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HP Cursed Child Cast Schedule

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Posted: 3/17/19 at 1:48pm

Oh wow...that seriously sucks big time HP Cursed Child Cast ScheduleHP Cursed Child Cast Schedule I’m not even saying that through the lens of the audience but purely from the performer lens. I’ve nearly been in the position of not being able to go on for a last show way back in my theme park days...I ended up being ok, but BARELY.
What a rare “lightning striking twice” moment, I feel devastated for him. He deserved a bomb ass last show...

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Posted: 3/17/19 at 1:50pm

My heart breaks for him! Hopefully he will go out for curtain though! He deserves it

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#52HP Cursed Child Cast Schedule
Posted: 3/17/19 at 1:55pm

This past year must've really wrecked his voice. Hopefully, he didn't do any lasting damage.

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#53HP Cursed Child Cast Schedule
Posted: 3/17/19 at 10:48pm

For those interested, it was an extraordinary day at Hogwarts. Alex was a wonderful Scorpius, and I’m glad to have seen him.

I’ve seen the show a lot over the past year, and to get to see this final performance was astounding. To be in the theater filled with so many fans of the show to simply honor and thank this marvelous cast moved me more than it typically has.

Nothing extremely special happened during the performance, aside from Noma getting choked up and Alex Price delivering every line with full force. Jamie screamed as loud as he could, and having Alex in the mix and adding his own Scorpius-isms kept everyone fully in the moment. Anthony did join the company for the second & third bows, and the audience went nuts. Applause followed many scenes, but was never disruptive or rude.

The fact that such a mega blockbuster manages to have such a loyal and wonderful cast & fan base (& extraordinary low cost ticketing initiatives) astounds me. I am so grateful for this show and every visit to the Lyric.

While I genuinely cannot imagine nearly an entire new class of performers jumping on stage next week, I’m excited to see where this journey takes them, and where they guide it. Hope they settle in calm & soon.

Wizzo wizzo, indeed.

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Posted: 3/17/19 at 11:09pm

What a lovely note. Thank you for taking the time to share

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#55HP Cursed Child Cast Schedule
Posted: 3/17/19 at 11:16pm

Thank you for sharing that lovely post, VotePeron. It sounds like it was a very magical day indeed. 

I’m so glad Anthony got to take a bow with the company on his last day despite being ill and unable to perform with them. I watched the video the Cursed Child Twitter shared and I loved watching Alex Price grab Alex Weisman and pull him away from stepping back during the second bow. 



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Posted: 3/18/19 at 2:06pm

Yea I agree with everything everyone has said on here about cast change. It was a great performance, it would have been off the charts if Anto was on but Alex did great. Bows were very emotional and everyone was tearing up and Anto was crying when Sam dragged him on. Stage door was SO LONG, and a little too crowded for my liking. Everyone in the main cast came out besides a majority of the adult ensemble, the understudies, and the people that play yanns and rose. Anto came out to stage door and took his time with everyone. He is the sweetest!