberg's WEST SIDE STORY - News & Discussion Thread
 Sep 15 2021, 01:48:04 PM

Interesting that the Jets get such short shrift in the trailer.  Am I the only one getting a bit of a gay vibe off of Riff (or at least the character I'm assuming is Riff)?

DIANA: THE MUSICAL On Netflix - News & Discussion Thread
 Oct 5 2021, 01:26:36 PM

HogansHero said: "This will be watched repeatedly by classes on musical theatre writing. I can envision an entire semester learningexperience based on nothing else."

The class will be named Musical Theatre Writing: Don't Let This Happen To You.

Matthew Lopez to pen THE BODYGUARD film reimagining
 Sep 15 2021, 01:48:50 PM

A project worthy of Lopez's talents.  Such as they are.  Will it be six hours long?

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