West end stage door

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#1West end stage door
Posted: 5/4/23 at 12:51am

Can anyone give me insight into stage dooring at west end theatre’s? I’ve largely given up doing it in NYC post pandemic. I did it for a few smaller shows around Christmas. I’ve never done it in London. Is it a thing? Is it frowned upon? I don’t want to be that person. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. For reference I’m seeing A little life, Cabaret, and f**king men.

#2West end stage door
Posted: 5/4/23 at 1:07am

It is not largely a thing in London.  When I went to see Mary Poppins, I was just walking around the block, and I came to the alley behind the stage door, which was interesting because it had the name of the original theater and a plaque that Mozart had written something in the building that used to be there.   There was only a handful of people waiting outside no rails or guards.  Charlie Stemp, who was starring is Bert came out and walked right up to me.   What a darling boy.

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#3West end stage door
Posted: 5/4/23 at 1:19am

The last time I was in London, THE FULL MONTY was playing. There was no crowd at the stage door and I got to meet all of the principals, one of whom invited me to "join him for a pint" and I did.

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Jordan Catalano
#4West end stage door
Posted: 5/4/23 at 9:30am

It is very much “a thing” now. Not every show sets up barricades (a lot do) but it has absolutely become a normal thing on the West End. 

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Dylan Smith4
#5West end stage door
Posted: 5/4/23 at 9:39am

When I was last in London, I was unaware that "stage dooring" was a thing over there. I thought it was only a Broadway thing, but it surely is a thing in London. I cannot compare the difference as I have never done it in London before. I definitely will though when I go this summer. 

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#6West end stage door
Posted: 5/4/23 at 11:45am

I saw "A Little Life" a few weeks ago. It's a long play and they had a matinee the next day. They do have barricades as well as security watching, noting that only those who attended the performances could stagedoor. They announced that they cast will only sign things that are related to the play (the program, the ticket, the book, etc.) and no one will be taking photos. The author was in town and saw the town that evening so the cast took a good while to come out. Of course, they're not obligated in any way to do the stagedoor. Those that did come were very lovely and nice to chat. The security did make sure they moved along after a bit as to make sure they were out quickly.

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#7West end stage door
Posted: 5/4/23 at 11:49am

Thank you so much. Can you tell me where the stage door is? I really appreciate it. 

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#8West end stage door
Posted: 7/27/23 at 1:47pm

Does anyone perchance know where the SD for @sohoplace is? I’m going to BROKEBACK tonight

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