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THE GREAT GATSBY Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Jun 19 2024, 02:41:34 PM

Not a review, but I thought this was the best place for it: 

"How dueling ‘Great Gatsby’ musicals got the green light" 
By Andrew Zucker in The Washington Post
(Link gifted)

Could dueling “Gatsby” musicals running concurrently on Broadway somehow boost both productions’ prospects, creating buzz and making Midtown Manhattan the place to be for “Gatsby” fans from across the world? It’s more likely that they could confuse audiences, according to Andrew Lippa, a Broadway composer-lyricist. In 2000, Lippa’s off-Broadway musical “The Wild Party” ran at the same time as the Broadway musical “The Wild Party,” both based on Joseph Moncure March’s 1928 epic poem.

“From a marketing perspective, it's a problem,” he explained. “A friend says, ‘You should see “The Wild Party,”’ and somebody says ‘I'll go buy tickets,’ and then you go look for tickets and you’re like, ‘Wait a minute. There are two?’”

“We never had to deal with that issue because our show did not transfer to Broadway,” he added.

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 10:00:33 PM

The dancing in the Chita Rivera tribute was great, but I wish they hadn't had dancers dancing and Chita on the screen and people talking all at the same time. It was difficult to focus on any one thing. 

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 09:12:39 PM

Dan6 said: "Trying to put myself in the position of someone who hasn’t seen any of these shows, W4E was the first performance that made me think I wanted to see it."

I'm someone who hasn't seen any of these shows, and that's exactly how I feel.

Songs from shows that might work in church
 Jun 10 2024, 04:44:30 PM

"Blow, Gabriel, Blow" from Anything Goes

"Bring Him Home" from Les Mis

"Chain of Love" from The Grass Harp

 May 30 2024, 07:46:28 PM

That's too bad -- I was hoping this would work out for her. 

THE HEART OF ROCK AND ROLL Opening Night Critics’ Revies
 Apr 23 2024, 01:22:11 PM

It is a pretty terrible title. Almost sounds like a documentary or something like that. 

THE GREAT GATSBY Broadway Previews
 Apr 16 2024, 10:10:57 AM

pollster2 said: "Call me crazy, but I had an absolute blast at Gatsby. Jeremy and Eva sound incredible -- the entire principal cast is firing on all cylinders. The sets and costumes are stunning. English teachers will HATE this production -- but audiences will eat it up."

As an English major -- many years ago, but once an English major, always an English major :-) -- and as a fan of the novel, I can see myself going as a guilty pleasure, even if it made me wince now

 Oct 9 2023, 03:41:33 PM

Bettyboy72 said: "I just saw this. I wanna go! It’s referenced as “lavish” in the announcement. I’d love a lavish production.

Way to steal Nicole’s opening night thunder ALW. Faye said he was “capricious.”

There is that. But then this announcement comes on the anniversary of Phantom's world premiere, so in that way you could say it's appropriate. Anyway, good for Sarah. I wish her success with this.

Director Jamie Lloyd next project is Phantom
 Sep 26 2023, 01:15:14 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: ""what if the phantom was hot and the mask was to hide his hotness""

That was the movie version.

UK Theatre Criticized For "Sound Of Music" Content Warning
 Jul 9 2023, 02:31:24 PM

I certainly hope that producer never tries to watch a Mel Brooks movie. He might faint dead away.

Keep Me In Your Thoughts
 Jun 29 2023, 12:46:36 PM

Glad to hear it! Take good care of yourself.

Keep Me In Your Thoughts
 Jun 28 2023, 08:01:06 PM

You're in my prayers.

Charlie Stemp CRAZY FOR YOU West End - P/reviews & Discussion Thread
 Jun 25 2023, 12:02:25 PM

I've just realized that when I saw Crazy for You on Broadway, Charlie Stemp wasn't even born yet. 

And now I feel very, very old. blush

The 76th Annual TONY Awards!
 Jun 11 2023, 08:35:50 PM

That was one awkward Camelot medley. But Soo and Donica sounded glorious -- and oh, those costumes!

AMADEUS Revival with Anthony Ramos
 Jun 5 2023, 03:01:34 PM

The Distinctive Baritone said: "I also wonder how much of an audience still exists for this play, as great as it is."

Why wouldn't there be an audience for it? 


CAMELOT (2023) - Reviews
 May 19 2023, 11:31:27 AM

Somewhat off-topic (and spoilerish for "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" ): Interesting use of Richard Burton's "How to Handle a Woman" in the new episode. I'm not quite sure how it was supposed to apply to the situation -- it didn't fit either Gordon/Hedy or Gordon/Midge -- but I liked hearing it, anyhow!

Encores! 2023: LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA with Ruthie Ann Miles, DEAR WORLD with Donna Murphy, and OLIVER!
 May 4 2023, 09:46:30 PM

Jesse Green's gone all Gollum over Oliver! His review reads like one long argument with himself: "It's good. But it shouldn't be good. But it is good. But it shouldn't be good. But it is good. But ..."

Do you prefer the 1982, 1999, or 2014 ANNIE?
 May 3 2023, 10:13:40 AM

I grew up with the '82 version, so it has my heart. smileyPlus I love Carol Burnett, Bernadette Peters, Ann Reinking, et al., in those roles. Carol's "Little Girls" is perfection.

TODAY Show "Best of Broadway" Week 2023 2.0
 May 1 2023, 06:39:36 PM

Her voice is just heavenly. And those costumes are gorgeous.

Phantom Closing?
 Apr 23 2023, 11:27:45 AM

If I were an actor hoping to find another job, I would definitely not put it out there that I had played with my phone where audience members could see me during the show. I don't fault him for discreetly eating something to cool down if the heat was as intense up there as he describes. But playing with his phone ... there's no reason for that. 

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