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 Apr 16 2024, 10:53:30 AM

It was updated in all ways - there was a record player used onstage, the language included "booze" and "bucks" (instead of money/cash). 

Michael R. Jackson & Anna K. Jacobs' TEETH Musical at Playwrights Horizons (Winter 2024)
 Mar 14 2024, 11:37:02 AM

The audition notice seemed to indicate that this could extend to max 4/28, so my guess we get 2 more weeks after reviews come out (3/19 now).

New Musical, DEAD OUTLAW, from Penna/Yazbek/Moses
 Mar 10 2024, 09:35:05 PM

NYT Critic's Pick!

SMASH Reading Lottery
 Jan 29 2024, 06:55:44 PM

How do we enter? TIA!

The best structured musicals
 Oct 12 2023, 03:59:00 PM

One of the things that astounds me about the structure of Guys & Dolls is the genius of the following: because of the bet between Sky & Nathan, every single action by any of the 4 main characters (and every scene) moves the action forward for everyone, even those not involved in the particular scene.  This seems like such a subtle but huge development from the "A couple/B couple" structure of so many musicals at the time.

Job @ Soho Playhouse - 2 tix avail 10/15 mat
 Sep 26 2023, 07:45:05 PM

Unfortunately I have a conflict; I snapped them up before checking.

Selling at face value ($131/pair) - 2 tix Sun 10/15 @2pm. (Tickets are at will call)

Santino Fontana and Judy Kuhn in I can get it for you wholesale
 May 30 2023, 07:48:51 PM

Didn't he have COVID?

Actors Fund RAGTIME Concert Aiming For Early 2023
 Mar 27 2023, 11:56:13 PM

I don't know about release, but I sat next to one of the 3-4 videographers -- they absolutely filmed the entire thing.

R.I.P. Paul Sorvino (1939-2022)
 Jul 25 2022, 03:55:41 PM

What a talented man. His performance in The Baker's Wife, particularly "If I Have to Live Alone", gives me chills every time.

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA Musical (Chicago Pre-Broadway) - News & Discussion Thread
 Jul 13 2022, 12:58:14 PM

Given that the book was written by LAUREN Weisberger, my guess is that the character could be related to that fact...?

Beanie Feldstein Departing FUNNY GIRL on July 31 (Two Months Earlier Than Originally Announced)
 Jul 12 2022, 09:04:45 PM

Just saw some tickets for FG on TDF...with all artwork of Beanie's face gone (her name is still there). It looks...sad.  Kinda like this whole situation.

Beanie Feldstein Departing FUNNY GIRL on July 31 (Two Months Earlier Than Originally Announced)
 Jul 10 2022, 08:22:38 PM

Looking at Lea's website, she only has 3 concert dates in August, so I imagine she could easily work around that...?

Baby Off-Broadway (Off-Off?)
 Nov 17 2021, 11:25:05 PM

If this is the same cast, and I think it is, we're only one name away!!!

Thank you!

Baby Off-Broadway (Off-Off?)
 Nov 17 2021, 08:20:11 PM

Saw the production today, and the performances are great, with Julia Murney being my absolute favorite - she gives her chaacter such nuance and depth, it was thrilling to be so close up.

I have a pretty random question: years ago I saw a concert of Baby in Newark, pretty sure it starred Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Nikki M James, and Norm Lewis, but for the life of me I can't remember who else was in it and it's driving me crazy!  Can anyone help my brain?? Thank you!

Company Previews Thread
 Nov 16 2021, 10:58:01 AM

It's also in the published script.


Baby Off-Broadway (Off-Off?)
 Nov 9 2021, 09:43:59 AM

Anyone know the approximate running time?  TIA!

Spring Awakening Reunion?
 Nov 1 2021, 09:30:37 PM

I have 2 amazing tickets (IMO) that I have to sell  - $300 each, FMezz.  I was so excited that I bought these without checking the date...and I have a conflict that I can't change.  I am super disappointed but I hope my loss is someone else's gain, and I would love for these to go to other huge fans who spent time trying to snag tickets today.  PM me if interested (selling at cost).

Sing Street Sun 1/12 2pm tkt for sale
 Jan 11 2020, 09:41:45 PM

see Buy/Sell board.

Selling SUPERHERO ticket, $56.25, 3/19 at 7:00 PM or any date available
 Feb 26 2019, 09:35:53 AM

Sent PM!

VIDEO Taylor Trensch & Cast sing
 May 10 2018, 09:10:49 PM

I was so impressed with the entire event, and the performance is at about 1:24:00.

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