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Theatre "Influencers"
 May 1 2024, 05:20:12 PM

As someone that does follow a few of theater content creators... did you ever think that maybe what they are doing just isn't for you? And if it isn't for you than... you don't have to watch it? You can even block them and their content so you don't have to be so bothered by it. I follow some but I also have just as many (if not more) blocked because I don't like the content they are doing or the message(s) they are delivering. 

Personally, I have found a numbe

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024
 May 1 2024, 09:44:27 AM

jacobsnchz14 said: "The ending felt rushed and there is a change with Ernest that’s different from the film, and there’s no final moment from the film of the ladies falling and collapsing after the funeral."

By chance is the ending something along the lines of 

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The two

 Apr 21 2024, 01:03:52 AM

InTheBathroom1 said: "Really puzzling to me how so many of the reviews mention them fixing the show since the Public run, but a week ago when I went, the show seemed virtually unchanged.

Unless I missed something. Is it just me?

It's not just you. I have multi friends that saw it at both and have said the same thing that it's the same show that didn't change a single thing critics knocked it on the first time.

THE WIZ Previews
 Mar 30 2024, 12:32:17 AM

ACL2006 said: "EDSOSLO858 said: "ACL2006 said: "Let's see if tonight's preview goes on or if they're rehearsal his understudy?"

Saw on an Insta story thatPolanco Jones Jr. is on for the Tin Man at tonight’s first preview. Two swings also on.

geez. first preview and there's an u/s on already and two swings!! How soon before Brady calls out?? Mingo Jr. is probably better anyways.


Once Upon A One More Time Cast Recording
 Mar 24 2024, 02:00:59 AM

Sadly I doubt we will ever get a cast recording and it is a crime we won't have "Toxic" recorded professionally. At least we have the music video of sorts for it to live on. The only chance I can see at some kind of recording would be if they are able to get it funded for a tour or licensed and want a recording to go with it to gain interest. Because the show will one day to great at a high school show. Really it's a perfect show for high schools. Large female focused ensemb

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Opening Night Critics' Reviews
 Mar 24 2024, 01:56:13 AM

chrishuyen said: "To be fair, I think word of mouth from "casual theater goers" (ie people not on these boards) would be generally positive for this show, and combined with the critic's pick could be enough for it to stay afloat for a bit. I'd certainly be interested in seeing its trajectory the next few months."

I'm not so sure about that. I saw the show a week and a half ago. At least 4 people in my area left at intermission never to return an

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Opening Night Critics' Reviews
 Mar 21 2024, 09:51:35 PM

I feel like I've taken crazy pills or something. How... I.... I'm speechless. I saw Water for Elephants and The Notebook on the same day and if you told me then that one show was going to be given pans and one was gonna get praise I NEVER would have guessed it would be this. 

And how Did They Like It grade some of these reviews as mixed when they are VERY clearly negative? This whole thing makes me feel like I've watched through the looking glass into Wonderland. Every

SMASH Reading Lottery
 Feb 9 2024, 09:50:37 PM

The show had me totally captivated yesterday... until the last 10 minutes. As a devoted fan of the TV series, I defend most of the changes made here from the TV show to the stage. As it stood yesterday, they try very early on to set itself apart from the TV series and make is clear that this is not going to be the same plot but keep little bits and pieces that will harken back to the series and it does, in my opinion, a very good job of it. Until... that last ten minutes. And then it's li

SMASH Reading Lottery
 Jan 29 2024, 09:47:34 PM

If it runs like telecharge lottos normally do, when you don't claim the ones you were offered, you will be put back into the draw for all OTHER dates and times you entered even though your 1st email says you lost the other dates and times.

Telecharge lottos you can only win one at a time. So just as an example from when I do a normal daily telecharge lotto with multi draw times. If I win at draw one, I am told I lost all the other shows I entered. If I take that ticket, I don't

SMASH Reading Lottery
 Jan 29 2024, 09:18:05 PM

I love how Smash unintentionally created the wildest social experiment in the theatre community without intending to do so. The reason there is no thread was that anyone that knew about it.... didn't say jack about it to increase their own chances of getting their name drawn. Sorry to gatekeep but somehow, anyone that knew about it collectively did so it seems.

