Stage Dooring on the West End

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#1Stage Dooring on the West End
Posted: 7/11/23 at 9:52am

Hey everyone,

I tried looking for old threads with no success, but does anyone have any insight or anecdotes about how stagedooring on the West End works (if it's even a thing). I'm going to London in two weeks and, while I may or may not stagedoor, my traveling companion is DEFINITELY going to want to. Any help would be appreciated.

For reference, the shows we are seeing are OKLAHOMA, A STRANGE LOOP, GUYS & DOLLS, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, HEATHERS, and LA CAGE (Regents' Open Air) - Possibly CABARET and OPERATION MINCEMEAT

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Jordan Catalano
#2Stage Dooring on the West End
Posted: 7/11/23 at 10:06am

It works exactly as it works here on Broadway. Ask any of the staff in the theatre where the stage door is, if you don’t see it before going in. 

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Dylan Smith4
#3Stage Dooring on the West End
Posted: 7/11/23 at 11:17am

I must say though, the stagedooring experiences I’ve had here here in London have been more on the chill side compared to Broadway. Most of the time, there’s no barricades but people here are respectful and form lines. I guess if it were a big show with big names, there would be barricades.

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#4Stage Dooring on the West End
Posted: 7/11/23 at 11:37am

Many years ago, in 2007 I saw "The Drowsy Chaperone" with Elaine Paige, in London and went to the stage door to get her autograph.  There were probably 10 people or so waiting for the various actors to come out.  There was no barricade, and everyone waiting was very, very polite and respectful to the actors and to the others waiting in line.  Was a great experience. 


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#5Stage Dooring on the West End
Posted: 7/11/23 at 3:21pm

I think I only stage doored Brokeback during my May trip, but the stage door was right around back and had a small crowd gathering. Mike came out fairly quickly but Lucas took some time. They were both very sweet with signing, but I think an announcement was made before each appeared that they would not pose for photos.

#6Stage Dooring on the West End
Posted: 7/11/23 at 6:01pm

I rarely stage door in New York or anywhere else. When I went to London, I wanted to see Mary Poppins because I was so enthralled with Charlie Stemp having seen him in Hello, Dolly! 

after the show, I was just walking around in the back of the prince, Edward theater had signage from the original name of the theater. And there’s also a plaque that Mozart had written something at that location which I believe was before the theater was there.

Charlie had posted on Instagram that he had just bought a bicycle to ride to the theater and it was stolen the first night.  So I see a few people waiting outside the theater like the parents of the child actors so I thought I would just see who came out.
A few ensemble people came out and met their friends and went off.

Then Charlie came out with one of those razor scooters. He propped it against the wall and just walked up to me like he knew me. He was the nicest, sweetest man.  I literally almost swooned when I walked away but luckily, oh man, grabbed before I hit the ground.

I went to see Charlie in Crazy For You last summer.  When I got back to the US, I had a letter from Charlie and he said look forward to seeing you in Chitchester had I known this in advance I would’ve waited to try to speak to him.


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#7Stage Dooring on the West End
Posted: 7/11/23 at 7:11pm

The scene outside the Barbican when I saw Richard II with David Tennant (in 2013) was insane. He was ushered through the mob into a car and dashed off.

I haven't tried to stage door any other show - but have run into actors going home on the Tube.