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Oklahoma! 2021-2022 National Tour

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#100Oklahoma! 2021-2022 National Tour
Posted: 4/4/22 at 6:20am

I echo Bettyboy's thoughts. I found the tour to be absolutely sensational in every way. I even loved it and adored it more than I did on Broadway where I saw the show twice at the CITS. The proscenium staging used for the tour was even more effective, in my opinion.

The cast was absolutely stellar. Sis was out, but her understudy was fantastic. Sean Grandillo's Curly was the standout for me - that VOICE! The chemistry in the small cast was so real and palpable - even more so than on Broadway. I also loved Barbara Walsh's Aunt Eller - a lot more subdued than Mary Testa.

The real star of this production of Oklahoma!, though, is Daniel Fish's direction. What he has done is a directorial feat for the ages. The fact that he was able to completely reinvent a classic musical in such a drastic way without altering one word of the original text is so impressive.

Audience reactions around me were mixed to negative with many walkouts at intermission. It's really sad that many audiences around the country these days can't appreciate something unless it is completely spelled out for them - it's almost as if they don't want to have to think about what they are seeing or be exposed to something different.

Interestingly enough, I felt more uncomfortable while watching this production on tour than I did on Broadway (which I think is one of the many points of the show - to not get a warm and fuzzy feel good feeling while watching Oklahoma!). I think that discomfort came from being surrounded by a larger audience who was clearly very uncomfortable, and in a way, that added to my enjoyment and appreciation of the production.

If this is coming near you, this is a must see in my opinion. I have to give the producers MAJOR credit for being willing to take something this bold on the road and put it in season subscription packages. It was a huge treat to revisit this remarkable production in a brand new way.

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#101Oklahoma! 2021-2022 National Tour
Posted: 4/4/22 at 9:14am

The day I saw the show, the whole cast was in. I thought everyone was perfectly cast. Not a sour note in the lot. Exceptional. 

I've seen folks posting such mean things on the social media of touring houses about the Oklahoma tour (threats to cancel subscriptions, mean comments, vulgar comments). I have no idea what is wrong with people.

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#102Oklahoma! 2021-2022 National Tour
Posted: 4/4/22 at 12:46pm

Went to see this at DPAC (Durham,NC) this past weekend and thought it was the most awful show I have ever seen. I didn't even stay until intermission and there were several others that left at the same time I did (I was in upper balcony so my leaving early not visible from stage). I did talk to the usher outside the auditorium who had similar questions about the weirdness of it all. I didn't like the staging or lighting decisions and lack of choreography but it looks like I'm in the minority on this thread.

#103Oklahoma! 2021-2022 National Tour
Posted: 4/4/22 at 2:59pm

I saw it at DPAC last Tuesday. And while I knew it was a dark and edgy version, it was not my cup of tea. I would estimate 1/3 or more of the audience did not return from intermission. I've never seen that there. I did think Sasha and Sean were great, as was Barbara Walsh. But the direction was just too gimmicky for me. 

#104Oklahoma! 2021-2022 National Tour
Posted: 5/4/22 at 10:29am

Hearing from people who saw it in Nashville last night, it did not land.  Very difficult to hear without being mic'd in such a large space. People were leaving while it was going on. A whole bunch didn't return after intermission. I saw it on Broadway and *loved* it. It sounds like the intimacy just doesn't translate.  

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Sutton Ross
#105Oklahoma! 2021-2022 National Tour
Posted: 5/4/22 at 11:04am

Yeah, the audience demographic clearly matters but the intimacy of the theater in New York, the two actors sitting or laying on the tables right in front of me, the chili at intermission, and the list goes on. It is lost in big houses across the country.