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Groban & Ashford in SWEENEY TODD On Broadway  Sep 14 2023, 08:15:38 AM

I was there last night.

Fantastic voice, and wonderful to see his debut.

I was in the rear mezz and had no problem with the sound  quality. 

But I guess put me in the category of people who found the production lacking over all.

I was never nervous or scared, and the lackluster staging of Mrs. Lovetts death really took me out of it. 

Like in high school when you get to the end of a show and the director has to block it 20 min b

Sondheim's Final Musical HERE WE ARE will premiere at The Shed this fall (No, really!)  Sep 12 2023, 07:54:49 PM

This cast, this creative team, and so close to previews. 

No where near sold out. 

December trip discounts  Sep 10 2023, 04:31:43 PM

As someone who used to work at Radio City music hall I can attest that sitting in one of the mezzanines, there is a far more pleasant experience for the Christmas spectacular.

NYT: The Loss of Subscribers Who Went to Everything  Aug 31 2023, 05:49:27 PM

I am probably the rare exception to the millennial of being a subscriber. I only have one subscription to a nonprofit New York City based theater. And the only reason I have it is because all the shows in the season or some thing that I am interested in seeing, and they actually have all the dates for when their shows will be played so that I know that I’m able to see it. 

I would never buy a subscription where a show runs during the summer, because I know I will not be here

ellen's stardust  Aug 31 2023, 12:27:10 PM

As someone who takes student groups to these different Times Square establishments...

I have found Gayle's Broadway Rose at the Edison Hotel a more pleasant experience. 

The food is nothing to write home about, but I didn't feel as totally crammed in, and the kids can sing. 

PRIMA FACIE Previews  Apr 15 2023, 02:24:02 PM

I'll be that person. What is the running time really looking like? Looking to book reservations afterward. 


Majestic Theatre Renovation?  Apr 15 2023, 02:10:26 PM

From what I understand from someone that I worked with in the cast years ago, the set of Phantom was built into the foundation of the Majestic. 

So it's going to be a TON of working loading out the show, and there will need to be major changes made to the backstage area. 

PETER PAN GOES WRONG to open this spring  Mar 3 2023, 04:08:55 PM

Wow some of y’all seem miserable. 

If you didn’t enjoy the original do us all a big favor. Stay home. We don’t need that energy in the theater when we are enjoying ourselves. 

BAD CINDERELLA On Broadway - P/reviews & News Thread  Feb 25 2023, 04:10:21 PM

I knew we were in for a long night when there was a "We don't eat carbs here" joke in the first 5 min. 

2006 called, and wants it's joke back. 


& JULIET On Broadway - P/reviews & News Thread  Jan 20 2023, 05:54:41 PM

Saw the show last night and count me as one of those who were totally underwhelmed by this show. 

And this coming from someone who saw Head Over Heels multiple times, and even walked out of Diana with a smile on his face. 

The jokes fell flat, the chorus was fully behind the music at some points (Domino and Since You've Been Gone), accents all over the place, the leads had 0 chemistry, a meandering book that pulled from Shakespeare when it was convenient an

Disney’s HERCULES - News & Discussion Thread  Jan 13 2023, 11:40:54 AM

If they can get the plot to be a little meatier, for example Hades needs a much better song than the one presented during the Public run, then this would fit great in the Nederlander.  

Fight/Disruption at Death of a Salesman 12/27  Dec 30 2022, 12:40:48 PM
Lol. Yeah right. Was it the wisest choice? Probably not, but the toothless union that is AEA ain't gonna do nothing about the star of the production in its final week.

Talk about an over reaction.

2022-2023 Tony Award Eligibility Rulings Thread  Dec 5 2022, 03:56:24 PM

Between Riverside and Crazy will most likely be considered under new play. 

KPOP Reviews  Dec 4 2022, 09:14:26 AM

That has to be the biggest issue - boredom. KPOP is not boring. Its fans are devoted and wild (in a good way). 

I remember a couple of years ago, listening to a podcast about “the black ocean” at K-pop concerts and all the behind scenes drama and intrigue going on there. 
That kind of inside storytelling and drama was totally devoid from the story that was told last night. 

Also large portions on the show are in Korean. Dur

KPOP Reviews  Dec 4 2022, 07:43:14 AM

I saw the show last night. I had friends that saw it off-broadway and RAVED about it.

Having read both positive, and negative reviews of the show I went in with an open mind to at least enjoy myself.

The shows biggest sin IMO? Unfortunately it was pretty boring. The show has some really great production numbers, but where is the heart? Since the book is so all over the place I didn’t connect really with any of the characters.

Making the WILD

Wish Broadway was open on 12/25  Dec 3 2022, 12:52:23 PM

There should be about 6 performance at Radio City Music Hall that day.

BETWEEN RIVERSIDE AND CRAZY Previews  Nov 30 2022, 02:41:16 PM

Was just confirmed canceled through my P.o.S and on social media. 

Cast illness, wishing them a Speedy recovery!

Jessica Chastain in Doll's House revival  Nov 29 2022, 03:35:47 PM

Yeah, if history is an indicator it doesn’t work in the producers favor to have a new adaptation of a classic play to be labeled as a new play at the Tonys.

Mousetrap on Broadway  Nov 25 2022, 02:23:04 PM

Pure Speculation on the theater?

Lycium or the Jones....

AIN’T NO MO On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread  Nov 19 2022, 05:50:59 PM

I was there this afternoon, and I certainly didn't dislike the show, but also I didn't pay that much for a ticket. 

First the performances I thought where fantastic, everyone in that cast bounces from character to character effortlessly, and they are are holding this show together. 

The open scene for sure needs to be trimmed down a bit, it goes from making it's point and making the audience uncomfortable, and then slips into receptive, and by the time it g

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