To those that are just hearing about this now, last Thursday telecharge sent out a link to enter the chance to attend one

 Aug 30 2023, 08:29:40 PM

Looking for a current code for Shucked that would be good for dates in December. While I know it's usually on TDF (which I have) I am bringing someone along that can't climb stairs to picking our own seats downstairs is a must.

Empty Broadway Houses Summer 2023 Edition
 Aug 1 2023, 12:53:40 AM

inception said: "If shows are ready, why would they wait for the Broadhurst specifically if other theatres were available?"

There are a number of factors that go into shows setting their sights on particular houses even when others are open. Among the MANY factors you have first and foremost what house will be able to fit the show and it's assets? What kind of wing space does a show need/house have? If there are certain tech elements that are important, can a hou

SWEENEY TODD (2023) Broadway Revival Cast Recording Thread
 Jul 30 2023, 12:26:35 AM

So a Worst Pies single drop is coming sometime soon. The show's official tiktok accidentally dropped a "out now" video with footage in the recording booth with a clip of the song the other day. I caught it before they quickly removed it but it sounded great and the text under the post was about the song being out now on streaming services. So that should be coming sometime soon

Back To The Future previews
 Jul 24 2023, 05:57:27 PM

Welp, saw the show this past Wednesday. Car was in the finale, so sorry to anyone that does NOT get the car because... why else would anyone make themselves sit through this show when they could save the money and just watch the movie?

I have seen my fair share of movie to musical adaptations but they usually have something of value to add or add something to the plot to make it it's own special thing. Some new plot, some great songs, etc. But when the only thing of value to add to

The Museum of Broadway
 Jul 12 2023, 08:38:48 PM

I have been twice so far (went with a friend and knew my mother would LOVE it so went back with her). If you take the time to read all the the little info bits, it's honestly really interesting time imo. However, both visits we went before a show and really wish we had some more time because about have way thru, we realized we were on a time limit to make it to our shows so could not that the same leisurely pace in the second half as we were able to in the first half. Spent 90 minutes the

HERE LIES LOVE - Broadway Previews
 Jul 5 2023, 08:03:10 PM

Breaking. Lea is going on TONIGHT. My friend Ben is there and tweeted the cast board. Is this her debut? A week early? Listed as an understudy?

Pre-Show and the Balcony
 Jun 23 2023, 11:10:19 PM

Get there for doors opening. I was in one of the boxes when I went and not sure if it was like this at other performance but most of the upstairs interactions happened EARLY before they all moved to finish the last 10 minutes or so downstairs. The pre-show started within MINUTES of entering the theatre.

Here Lies Love Rush
 Jun 23 2023, 12:43:20 AM

Lotto Update. Just got an email from Telecharge and confirmed on the currently open lottos that they will now offer two different lottos for Here Lies Love. One for seats. One for standing on the dance floor. Same $39 price tag for both.

Josh Gad & Andrew Rannells: GUTENBERG and/or THE PRODUCERS revival to Broadway?
 Jun 22 2023, 11:12:06 AM

Broadway61004 said: "BroadwayNYC2 said: "Will be the former. Doubt this would fall under the classics rule"

I would actually assume the opposite. It's had several regional and international productions, had a 6-month NYC run off Broadway and there's a longer gap between its original NY production and this one than several other shows that have been considered revivals (Assassins, Hedwig, Wit, etc.). So I would be very surprised if they call this

ONCE UPON A ONE MORE TIME Broadway Previews Thread
 Jun 21 2023, 09:52:54 PM

DCDrama2 said: "My wife saw this in DC and was in awe of Guarini. From the promotional videos it looks like the cast goes out into the aisles. Does anyone know if Guarini does as well and which one? I'd love to get aisle tickets for her birthday knowing that he'll run right by her as a bonus surprise."

No. Its members of the ensemble during the megamix at the curtain call. It's VERY brief and they only got back like.... 10 rows before going back up on the

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