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JK Rowling Concerns  Apr 16 2024, 04:45:14 PM

Her views are abhorrent and I no longer support her writing. I think the stage show is another story, and I don't know if I would support a boycott of it. Compared to the money she makes from book sales and film royalties, Cursed Child probably represents a fairly small amount of JK Rowling's earnings. On the other hand, it's the primary source of income for the scores of actors and crew members that work on the show every day, who don't hold the same t

Purpose at Steppenwolf  Apr 16 2024, 12:44:00 PM

I wasn't a fan of this one. Branden Jacobs-Jenkins is one of my favorite playwrights working today, but the script was really a let down. I was totally on board with the first act, it was funny, they were building all this great tension, it flew by. But the second act was just a slog, it went in all the places you expect it to go, and it really lacked a lot of the stakes that I've come to expect from BJJ's work.

The cast was all great, with Henry Lennix, Tamara Tu

Shows with Ghost writers  Apr 9 2024, 03:07:21 PM

I've noticed in the credits for Waitress and Lempicka, Peter Duchan (who I knew as the book writer for Dogfight), is credited as "Script Consultant" and "Creative Consultant", respectively. Is this maybe the new term we're using for a ghostwriter, or is it something different?

HERE WE ARE heads to the recording studio  Apr 5 2024, 01:24:10 PM

WindyNewYorker said: "It’s very lovelyseeing a simple instrumentation of a musical. Tunick is a master and his sonic mapping of orchestration is masterful."

The way the melody goes from the oboe to the bassoon in the preview video is just magical

Who has had the most 1000 show runs on Broadway?  Apr 4 2024, 12:33:42 PM

leefowler said: "I’ve had 5, but I’m only a lowly dance arranger."

Music arrangers are one of the most undervalued contributors to musical theatre. Bless you, and keep up the good work.

Leaked Audio of Chris Evans recording DENTIST for Scrapped Little Shop of Horrors Remake  Apr 1 2024, 09:09:25 AM

Wow, can't believe this got out. Really hoping this project isn't dead in the water, because Evans would be a frontrunner for the Oscar!!

















In Ear Monitors  Mar 31 2024, 08:40:10 PM

Rumpelstiltskin said: "trpguyy said: " . . .There is also the fact that performers have very different opinions on what they like to hear, and catering to everybody’s needs/wants is not always possible with traditional monitors. In ear monitors allow for much more individual control."

Interesting Can you explain the differences in what performers might want to hear?


If a particular number is blocked in a way wher

Next Sondheim?  Mar 22 2024, 01:57:56 PM

KevinKlawitter said: "Concord Theatricals is teasing "exciting Sondheim news" in the coming weeks.

They're probably talking about the cast recording and/or licensing rights forHere We Are,​​​but hey we can dream.

Concord scoring the rights to Here We Are would be really interesting, given that all but two of Sondheim's shows (Do I Hear A Waltz and Gypsy) are licensed through MTI.

Kristolyn Lloyd is being threatened with eviction  Mar 18 2024, 09:55:06 PM

BorisTomashevsky said: "The Distinctive Baritone said: "Most full-time actors - even ones that are constantly working - who don't have a lucrative side gig are typically living just above the poverty line."

Yes butwhat’s taken this situation below the poverty line? Is ita case of Liked living alone and didn’t get a replacement roommate/Didn’t want to leave the apartment for something affordable/Now needs others to pay for the lifest

SUFFS is coming to Broadway  Mar 12 2024, 05:28:46 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "This Playbill piece offers a bit of insight about the changes since the Public production:

Suffshad a highly publicized run Off-Broadway in 2022 at the Public Theater. Though the run was entirely sold out and extended three times, the critical reception was mixed. Taub took those notes to heart. In the almost two years since the Public run, Taub and Silverman have had three more workshops of the material. Taub has cut songs from the Off-Broadway run, and written new songs. She’s still re-writing and refining, even in rehearsal. The revisions have been led by two key creative principles: “Put the history books away” and “sit at the piano more than…the computer.” In short, spend more time on character and heart.

“I could get lost in [research],” admits Taub. “And having this amazing chance over this last year to work towards the Broadway production, I was like, what if I just leave that over there, and finally, fully, really allow myself to let it come from me.”

