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Is "gentle" theater gone forever?
 May 19 2024, 05:59:30 PM

You saw show that you enjoyed today. Why should it matter if it is specifically in of the 40 theaters in midtown. 

If you enjoy the programming you saw, support that theater…

What is the worst production you have ever seen on Broadway? What is the worst show?
 May 18 2024, 06:43:52 AM

Holla if you Hear Me…


but more recently &Juliet. Woof. 

Theatre "Influencers"
 May 1 2024, 12:56:03 PM

Nothing on this thread warrants deleting 

I think, like a lot of things, influencers operate on a spectrum. Are they the theater lover who happens to be able to put together some engaging and informative internet content? Amazing, but unfortunately, those seem to be few and far between. The moment you start receiving complimentary tickets to events without working for a recognized publication, where is the line between being critical and being a shill? Do influencers truly he

(Insert Name or Show) Was Robbed!
 Apr 30 2024, 09:41:54 AM

I still would have given "Here Lies Love" a best musical nomination. But glad they were noticed for score. 

The 77th Annual Tony Award Nominations for 2024
 Apr 30 2024, 09:40:21 AM

Women are totally owning it in the direction categories this year! Seven out of ten nominations? Great showing and all well deserved. 

farewell Kimmy!
 Apr 28 2024, 11:24:47 AM

What an enchanting and delightful show! It's filled with humor, touching moments, beautiful music, and a laugh-out-loud storyline. While we'll miss Kymberly, we're thrilled she embarked on her Great Broadway adventure.

Canceled Productions That Eventually Happened?
 Apr 27 2024, 07:31:08 AM


OH MARY! Officially Transferring to Lyceum Theatre this Summer - 12 Weeks
 Apr 27 2024, 07:29:23 AM


I said what you said, but with fewer words….. 

Canceled Productions That Eventually Happened?
 Apr 26 2024, 02:43:22 PM

Well… Add the Broadway transfer Forbidden Broadway to the list.

OH MARY! Officially Transferring to Lyceum Theatre this Summer - 12 Weeks
 Apr 26 2024, 02:40:49 PM

@kad I hope it was the Pillowman with Googly eyes that sent Charlotte St. Martin right of over the edge.

I can’t imagine that this production wouldn’t try to qualify for Tony awards, because there is always a chance that Cole could be nominated as an actor, and depending how many plays come a long next year it could certainly snag a best play nomination.

OH MARY! Officially Transferring to Lyceum Theatre this Summer - 12 Weeks
 Apr 26 2024, 10:35:52 AM

I WISH the people who programmed the Tonys were clever enough to use Cole in the broadcast. 

We had Nick Kroll and John Mulaney in a hit Broadway show, and they didn’t even ask them to present. 

Disney Opening a new show at the New Amsterdam this September?
 Apr 11 2024, 10:50:38 AM

You need to remember that "Newsies" was becoming increasingly difficult to cast at a Broadway level, and buy closing it would continue generating substantial revenue for Disney, especially through regional and school productions. Aladdin, which is built specifically for the New Am, continues to thrive.

Bringing in over a million dollars per week and proving to be a massive hit with foreign tourists.

It's clear that Aladdin isn't going anywhere an

 Apr 3 2024, 10:58:31 AM

Saw Patriots last night, and I think it does a good job of providing the 10,000-foot view of recent Russian history. Of course, since the play is written by the creator of "The Crown," one can assume that most of the scenes between heavy hitters like Putin and Boris have been heavily dramatized for the stage. I am a big fan of Rupert Goold's directing style, and he hits all the marks here. While the set, for the most part, is static, he does a fantastic job of keeping the plot a

Groban & Ashford in SWEENEY TODD On Broadway
 Sep 14 2023, 08:15:38 AM

I was there last night.

Fantastic voice, and wonderful to see his debut.

I was in the rear mezz and had no problem with the sound  quality. 

But I guess put me in the category of people who found the production lacking over all.

I was never nervous or scared, and the lackluster staging of Mrs. Lovetts death really took me out of it. 

Like in high school when you get to the end of a show and the director has to block it 20 min b

Sondheim's Final Musical HERE WE ARE will premiere at The Shed this fall (No, really!)
 Sep 12 2023, 07:54:49 PM

This cast, this creative team, and so close to previews. 

No where near sold out. 

December trip discounts
 Sep 10 2023, 04:31:43 PM

As someone who used to work at Radio City music hall I can attest that sitting in one of the mezzanines, there is a far more pleasant experience for the Christmas spectacular.

NYT: The Loss of Subscribers Who Went to Everything
 Aug 31 2023, 05:49:27 PM

I am probably the rare exception to the millennial of being a subscriber. I only have one subscription to a nonprofit New York City based theater. And the only reason I have it is because all the shows in the season or some thing that I am interested in seeing, and they actually have all the dates for when their shows will be played so that I know that I’m able to see it. 

I would never buy a subscription where a show runs during the summer, because I know I will not be here

ellen's stardust
 Aug 31 2023, 12:27:10 PM

As someone who takes student groups to these different Times Square establishments...

I have found Gayle's Broadway Rose at the Edison Hotel a more pleasant experience. 

The food is nothing to write home about, but I didn't feel as totally crammed in, and the kids can sing. 

 Apr 15 2023, 02:24:02 PM

I'll be that person. What is the running time really looking like? Looking to book reservations afterward. 


Majestic Theatre Renovation?
 Apr 15 2023, 02:10:26 PM

From what I understand from someone that I worked with in the cast years ago, the set of Phantom was built into the foundation of the Majestic. 

So it's going to be a TON of working loading out the show, and there will need to be major changes made to the backstage area. 

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