Pre-Show and the Balcony

#1Pre-Show and the Balcony
Posted: 6/23/23 at 12:17pm

I'm bringing my 10 year old to Peter Pan Goes Wrong for his first Broadway Show. I'd like him to get as much of the experience as we can, but also don't want to get into the seats too early without anything happening.

How much of the pre-show will he be able to get from the balcony? I think a large chunk of it happens in the orchestra but does move to the stage.  

Any thoughts?

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#2Pre-Show and the Balcony
Posted: 6/23/23 at 12:41pm

Perky Pilgrims Gone Wild?

#3Pre-Show and the Balcony
Posted: 6/23/23 at 12:46pm

I figured since the post was specifically in the Peter Pan Goes Wrong folder, I wouldn't need to clarify. But I've edited my post.

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#4Pre-Show and the Balcony
Posted: 6/23/23 at 12:53pm

I went to the show last night and while the bulk of the pre-show does happen in the Orchestra there were two actors who went up into the Mezzanine for a few minutes. There is a bit of activity that happens on the stage itself so that would be visible. The pre-show I saw last night was quite different than what I saw last month. There was a whole bit that took up the length of the orchestra from front to back that went on a few minutes. That hadn't happened the last time I saw the show, which may be because the house had opened late. 

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#5Pre-Show and the Balcony
Posted: 6/23/23 at 1:03pm

Apologies - I always read BWW posts by date instead of show. You may jab me with a hook.

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#6Pre-Show and the Balcony
Posted: 6/23/23 at 3:11pm

Just as a note: those show headings are VERY easy to least on the app on my android .

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#7Pre-Show and the Balcony
Posted: 6/23/23 at 4:24pm

Very fair!


I apologize for my snark as well.

There will be no hook poking today!

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Scarlet Leigh
#8Pre-Show and the Balcony
Posted: 6/23/23 at 11:10pm

Get there for doors opening. I was in one of the boxes when I went and not sure if it was like this at other performance but most of the upstairs interactions happened EARLY before they all moved to finish the last 10 minutes or so downstairs. The pre-show started within MINUTES of entering the theatre.

#9Pre-Show and the Balcony
Posted: 6/24/23 at 1:24am

I was there the day the Canadian smoke/smog hit the city and the staff of the Barrymore Theater opened the doors earlier than usual so we wouldn't be standing outside under those dreadful conditions. The pre-show fun began as soon as we walked through the doors.

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#10Pre-Show and the Balcony
Posted: 6/24/23 at 1:02pm

Most happen in the orchestra. Also getting there early means you can get a booster seat for your kid (they always run out in every performance.) Also, in act 2 there are moments when a cast member may pick on a kid in front orchestra and ask him/her a question or two. Or.... a kid will just yell out a suggestion and the cast member (Hook) will go along with it and respond back. It's a family friendly show.

#11Pre-Show and the Balcony
Posted: 10/5/23 at 2:21pm

I'd like to point out that the show headings can be quite easy to overlook, especially when using the app on my Android device.