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OH, MARY! Reviews
 Jul 19 2024, 11:59:21 AM

I wonder why they haven't announced an extension yet. Is there another show looking to take the Lyceum for the Spring? 

Broadway prices and uncomfortable seats
 Apr 20 2023, 10:59:04 PM

As a fat person myself, I find myself looking for aisle seats when I purchase tickets, with hopefully a friend as my neighbor. However, in instances where I win a lottery seat or buy from TKTS, I selfishly hope and pray that the seats next to me go unclaimed or unpurchased. 

Last month, I left at intermission of Funny Girl because I could tell my size was making my neighbors uncomfortable. The seats in the balcony of the August Wilson are extremely tight. 

At Shucked,

PARADE On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Jan 30 2023, 09:46:53 AM

It's so exciting to see so many Broadway debuts! 

COVID performance cancellation
 Dec 29 2021, 09:18:27 PM

DearTheodosia said: "I was also flying in from OKC for this week, but cancelled when I saw all of my shows being cancelled. Now i see that all of my shows (Hadestown, Moulin Rouge, Freestyle Love Supreme, Come from Away, and Company) seem like they are happening or will happen this week. I'm feeling pretty sad about my decision now. I say just go for it."

I am sorry that happened to you. But happy to see another OKC area person on here! Something in the water.&nb

COVID performance cancellation
 Dec 29 2021, 12:46:26 AM

Miles2Go2 said: "Wow! I have plans to fly in from OKC next week too! Been having sinus issues again this week so getting PCR test tomorrow. If that comes back giving me the all clear then I plan to go. Of course, that could change but since my hotel reservation is non-refundable, I’ll likely go unless I end up with Covid beforehand. I plan to see Company and Caroline, or Change (plus Assassins), too."


Maybe we're on the same flight! I am jealo

COVID performance cancellation
 Dec 28 2021, 11:24:15 PM

Wondering if I should risk my trip to NYC next week... I have currently tickets to Kimberly Akimbo, The Lion King, The Music Man (on Saturday evening), Company, and, Caroline or Change. 


I'd be flying in from Oklahoma City - been planning this trip for years at this point. lol! 

 Oct 10 2021, 09:45:08 PM

Something tells me the critics who penned the negative reviews aren't the target audience for this show. 

 Oct 8 2021, 04:54:48 AM

I would really love to see this show, but will be in town a few days after it closes. Any chance we may get an extension?

PASS OVER begins previews August; first show to re-open on Sept. 12
 Jun 1 2021, 11:26:46 AM

A great show, I hope people go and see this!

re: What's a Charm Song?
 Aug 30 2020, 03:18:32 PM

I am currently reading "Song of Spider-Man" by Glen Berger. In it, he discusses how he gave Bono a sixty song compilation of Broadway music.

"So David had the office burn a four-CD compilation. Sixty songs from the last sixty years of musical theatre, divided into the strictest of categories. There were exposition songs, eleven o'clock numbers, Act One closers, charm songs, anti-charm songs, show-stoppers, character-driven songs, torch songs -- a

Novels that could be musicals/plays?
 Aug 10 2020, 05:39:33 PM

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg 

Do You Have a Famous Look-Alike?
 Jul 16 2020, 12:08:55 PM

I look enough like Jonah Hill that James Franco did a double-take when we were both in the audience of Lobby Hero. 

I'm sure that wasn't the reason, but I am told I look like Jonah Hill maybe once a week.

The Minutes & American Buffalo Will Now Start Performances in March
 Jun 25 2020, 02:14:13 PM



And now... for a miracle... Virginia Woolf announces a return? Please?

MUSIC MAN Seems To Have Been Rescheduled For April 2021
 Jun 24 2020, 12:54:47 PM

Exchanged my July two tickets to a single April 24th ticket. I hope I get the refund. I'd love to have that $500 back, lol.

The Music Man should do the right thing and postpone/cancel the run now
 Jun 23 2020, 05:11:01 PM



I originally had tickets for Saturday December 5th. Now mine are showing for July 3rd, 2021. 

Phase 3- Broadway Reopens?
 Jun 20 2020, 06:17:56 PM

Why so catty? Unnecessary, they asked a question about Broadway reopening on a Broadway board.


Users like you are why these boards no longer thrive as they once did.  

 Jun 11 2020, 04:26:40 PM

I would only be interested in Rachel Bay Jones reprising her role for the film.

Susan Egan
 Jun 9 2020, 02:26:44 PM

My introduction to her was Hercules. 


"I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" has become a standard for any Disney fan and it's, personally, one of my favorite "If I Loved You" songs.

Lea Michele Twitter
 Jun 4 2020, 08:59:34 AM

dexter3 said: "Her. Career. Is. Over."

Honey, she hasn't done truly of note since the Obama administration. 

Cheyenne Jackson role for broadway return
 Jun 1 2020, 03:44:09 PM

BCfitasafiddle said: "He was supposed to be in the Magic Mike musical. Sad how that just fell apart. I would've thoroughly enjoyed seeing him in that show... "



Too bad the sh-- hit the floor on that one. 

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