That includes letting the characters breathe instead of always being vessels of information for the audience. For instance, Taub has written a new character song for her leads, which has been released to the public, called “Great American Bitch.” Each woman in the core group of suffragists are allowed to make jokes, let loose, and showcase their distinct personalities.Suffshas even released merch that has that title cheekily emblazoned on it.

Here are 4 new songs, including "Great American Bitch":


The first song is really good. Kind of feels like a cross between "My Shot" from Hamilton and "Once And For All" from Newsies.

Mr. Burns @ Playwrights  Mar 11 2024, 06:43:06 PM

TotallyEffed said: "I regret missing this but I remember not going because I do not watch The Simpsons. How well does one have to know the TV show to get into this play?"

I would say you don't have to know the show at all to understand the play. If you want to, you can watch the episode "Cape Feare", which is what inspired Mr. Burns. It's considered by many fans and crew members of The Simpsons to be one of the show&#

Mr. Burns @ Playwrights  Mar 11 2024, 06:40:19 PM

Play Esq. said: "I consider this among the best plays of the past decade. The Wit production I saw in Chicago only secured that notion, even with far less resources.

Sign me up and all the friends and family I’ve attempted to explain this play to!

I saw the Wit production too, right after I moved to Chicago in 2021. Absolute magic.

Why did Shuffle Along fall off the face of the Earth?  Mar 4 2024, 12:17:22 PM

I've always been curious about Shuffle Along's life after Broadway, or rather, its lack of life. It's been 8 years since this show opened, earned pretty solid reviews, and scored 10 Tony nominations (the second most nominated show of the year after Hamilton), and since then, we've gotten no cast recording, no amateur licensing, and not a single regional production anywhere in the world. Shows get lost to history all the time, but not shows this

Mike Nichols Biopic!  Mar 3 2024, 01:11:10 PM

Aubrey Plaza is a dead ringer for Elaine May. I could also see Rachel Sennott, who is easily one of the funniest people working in film right now.

Stage adaptation of 2018 A STAR IS BORN from Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga in the works?  Feb 26 2024, 03:02:14 PM

I wouldn't be opposed to a musical adaptation of the original story. There's been four versions of this movie now, all of which, to some extent, have tried to do their own thing with it (1937 and 1954 were about film actors, 1976 was about rock stars, 2018 was about country stars). Why not a version where the two leads are musical theatre performers?

Shrek tour  Feb 26 2024, 01:51:03 PM

The Rural Juror said: "Alex Kulak2 said: "It seems like Tesori and Lindsay-Abaire have wanted to revisit the material for a while (and for good reason - the current versionhas a transphobic slur in the lyric for "Story Of My Life")"

That slur has been out of the licensed version of the show for at least 4years. When I directed the show in 2020, the line was "They said I was a fashion mess because I wore a granny dress."So I presume there are other things they're wantin

Full HELL'S KITCHEN Cast for Broadway  Feb 26 2024, 10:39:18 AM

Looks like Rema Webb is new to the company (and I am once again begging producers to give her some lead roles, she has one of the best voices in musical theatre right now).

Shrek tour  Feb 26 2024, 10:18:44 AM

It seems like Tesori and Lindsay-Abaire have wanted to revisit the material for a while (and for good reason - the current version has a transphobic slur in the lyric for "Story Of My Life"). I really wish they had done so in a production that didn't look like it cost five dollars. Even in the other mentioned example of Hunchback, while it's an actor-driven, storyteller theatre presentation, there's still money put into the costumes and set. There'

Sam Mendes will direct 4 films about The Beatles (one from each member's POV) to be theatrically released by Sony in 2027  Feb 20 2024, 07:00:54 PM

I'm curious with how this will work with awards season. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was all shot at the same time, but was released over three years, so they all competed in different Oscars ceremonies. Are they going campaign for all 4 Beatles films at the 2028 Oscars? Are they going to release an additional "supercut" of the four movies and campaign that?

Also, loved this suggestion from Twitter: Ringo's POV is gonna be like when they did 30 Rock fr

Taylor Tomlinson's new Netflix special includes an extended BC/EFA Auction bit  Feb 17 2024, 02:23:46 PM

She's hilarious. I really wish she could get a proper talk show instead of this Ridiculousness knockoff.

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