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Frank Wildhorn’s manga musicals
 Jul 4 2024, 05:50:55 PM

The problem with Wildhorn musicals is that if you don't have voices like Linda Eder's, the show falls flat.

The book is usually....  Lacking.

The lyrics are campy, but questionable.

The voice has to be spectacular enough to make up for all of it.

And Eder's is.

OH, MARY! Previews
 Jul 1 2024, 10:44:32 PM

hearthemsing22 said:

Given how hot it will betomorrow (reaching 92 degrees), I wonder if they'll sell ice cream at the Lyceum? I know in West End it's normal to sell ice cream at the theater but somehow it's not that common on Broadway."

Ice cream isn't noisy enough, so probably not.


Boy George in MR
 Feb 8 2024, 10:49:21 PM

Ugh. Does MR really need him that badly?  Grosses can't be down this much.

He cracks and blows out on his notes:  It's well-known he had frayed vocal chords a number of years back, so I'm wondering why he was put into this in the first place.

BG's atrocious personal history aside, perhaps I'll wait until Eric Anderson is back.  He is a brilliant Zidler.

Cursed Child... right or wrong to support?
 Sep 16 2023, 04:05:56 PM

Oh look, someone else virtue signaling.

Color me bored.

Is Investing in Broadway worth it?
 Sep 4 2023, 09:35:38 AM

chrishuyen said: "Out of curiosity, did you lose all $50k you put into The Prom or only a portion of it?"

All of it.

Imelda Staunton & Jenna Russell to lead HELLO DOLLY in London
 Sep 4 2023, 09:31:19 AM

Of course I saw Staunton do it live.  I only comment on things I've seen in-person.

She chewed enough scenery to stay full for months.  It was comical, actually.

And her vocal delivery was nothing special.  She's not a belter.

Her Dolly will be...  Very Imelda.  As per usual.

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA musical headed to the UK?
 Aug 24 2023, 10:18:48 PM

Now that Elt has stopped touring, he might actually take the time to give a **** about this show.

He's capable...  He just has the attention span of dryer lint.

Is Investing in Broadway worth it?
 Aug 24 2023, 10:16:57 PM

Broadway Flash said: "If I invest 25,000 in a medium size musical that is a hit, how much money would I make?"

You do it expecting to lose money.  Only insane luck allows a return.

I had the chance to put $10k as a small investor in the OBC of Hairspray.  It paid back and I was given the chance from that to put money into the first national tour, sit-downs and the Vegas production.  It ended up paying for itself several times over.  I was i

Charlie Stemp CRAZY FOR YOU West End - P/reviews & Discussion Thread
 Aug 15 2023, 06:08:26 PM

ggersten said: "blaxx said: "Dylan Smith4 said: "Charlie Stemp is the STAR! If they bring this over, he’s the string attached. They just need to market him better over here! I’m telling you, he’s not to be missed!"

While I agree he's very good, he doesn't make or break the Stroman staging that was already a massive hit in the 90s., with many others playing the role successfully.

Put Tom Holland in this, for e

Will the Marriott Marquis ever be demolished?
 Aug 15 2023, 06:06:38 PM

RunnyBabbit said: "Dylan Smith4 said: "It's been happening since Broadway reopened. I was turned away a couple times because I didn't have a room key or reservation. Sometimes, I did manage to sneak by if there was a crowd in there. Frankly though, I prefer the Drama Bookshop anyway."

I’ve been there numerous times since Bway reopened and haven’t run into this issue. I usually just take the escalators, but I’ve sat in the lobby

Will the Marriott Marquis ever be demolished?
 Aug 15 2023, 06:05:16 PM

Considering the Marriott just spent 150+ million on a renovation, methinks not.

Real talk:  Please tell me the OP was high when they posted this.

Charlie Stemp CRAZY FOR YOU West End - P/reviews & Discussion Thread
 Aug 11 2023, 07:13:07 PM

Jarethan said: "BenjaminNicholas2 said: "Jarethan said: "Interestingly, despite a Gershwin score and great choreography, I was bored during An American in Paris as well. I did give it a second chance and still found it boring."

Two totally different kinds of dance shows. That's like comparing 42nd Street and CATS.

Crazy For You, when done right, is edge-of-your-seat, wild applause production numbers.

I wouldn't say

Rumors about Guys and Dolls London transfer to Broadway?
 Aug 11 2023, 07:09:12 PM

The show will never transfer and look anything like the way it does now.  The Bridge is too specialized a space.

Saw it a few days ago and while it was entertaining, it wasn't the end-all that some have said it is.  

It's cute.  There's a very good Nathan Lane impression being done.  Marisha is lovely and I've loved her in many other things, but the G&D songs aren't really perfect fits for her (I was a big fan of Faith for expertl

Unpleasant theater audiences
 Aug 11 2023, 06:57:01 PM

I'm just tired of garbage people.

As a New Yorker, I call them out.  If they don't like it, they can tell me to my face.  They usually don't.

Weak, rude, stupid people pipe down immediately and are usually smart enough to be embarrassed.  

London Recommendations
 Aug 11 2023, 06:49:34 PM

Crazy For You is a not to be missed.  It's superb.

Barbie: the musical. Will it ever happen?
 Jul 26 2023, 11:22:44 PM

It happened already in the early '90s at EPCOT.  

It was delicious camp.  Absolute garbage, but I still sing some of those awful songs to this day.

Jordan Donica leaves final Camelot mid-performance
 Jul 24 2023, 05:43:03 PM

*Ragtime OBC enters the chat*

The rake on the Ragtime deck was legendary.  Much worse than what's currently at the Viv.

Marin would tell very funny stories about how steep it was.

Back To The Future previews
 Jul 18 2023, 08:11:17 PM

I felt fortunate to have seen the show without Bart in London.

Cory English was Doc Brown without all of the Bart ticks.  A lot less annoying. 

He chewed the appropriate amount of scenery.


Kimberly Akimbo to stop serving ice in drinks
 Jul 12 2023, 04:49:09 PM

I guess this is fine, but...

Broadway needs to work on policing AUDIENCE members.  One strike, you're out.  No bull****. 

If you put some fear into people with actual, enforceable rules, they'll understand what's expected of them.

re: The Who's Tommy - Offensive?
 Jul 11 2023, 07:45:57 PM

These are the kinds of people who ban books because they're uncomfortable with them.

Theatre is meant to inspire and challenge.  Tommy is not offensive.  Not if you're an adult with a social intellect.

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