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#1New Ginny
Posted: 2/14/22 at 10:44pm

Diane Davis announced on her Instagram that she will not be returning to the show. Wishing her all the best on her next chapter. I thought she was a lovely & strong Ginny.

Currently, the cast list on the website doesn't list a Ginny. And I'm not familiar with the understudies to know who would be bump up. Anyone have any thoughts?

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#2New Ginny
Posted: 2/15/22 at 12:15am

We aren't allowed to talk about it.

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Jordan Catalano
#3New Ginny
Posted: 2/15/22 at 12:34am

She who must not be named. 

#4New Ginny
Posted: 2/17/22 at 9:18am

Tag said: "We aren't allowed to talk about it."

...Bruno will be playing Ginny...?

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#5New Ginny
Posted: 2/17/22 at 11:08am

James Snyder is back on Instagram, for anyone who might care! His family is very cute 

#6New Ginny
Posted: 2/17/22 at 5:49pm

WTF is a "Ginny"?


#7New Ginny
Posted: 2/17/22 at 6:59pm

A leading role in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. really not necessary to ask like that. 

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