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Audra McDonald-led GYPSY for 2024-2025 Season?  Jan 4 2024, 04:19:00 PM

RUkiddingme said: "These casting suggestions all fall into the makes sense category. When we all know nothing gets traditional casting anymore.

I see a black Mama Rose, with a white Herbie, an Asian American June and a trans Louise. Or maybe a trans Tulsa.

We'll see!

who hurt you baby

Audra McDonald-led GYPSY for 2024-2025 Season?  Jan 4 2024, 03:05:57 PM

George C Wolfe really could be a great director for this. If Audra is indeed Rose, I hope they lean into the performer being Black and how that changes the dynamics of her relationships, instead of making it a "color-blind" production.

Herbie is such a thankless role that anyone the caliber of Stokes would be a waste. Having said that, Raul Esparza has been away from Broadway for way too long and would be a great Herbie...

Here We Are  Dec 15 2023, 01:31:29 PM

This thread is so long now lol. I was hoping for some seating recommendations! Is there any spot which is an absolute no? Hoping to catch the matinee tomorrow

Tony Award-Winning PARADE Revival On Tour  Dec 13 2023, 09:00:16 PM

I doubt Uranowitz would do it. I really hope it comes to DC. The Broadway production was SO good and felt like it would tour really well.

BROADWAY DISCOUNTS  Dec 8 2023, 04:46:14 PM

Not quite Broadway, but does anyone have a discount code for Titanique?

just revive Ragtime already  Nov 27 2023, 12:38:36 PM

The Distinctive Baritone said: "Just chiming in, having seen the original Broadway production but not the revival (I was also in one of the first regional productions back in the day).

Even twenty years ago the show felt problematic to me. I sometimes refer to it as White Guilt: The Musical because its authors are so earnest in their storytelling but end up letting pretty much every white person in the audience off the hook. "Oh, well I don't use the N-word, and I

Ragtime-Signature Theatre DC  Nov 27 2023, 12:33:41 PM

I saw this production last weekend and it was definitely extremely good orchestra. The sound mixing was quite off though, I couldn't hear some of the performers over the music at all during their big solos. I'd have blamed the performer, but it is frikking Teal Wicks so I have to assume it was her mic or sound mixing in general which was the problem, which was inconsistent through the show.

Also, I'm sorry but I'm supposed to be attracted to the Mother's Brother

Nicole Scherzinger to star in West End Sunset Boulevard at the Savoy  Oct 8 2023, 08:44:17 AM

Seb28 said: "BrodyFosse123 said: "Producers were involved to fund this little ego fueled rebellious showcase."

Who are easily persuaded if it doesn't cost anything.

Like Scarywarhol says, perhaps minimalist shows are all we will see in the future. Blackboxes, white led light, no costumes, no sets, sterile stages and of course contemporary props, so the audiences will recognize things.

Lol it's not like Norma comes out

New Hadestown Casting  Oct 3 2023, 12:35:55 PM

If it is indeed to boost sales, I doubt they will go with my dream pick - Damon Daunno. He was so good in the role.

He won't really work opposite Solea but damn I'd love to see Joshua Bassett take this on Broadway. He would probably bring in some initial boost in sales from legion of younger fans.

Director Jamie Lloyd next project is Phantom  Sep 27 2023, 01:00:58 PM

"What's really dangerous here is throwing around words like grooming and sexual assault. These are serious, life-changing crimes and trying to make the Phantom a rapist or a predator does quite a disservice to SA victims and survivors. This is going into boy-who-cried-wolf territory and pretty soon SA victims will be doubted even more than they already are because we are so sloppy about using the terms. "

I never said sexual assault but there is constant

Director Jamie Lloyd next project is Phantom  Sep 27 2023, 08:13:57 AM

Can Phantom work stripped down though? I feel like the story is strong enough to sustain it. I do want a darker version to show up sometime in near future which more deeply explores how much of a groomer / assaulter Phantom was and not just "troubled" soul. I always feel like the ending kinda gives him a hero spin, despite everything else he did preceding it. 

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024  Sep 7 2023, 11:18:46 AM

I'm lowkey annoyed with y'all dissing Megan Hilty's casting in this. She is FUNNY and she will be phenomenal in this. I'm actually more excited about her than Simard and that's saying something. This will be great!

A Chorus Line Revival  Aug 24 2023, 01:50:18 PM

Frankly, with the massive labor movement sweeping the country, especially in the entertainment industry which has had several reckonings in the past decade, this show feels like it could be very current if done well. Unsung heroes have deep stories worth exploring, that's one of the biggest things I got out of this play (I really do think of A Chorus Line as a very well musicalized play, kinda like Fun Home). There is absolutely no need for a gimmick, just an honest raw take which is driv

Chita : fell Saturday night?  Aug 24 2023, 03:25:16 AM

OMG I hope she is okay

Why isn't there a August Osage County revival?  Aug 19 2023, 12:44:45 PM
Robbie516 said: "Could see this going into the Schoenfeld before Notebook comes in"

Open ended run or probably not going to be worth it. Also for selfish reasons so I have more chances to see it.

Bradley Whitford is such a good casting for either Steve or Bill. I'd prefer to see him in the sleazy Steve role, and I'd dreamcast Richard Schiff as Bill, although they are both older than the written characters and read that way on stage. I think

New Hadestown Casting  Aug 19 2023, 01:12:02 AM

ACL2006 said: "I want Reeve to leave so Nick Barasch can replace him."

I doubt that's likely given Barasch left the tour cast kinda abruptly, but I could be wrong. I really wish we can have Damon Daunno step back in for a bit, I'd kill to see his interpretation. The NYTW recording always makes me want to see both his and Nabiyah Be's take on the show.

Taylor Zakhar Perez future on Broadway  Aug 15 2023, 12:27:37 AM

MrsSallyAdams said: "I sawRed, White & Royal Bluethis weekend. Zakhar is gorgeous but his acting is very stiff. I listened to his pop song inThe Kissing Booth. His voice is fine.He could pull off a Mamma Miaor Britney Spears style jukebox musical. But I don’t know if he has the range for more challenging roles.

He'd be kinda perfect for Sky in a revival of Mamma Mia though. Get Carmello belting Winner Takes It All again, opposi

BEACHES musical continues development and will return in 2024  Aug 1 2023, 01:18:32 PM

Urie, Cruz & Shaughnessy to Star in THE DA VINCI CODE at Ogunquit Playhouse  Aug 1 2023, 01:17:01 PM

I really can't picture Urie in this role but then again, he got raves for Hamlet so this could be very cool.

Barbie: the musical. Will it ever happen?  Jul 24 2023, 08:58:02 AM

"This Barbie can hit an F#5!"

"This Barbie came at 2nd place at the Jimmy Awards and has been bitter ever since"

"This Barbie thinks Jeanine Tesori should have a theater named after her"

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