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Robbie and Gerwig tease possible BARBIE musical  Jan 9 2024, 08:37:53 AM

Forgive me, but I immediately thought of the Simpsons episode where Mr. Smithers stars in the musical production of Malibu Stacy (The Simpsons version of Barbie). Lol


Funny Girl Stage door - lea Michele  Feb 28 2023, 10:13:07 AM

hearthemsing22 said: "If you just want something signed, send a self addressed stamped envelope to the theater. COVID is real, it's still happening and your selfie/signed playbill isn't more important than the performers staying healthy.

*DO NOT come for me about this

 about that last sentence: don't offer us a challenge. Lolzz

Common from 'Riverside and Crazy' on 'The View' (Dec 5)  Dec 8 2022, 11:44:39 PM

David10086 said: "Highland Guy said: "The OP created this thread for no purpose other than to trash Whoopie."

I guess comprehension is a challenge for you if that’s what you got from my post.

Well, I watched that interview with Sally field, and she didn't kiss whoopi's ass like you said she did. She gave her a few compliments about working on a film they did together 'Soap Dish', and spoke about the fun they had fi

James Earl Jones Mail Reply?  Sep 15 2022, 10:08:49 PM

HogansHero said: "It was reported that, for health reasons, he would not be attending the dedication of the theatre being named after him on the day of its dedication. Do you seriously think he is going to sign playbills? Maybe, if you send it, you will have a secretarial signature to cherish for the rest of your life."

I mean, I think comparing attending an event that requires getting dressed up, traveling, and being at said event, and having a assistant sit somethi

28 years ago today: ALW fired Faye Dunaway from LA's 'Sunset Boulevard' !  Jun 24 2022, 03:15:04 PM

David10086 said: "verywellthensigh said: "Why are you obsessed about this? Why can't you focus on the positive things? Like the two films she did with Johnny Depp or working with the wonderful Marlon Brando for Chrissakes?



Obsessed about this ? You just joined this forum 10 days ago and I posted this today. Obsessed ? LOL!

Stick another month I'll post about her being fired from "Tea At Five".

Did you watch the Recording of Faye's voice message that was in the link in their post. You missed the joke I think. LOLZZ 

Front row seat for Take me Out for a Tony Award Seat  Jun 10 2022, 07:16:46 AM

TotallyEffed said: "dramamama611 said: "Yes, because that's ALMOST a fair trade."

You clearly haven’t seen Jesse Williams naked.

I mean, since the leak happened, I think most of the people on the internet have already seen him naked.

Pamela Anderson To Make Broadway Debut In CHICAGO  Apr 14 2022, 09:57:36 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "Side note - just saw photos of last night of Pam signing at the stage door so…that’s back, I guess lol"

I noticed that too, and I have seen some posts on Instagram of other stage doors where actors were signing or posing for pictures. I had thought that stage dooring was still banned, as was having any visitors backstage (which also doesn't seem to be a thing anymore). Maybe it was quietly brought back? Lol

Who’s stagedooring?  Dec 30 2021, 11:17:12 PM

Are actors even allowed to stage door? I thought Equity issued a ban on it due to covid restrictions. 

NBC will present ANNIE LIVE! for 2021 holiday season  Dec 3 2021, 01:47:10 AM

jacobsnchz14 said: "The soundtrack is now available


Really disappointed they didn't record 'little girls reprise' as I thought Taraji nailed it even more than 'Little Girls' in the Live broadcast

cast cd's not made  Nov 18 2021, 05:01:48 PM

Mr Roxy said: "At this late day Cry Baby ain't happening."

Never say never, because it did (minus some cast members)

DEAR EVAN HANSEN film sets September 2021 release  Aug 26 2021, 09:41:11 PM

Bettyboy72 said: "Sutton Ross said: "He grew out his own hair. Makes him look younger. Can't help the five o'clock shadow on his face though. "

But does it? I wonder if they did screen tests with various hair. To me he looks boyish with the short cut parted hair.


It doesn't, he looks his age in all the footage I have seen so far. They really missed the mark on trying to make him look like a high-school

Answers to questions  Jul 30 2021, 09:07:49 PM

quizking101 said: "Honestly, I got straight up sold on Nina West - she is a kind soul and a super talented performer who didn’t really get her due on “Drag Race” and I can’t imagine a better fit for this role."

