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The Drama Desk Awards 2024- Page 2

The Drama Desk Awards 2024

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#25The Drama Desk Awards 2024
Posted: 6/11/24 at 11:59am

I have mixed feelings about a potential Dead Outlaw transfer but trust Cromer and company can make this work. I'd hate for this to go the way of a Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. Updated On: 6/11/24 at 11:59 AM

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Jeff Tupolski
#26The Drama Desk Awards 2024
Posted: 6/11/24 at 5:43pm

HenryTDobson said: "blaxx said: "I don't really remember these awards having multiple ties in different categories, especially three way ties, is that common?"

I think since the categories are not gender specific, they choose two winners from the nominees. In the case of three winners, I would assume there's a tie. Interesting to note that Brian is the only male-identifying actor to win a performance award.

Patrick Page also won Solo Performance.

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#27The Drama Desk Awards 2024
Posted: 6/11/24 at 10:30pm

Tied awards are a failure of voting method more than an indicator of a great year. Sound Design of a Musical having 3 winners is ridiculous. PICK ONE! This is not a participation trophy! (And the Drama Desks are known for egregious ties.)

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#28The Drama Desk Awards 2024
Posted: 6/12/24 at 9:46am

What is the Desk’s voting method? It is unusual for an awards body to so regularly produce ties. I know it’s not a huge voting pool- under 100 people, from what I can find- but that should be sufficient to avoid this on its own. 

"...everyone finally shut up, and the audience could enjoy the beginning of the Anatevka Pogram in peace."

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#29The Drama Desk Awards 2024
Posted: 6/12/24 at 10:26am

I assume voters are simply selecting one winner per category, as with the Tonys

But if the voting process is yielding that many ties then the natural solution is to switch to ranked-choice voting to find a consensus (which the Oscars do for Best Picture, and which some states do successfully for real elections)

that also assumes that the DDs are following an ethical and consistent voting protocol. They don’t employ an outside accounting firm, as far as I know, which could make it incredibly easy for leadership to elevate faves or push their own agendas.

#30The Drama Desk Awards 2024
Posted: 6/12/24 at 10:41am

There were only two categories with ties--Lead Performance in a Musical (since it had 3 winners instead of the standard 2) and Sound Design of a Musical. That really doesn't seem like that many?

In the non-solo acting categories, voters vote for two:

"The updated categories will include Outstanding Lead Performance in a Play, Outstanding Lead Performance in a Musical, Outstanding Featured Performance in a Play, and Outstanding Featured Performance in a Musical. Each category will have twice as many nominees as before and two winners. Voters will be invited to vote twice for each category."


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#31The Drama Desk Awards 2024
Posted: 6/12/24 at 12:26pm

I understand how the new Performance categories work. I think that's an ideal way to handle gender-neutral categories and I wouldn't mind if the Tonys moved to that two-winners format. It's not the issue.

The issue is that in this century, by my quick count, at least 17 categories have had ties. Compared to one tie at the Tonys this century and zero ties at the Oscars this century. That should be enough to convince any reputable awards body that a big change is needed. But I don't know if the Drama Desks would like to be viewed as a reputable body; perhaps they just like inviting people to their ceremony.

The Tonys having up to 7 nominees in certain categories depending on the closeness of the voting is similarly egregious.

  1. 2024 — Sound Design (Musical) (threeway tie!!)
  2. 2024 — Actor (Musical)
  3. 2022 — Lighting Design (Play)
  4. 2022 — Lighting Design/Musical
  5. 2017 — Director (Musical)
  6. 2016 — Director (Musical)
  7. 2014 — Actor (Musical)
  8. 2014 — Supp Actress (Musical)
  9. 2013 — Sound Design (Musical) (threeway tie!!)
  10. 2013 — Lighting Design
  11. 2011 — Costume Design
  12. 2010 — Actress (Musical)
  13. 2010 — Play Revival
  14. 2007 — Actress (Musical)
  15. 2007 — Orchestrations
  16. 2004 — Actress (Play)
  17. 2002 — Play

#32The Drama Desk Awards 2024
Posted: 6/13/24 at 2:47am

I used to be a Drama Desk voter for many years, and I, too, was struck by the number of ties. Considering the dozens and dozens of folks voting, what were the mathematical odds? I remember 2010: Montego Glover (''Memphis'' ) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (''A Little Night Music'' ) tied at the Drama Desks AND at the Outer Critics Circle. 

Updated On: 6/13/24 at 02:47 AM