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THE WHO’S TOMMY Broadway Previews
 Jun 21 2024, 01:23:26 PM

Reddit peeps are saying there have been pix of them in the recording studio?! Trying not to get my hopes up. 

New Merrily Pro-Shot?
 Jun 21 2024, 06:16:01 AM

It was a joke, Wayman . 

Jonathan Bailey in Richard II, London 2025
 Jun 21 2024, 06:11:17 AM

No performance necessary! 




THE OUTSIDERS Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Jun 20 2024, 08:07:41 PM

I believe Brody was back last night. 

THE WHO’S TOMMY Broadway Previews
 Jun 20 2024, 01:13:00 PM

You're probably correct, what a shame as they sounded exquisite. 

This, along with Illinoise and Merrily are my favorites of the season.

THE WHO’S TOMMY Broadway Previews
 Jun 19 2024, 11:07:26 PM

Caught this tonight, and I just fell in love with it. I felt like I was holding my breath waiting for each moment. I'm not usually a fan of projections, but thought these were stunning. 


Can't believe how few noms it got.



I'd love a recording, PLEASE!

 Jun 19 2024, 06:04:24 PM

Front balcony, this time (Tues night)


A truly beautiful and love filled night.

Spring awakening is cooked
 Jun 19 2024, 02:05:47 PM

"letting"? Teenagers have found ways to have sex since.... ALWAYS. 

New Merrily Pro-Shot?
 Jun 19 2024, 09:00:25 AM

They were on fire last night.  I hadn't seen the show since October, stunning how much it had grown! 

 Jun 19 2024, 08:53:59 AM

Wow, thats some insightful thoughts. 


I'll say it again: I loved it, it destroyed me, and I'll never see it again. Is think it was Kelli's best and most surprising work.


I went with a relatively newly acknowledged alcoholic (but a clean and sober one). He clutched my hand so often, throughout, that I think Kelli hits the nail on the head. 

New Merrily Pro-Shot?
 Jun 18 2024, 03:59:58 PM

It's silly they are saying "for posterity" be ause that's what the LC Archives are for (filmed back in March)

 Jun 17 2024, 08:06:51 PM

I just noticed the increase in performances today.  Which is good for me, as that's the open spot I have in July!




The 77th Annual TONY Awards Performances
 Jun 17 2024, 04:45:29 PM

Zeppie2022 said: "9) "Merrily We Roll Along" reminds me of "The Producers" in a way. Like "The Producers" is the show any good or is it just enjoyable because of the chemistry of the cast. Will wonder how well this show will do on tour."


It's not going on tour. (Unless I missed an announcement.)


SWEPT AWAY transferring to Broadway this fall
 Jun 17 2024, 04:32:34 PM

This likely means their first choice theater currently has a tenant that has not announced a they are playing the waiting game.  But yes, there is no need to start selling now.

 Jun 17 2024, 04:27:46 PM

It's best to go back in time to purchase them.  I bought my tix for tomorrow night back in January (I think, it was within a week of the extension being announced, whenever that was) for approx a hundred bucks a piece for front row balcony.

This past weekend of understudies
 Jun 17 2024, 01:48:12 PM

Gail is out tonight, too. 

 Jun 17 2024, 01:41:37 PM

They aren't even letting sting the performance I am planning for.  

Nick Jonas and Adrienne Warren to star in THE LAST FIVE YEARS Broadway Revival
 Jun 17 2024, 01:40:53 PM

Im on the fence with this one: I love the score, and enjoyed the film, but I've never seen a live performance of this so nothing to compare it.  

But just on this casting it doesn't quite gel for, I'm going to let it settle in a bit before deciding to plunk down $. It just seems to be cast on financial decisions, not artistic one.   But I'm going to try to keep an open mind!

The 77th Annual TONY Awards Performances
 Jun 17 2024, 01:34:36 PM

scripps said: "That performance from TOMMY finally got me to purchase a ticket. Ali and Bobby,please be on tomorrow night. Thanks in advance.

If I hadn't already seen Merrily, that performance would not inspire me to do so. The Outsiders performance was also effective in changing my mind from "I read the book in school but don't remember any of it" to "I'd like to see this show thissummer."

Glad I haveti

 Jun 17 2024, 12:55:41 PM

Anything for Illinoise?  Must see again before it's gone.  I know I can wait for it likely to be on TDF, but because of the sight line issues I want to be sure to get a seat that has no obstructions (damn speaker).



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