Takes me back to Nina's brilliant Harvey Fierstein in Snatch game. 

NETworks is bringing back Hairspray tour in 2021  Jul 29 2021, 11:38:49 PM

SouthernCakes said: "Maybe I was! Wouldn’t normally care about a non-equity show but I’d love to see what Nina West does! "

No you weren't, you just misinterpreted the way it was written, the same way I did. LOL. It says its playing St Louis from  4/5 - 9/22 on the site for example. Which to me looked like it's saying it's playing from April 5th (4/5) to September 22nd (9/22). But it's actually meaning April 5th through April

"Moneyshot" onstage during The Performers?  Jul 27 2021, 05:03:32 AM
I saw the Broadway production and enjoyed it from what I can remember. I have a boot of it somewhere. May try and dig it up and see
Disney's THE LITTLE MERMAID live-action movie musical - News & Discussion Thread  Jul 14 2021, 09:57:54 PM

I know I'm in the minority, but CRUELLA remains my favorite live action adaptation of a Disney animated film. But then, it really isn't a remake, but a prequel. So I guess it falls in a different category. Lol
Honestly, I'm so on the fence with this film, but I'm very very curious to see how it turns out.

Taylor Dayne in Aida  Jul 9 2021, 04:59:45 PM

JDonaghy4 said: "Bettyboy72 said: "I don’t think the New York theatre peeps will knocking on her door after she played maskless at Maralago on NYE 2020."

OOF. I did not know this and am so disappointed to read it, Not that I'm a huge Taylor Dayne fan or anything but always upsetting to learn of someone's moral depravity, you know?

I don't think shes dying to get back to Broadway anytime soon (has she done anything remotely th

West End Hairspray Revival  Jun 22 2021, 02:45:26 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "Looking at the set for the west end revival, it doesn’t seem to be built past the proscenium and is more set back like a touring set. I know it’s a limited engagement, but I wonder if that could mean they plan to tour the rest of the UK next."

I seem to remember it being announced that there was going to be another Hairspray tour in the UK for the coming touring season.  but not sure if it was for this production or a continu

West End Hairspray Revival  Jun 21 2021, 11:17:35 PM

I really really wish we were getting a nice equity tour here in the US in time for the 20th anniversary next year. Or a short engagement back on Broadway.
I know on another message thread for this production, there was some talk that it might be getting filmed, anybody know are the chances of that actually happening? I'm guessing with covid restrictions, the chances of that are exceptionally slim. But it would be great.

I'm looking forward to hearing reviews from peopl

Dreamgirls film controversy  Jun 18 2021, 08:05:55 PM

viagalactica6 said: "g.d.e.l.g.i. said: "I wonder if she's referring to Jennifer Holliday's sore ass over not being involved; she wasn't offered a cameo, took it as a snub (especially after Loretta Devine got in), and so she put the movie on blast in the media for a while, until the BET Awards booked her to duet on the big number with Jennifer Hudson and suddenly everything was cool."

The main reason that Loretta Devine was the only member of the original cast of DREAMGIRLS in the film is because Bennett was about to abandon the workshop while still in rehearsals when Jennifer walked out for the second time because she felt her role as Effie was too small. It was Loretta who talked Michael into giving Holliday whatever she wanted (which ended up being another song in Act II ("I Am Changing" and continuing with the show. That is also why Loretta was Bennett's date at the Tony Awards the year it was nominated. Producer Bill Condon paid homage to Loretta Devine by including her in the film.


I'd also wager that Loretta has the most extensive TV / film credits, and most recognizable to modern audiences, in comparison to the other original dreams. Which was probably Another factor for her being included in the film.

COMPANY Returning December 20th, OPENING JANUARY 9th 2022  Jun 18 2021, 08:02:02 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "Kyle Dean Massey will not be returning!

Curious who they will get to replace him.

I can't tell by the exclamation point at the end of the sentence if you're excited or surprised by the news he's not returning. I haven't gotten to see this production yet, but I've always enjoyed Kyle Dean in everything I've seen him in. 

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