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#125AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE 2024 Previews
Posted: 3/21/24 at 3:02am

quizking101 said: "GiantsInTheSky2 said: "I mean, he devoted years of his life to that show and character. He did that work already. He’s allowed to want to move on, doesn’t mean he’s “sick” of it.

I also imagine they don’t want toprovide for those money hungry loserswho see “oh, celebrity at this theater!”,wait outside with non-related memorabilia to be signed thatthey eventually sell on eBay for some ridiculous amount. I wouldn’t be any to feed into they either.

Exactly this. All the SUCCESSION autograph hunters, which made up about 15% of the crowd, left when that was said.

Nobody is entitled to a stage door autograph to begin with and I can imagine it’s insulting to some if you just show up to a stage door with stuff from something other than the play to be signed and not having actually seen the play. People did this for PRIMA FACIE last year too

That all makes sense to me now.

But do me a favor, can we please stop cramming in Jodie Comer to this? She has nothing to do with this and it's insulting to have an inferior actor be in a thread dedicated to a play starring one of the best actors of this generation.

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#126AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE 2024 Previews
Posted: 3/21/24 at 9:10am

Won the lottery for last night's performance (SRO ticket). At 8:10pm, a member of the house passed me a handwritten note to move me to seat FA15 as the house lights were going down. The usher in my section did not have time to help me find this seat on the other side of the theater. Despite not getting to the upgrade, I had a fine time. The production was okay, some performances were stronger than others.

I will say the music they chose to play at the intermission/pause took me out of the moment, but once Act II got into the swing of things, that subsided.

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#127AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE 2024 Previews
Posted: 3/30/24 at 10:48pm

This is seriously getting underestimated.

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#128AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE 2024 Previews
Posted: 4/1/24 at 5:02pm

Anyone know from what section they select people to go onstage for the beginning of Act 2? I know I've heard it's typically seats on the aisle but is it random other than that?

#129AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE 2024 Previews
Posted: 4/10/24 at 10:17am


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