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DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES - Opening Night Critics' Reviews  Feb 23 2024, 04:16:13 AM

It's a stunning piece of theater that isn't for everyone... And that's ok.


Yes, a smaller house would have suited the show better, for profitability, but I didn't feel it lost anything being at studio 54. Granted, I was in the front row of the mezz on a seemingly sold out performance. 

BROADWAY DISCOUNTS  Feb 21 2024, 04:25:12 PM

amiyagi said: "dramamama611 said: "Anything for Appropriate yet (at the Belasco)?

Or Water for Elephants?

MAIL still works for Water for Elephants


Thank you!


BROADWAY DISCOUNTS  Feb 21 2024, 03:57:53 PM

Anything for Appropriate yet (at the Belasco)?


Or Water for Elephants?

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/18/24  Feb 21 2024, 08:34:37 AM

You have no sources. 

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/18/24  Feb 20 2024, 02:29:15 PM

Isn't THIS week school vacation week?  It certainly is in New England.  (Because it starts with Presidents Day.)

AMADEUS to be adapted into a series starring White Lotus' Will Sharpe  Feb 20 2024, 11:55:47 AM

Gah!  How exciting!  I was just talking about this. 

THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES musical will have pre-Bway tryout this summer in Boston  Feb 20 2024, 11:43:31 AM

Pre-sale has started, for anyone that has limited availiblity to attend.  It's certainly selling, but nothing crazy.  A few dates are listed as "limited" but none as low.  (Opeining night appears to only have made the balcony available for sale.)

Prices range from 40 (rear balcony) to almost 300 (which include a "package".   I got two front row mezz tickets for 315 total, including fees.  (139 base price.)  It's a pretty bi

DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES - Opening Night Critics' Reviews  Feb 20 2024, 07:59:18 AM

When I saw it on 2/4, the house was packed. (I was in the mezz). 

My companion and I were deeply moved by it, but I can't see it's a show I'd return to, ever. In less capable hands (than Kelli and Brian) I don't see how this will survive in the regional market . 

They knew this wouldn't be an easy sell, thus the limited engagement.  I'm guessing they went for the exposure of Broadway. 

Poll: Best Picture Oscar Nominees Best and Worst on Broadway?  Feb 18 2024, 12:49:34 PM

No results?  No worst musical?

BROADWAY DISCOUNTS  Feb 18 2024, 12:37:09 PM

justherehanging said: "How about

The Great Gatsby

The last few posts are specifically ABOUT Gatsby.   Reading is fundamental. 

Is Satine really gone at the end of the play?  Feb 18 2024, 12:34:46 PM

Doornail dead.

The Life & Slimes of Marc Summers  Feb 17 2024, 06:21:31 PM

Personally, I have no interest in this - but my kids might - they are definitely more the demographic than I.


But yes, how nice to see such resounding support!   

BROADWAY DISCOUNTS  Feb 17 2024, 08:25:15 AM

There's a Lempicka code 2 pages back, if it still works. 

How much does a minimal set affect your ability to follow along with a show's storyline?  Feb 16 2024, 08:41:27 PM

Not at all. There are shows where big and lavish are called for, and other times it's not.


I've never been hindered by a lacking set. 

Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd’  Feb 15 2024, 10:56:05 PM

Yes, that's why I said, "unlikely." 

Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd’  Feb 15 2024, 05:43:33 PM


Disney developing TANGLED stage musical  Feb 15 2024, 10:01:58 AM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "I'd be thrilled to see the Princess Bride musical on stage!"



This is all I will ever ask for. It's so very over the top from the novel to the film, it just SCREAMS, " I SHOULD BE A MUSICAL! "


Tom Holland Will Star in ROMEO & JULIET in London's West End  Feb 14 2024, 08:19:02 PM

Wowza! Tickets for the 16 week run sold out in 2 hours! That's gotta feel good!

May 2024 Trip  Feb 14 2024, 06:59:54 PM

This has been the info on this since early on: Beginning June 17, Eddie Redmayne will not perform on Monday evenings, and Gayle Rankin will not perform at Wednesday matinées. They will perform through August 31, 2024.


So, barring illness or emergencies, you should be fine 

THE NOTEBOOK Broadway Previews  Feb 14 2024, 04:11:50 PM

Ugh, sounds perfectly average. 

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