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THE OUTSIDERS to release cast album on May 22
 May 23 2024, 01:58:16 PM

Speaking of Pitman's lovely performance, I love that this song was chosen for the WSJ festival. "I could Talk to You All Night" was of my favorites after seeing the show. Trevor Wayne is great! But I admit I'm partial to Grant's pop-huskiness? That might be a horrible description of Grant.... I love Brody's voice! 

City Centers 24-25: Ragtime, Urinetown, LaChiusa's Wild Party, Love Life
 May 23 2024, 01:47:32 PM

Just called, it really was easier! And now the wait is like less than 5 minutes. Thanks for the tip!

City Centers 24-25: Ragtime, Urinetown, LaChiusa's Wild Party, Love Life
 May 23 2024, 12:45:54 PM

Now the website is telling me it's sold out... I don't see any blue seats available for purchase! ugh...

City Centers 24-25: Ragtime, Urinetown, LaChiusa's Wild Party, Love Life
 May 23 2024, 12:41:47 PM

It's so slow. I can't do much at all. 

STEREOPHONIC Original Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 May 11 2024, 12:54:43 AM

I felt transported back to the Golden hearing Bright v1 this morning. This song really sold me the night I saw the show: Sarah's vulnerability, the lighting, the sound.

So many great songs here, but right now it's Bright v1 I keep going back to! 

The piano at the beginning of Drive is so damn catchy too. 


Merrily We Roll Along Lottery
 May 6 2024, 12:27:11 AM

This person seemed to like it. There are actually a few pictures from Row B of the balcony if you go to the seating chart. 

Spring Trip Suggestions
 May 4 2024, 08:23:14 PM

I enjoyed Outsiders quite a bit more that Water for Elephants. The music is is more memorable, Brody Grant's voice is great, and the act 2 fight scene is spectacular. 

Despite the reviews, Cabaret was incredible. Heart of Rock and Roll was surprisingly fun despite the lack of love from reviews and the Tonys. I agree with Appropriate unless you saw it earlier of course. 

 Apr 23 2024, 05:43:03 PM

I posted that Viewfrommyseat picture! I'm tickled to have it posted here! 

I didn't think the stage was high at all... I could see all their shoes. 

Granted, it's not the best for appreciating the scale of the dancing, so you might miss some background dancers in the finale for example. 

When I buy tickets, I try to balance my poor vision and price, so I usually tend to buy close tickets.These seats aren't full premium price, and c

THE HEART OF ROCK AND ROLL Opening Night Critics’ Revies
 Apr 23 2024, 05:33:19 PM

There are also 2nd row orchestra seats just in front of premium section for like 160 dollars for those who like the certainty of getting tickets in advance. I sat there, and it was great. Not just because of the clear view of the sauna scene.... 

 Apr 20 2024, 06:14:05 PM

For those who have won the lottery, where are the seats?

CABARET at the Kit Kat Club Previews
 Apr 19 2024, 11:49:49 PM

I also caught this tonight and thought Gayle was incredible. Perfectly unhinged, funny, and vulnerable. 

One recommendation would be to sit on the "East" side. Several big moments faced the East side. 

 Apr 15 2024, 12:41:14 AM

HunterK said: "Did anyone read or hearthat Shoshana Bean will be out the 7th - 18th of April? Performances just went up on TDF Passport and people were talking about it on some other boards. I trust you all a lot more. I have tickets for 4/16 and very much like to see and hear Ms. Bean.

I thank you much in advance!

Has Shoshana Bean been out since 4/7 as suggested by HunterK?

 Apr 3 2024, 12:57:54 PM

What row would have been the sweet spot for you? Also row J or back?

British transfers?
 Nov 26 2023, 02:39:18 PM

BETTY22 said: "Sunset is confirmed. Hearing it has commitment from St James theater"

Ii'm sure this is has been discussed elsewhere, but is Spamalot an open ended run? 

Wonder if Scherzinger would also be transferring too. I loved Doll's House. Would be so interested to see this production of Sunset. 

Coming to NYC next weekend tips/advice for shows appreciated.
 Nov 17 2023, 12:16:53 AM

To the OP, you also mentioned twice that you want to see a show on Friday at 2pm, I assume you mean Saturday at 2pm? But just in case you don’t know, there isn’t a Friday matinee for shows on Broadway, unless there’s some odd schedule thanksgiving schedule of which I’m not aware. 

Coming to NYC next weekend tips/advice for shows appreciated.
 Nov 16 2023, 10:32:56 PM

Just flying back from seeing 7 shows this past week. 
I would highly recommend Here Lies Love from your list. Such a memorable and unique experience, unlike anything on Broadway. It was one of my favorites from the past week. 

Kimberly akimbo is great and on TKTS. 

I tried the lottery for Merrily every chance I could, but I never won. I ended up buying a ticket outright for the very last night of my trip. Depending on your comfort with unc

HERE LIES LOVE closing November 26
 Nov 14 2023, 12:40:56 AM

Anybody know if Conrad is back this week? Missed him my first time and saw that he was out a bunch last week. Didn't see anything on his social media. 

Poor Yella Rednecks (Vietgone 2) in San Francisco, headed for New York City
 Nov 7 2023, 06:53:25 PM

I never saw Vietgone, but I was thinking of catching Poor Yella Rednecks. Will I be completely lost?

CONFIRMED: CABARET at the August Wilson Theatre, Spring 2024
 Oct 28 2023, 12:30:46 PM

Seat Geek code "Spooky" was successful for 25 dollars off for me. The email says 20% off up to 25 dollars valid until 10/31.

I was tempted to set up two Seat Geek accounts to try to use the code twice, but I didn't try it. 

London Recommendations
 Aug 26 2023, 06:36:35 PM

For Cabaret, has anybody sat in the Box A or Box B seats? There's a single Box B seat on Monday in the back row. I'm 5'10" so I could probably make it work? I wish I could buy a single ticket at a table, but it doesn't look like that's allowed. Unless any others have tricks? 

Is the box office as stringent about selling tickets in pairs? Would I have better luck purchasing a single ticket at a table at the box office?

As an aside, I had a wo

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