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General reminder: Hamilton ticket scams

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#25General reminder: Hamilton ticket scams
Posted: 10/28/15 at 12:33am

Yes. Why wouldn't it be?

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#26General reminder: Hamilton ticket scams
Posted: 10/28/15 at 12:34am

I bought tickets using ticketmaster resale and had no issue. Got the seats I paid for. Sorry to hear you didn't KC91WFU.

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#27General reminder: Hamilton ticket scams
Posted: 10/28/15 at 12:48am

Braniff Forever said: "Do you think buying from Today Tix is safe?"


You're literally buying tickets given to TodayTix by the producers of the show, and you're handed your ticket directly in front of the theater of the show you're attending. What issues do you think are unsafe?!

#28General reminder: Hamilton ticket scams
Posted: 10/28/15 at 5:01am

KC91WFU said: "I had a problem with the Ticketmaster resale last night.  Purchased one set of tickets and got another.  Not really bad seats but not the ones I selected and paid a small fortune for. Called customer service and they were completely unapologetic and had no solution. They said I must have selected the seats that I received and suggested that I must not buy tickets very often. (I guess they couldn't see my history.) Anyway, be careful with it if you use it. It might be safer to call them."

I actually had the same issue a couple of weeks ago with the regular Ticketmaster site. I was buying tickets for an event in an outdoor venue. Had some fantastic seats in my cart, paid and then when the confirmation page came up I'd instead bought general lawn admission. Ticketmaster weren't at all apologetic and just agreed to refund the purchase. Funnily enough when I then posted on their Facebook they were suddenly keen to try find better seats for me, but of course there are none left (apart from the ones being sold for up to 5 times the price on Ticketmaster resale!). 

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#29General reminder: Hamilton ticket scams
Posted: 10/28/15 at 7:57am

Resale tickets  on Ticketmaster -- can someone explain how this works? Are they allowing individuals to re-sell their tickets or are these tickets that some group has purchased to re-sell at a higher price. I was checking for both March and May of next year and was stunned that they were asking $375 for partial view and $575 for regular  seats in the Resale section. There were quite a few available which seems not quite right (about the same amount for both months). Isn't this what scalpers of? I thought that was illegal.

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Broadway Joe
#30General reminder: Hamilton ticket scams
Posted: 10/28/15 at 8:52am

Scalping isn't illegal in most states, especially NY. 

#31General reminder: Hamilton ticket scams
Posted: 10/28/15 at 9:25am

Capeguy, it's just people reselling their own tickets they bought. I think resale from Ticketmaster is safe.

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#32General reminder: Hamilton ticket scams
Posted: 10/28/15 at 10:04am

Back to the OP - could it be that the seats they bought were actually seats that were already bought and resold from someone else, so it actually means that the folks the OP bought the tickets from may have to then fight a fraud charge with the original seller?

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