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Hamilton vs Harry Potter and the cursed child

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#25Hamilton vs Harry Potter and the cursed child
Posted: 8/24/19 at 2:45pm

I had Balcony Center seat A113 and thought the view was fine. If you can afford more, get closer, either front row Mezzanine or Orchestra center.

This website can give you an idea of how various locations look and what if any obstructions are involved...


...and some of the pictures I took...



#26Hamilton vs Harry Potter and the cursed child
Posted: 8/25/19 at 4:38am

I would absolutely say Hamilton. I’ve flown 10,000 miles twice to see Hamilton (in New York and Chicago) and would see it again in a heartbeat - fortunately next year I’ll only have to fly 550 miles to see it. Whereas HP is currently playing in my city and has apparently booked its theatre for 5 years and I honestly don’t know that I’ll bother to see it again. I’m a big Potter fan but to me the experience was more like that long distance flight - it had some enjoyable moments but I was relieved to have finally made it through.

#27Hamilton vs Harry Potter and the cursed child
Posted: 8/25/19 at 3:26pm

Here’s another take on this topic: Who’s going? If you have school aged kids there is something quite magical about seeing a play from books you’re currently reading. I went this April with my family and just the looks on their faces were priceless.

If this is not the case, hands down my vote would be for Hamilton. In my opinion this isnt it just a great show, but a historic show in terms of American culture. So many critics and scholars have said that the artistic level and literary genius of this is so high, that it ranks among the greatest works of art like Shakespeare. I’ve purchased at least 8 tickets for my family and friends to see it in New York.

In any event, they’ll both run for at least a decade, so you have time to save up and see both!

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#28Hamilton vs Harry Potter and the cursed child
Posted: 8/26/19 at 8:57am

FANtomFollies said: "what would be considered the best seats for this show?"

If I understand correctly that you're referring to Harry Potter, I recommend front-to-middle of center orchestra. I've seen the show twice; the first time was center orchestra row F, directly on the center aisle, and the second time was center mezzanine, almost directly in the middle of the third row. I enjoyed the front orchestra experience far more than the mezzanine. While one special effect that occurs twice looks very impressive from the mezzanine, this is a really large theatre and the overall show felt very removed from that vantage point, and I really couldn't see much of the actors' faces.

To address the OP's question, I paid to see Hamilton once, but I paid to see Harry Potter twice. To me, Hamilton didn't live up to the hype, but I thought the entire Harry Potter experience was pure theatrical magic.

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#29Hamilton vs Harry Potter and the cursed child
Posted: 8/26/19 at 1:07pm

FANtomFollies said: "Thank you! Also what would be considered the best seats for this show?"

I like to sit close. For Harry Potter, that means that the "how" of some of the effects are easily discernible. I'd say mid-orchestra, around row H, is better for that. There are two effects in the show where sitting further back offers the better vantage point, but the mezzanine feels too far back.

I didn't think Hamilton was worth the $40 I paid, and that was a prime orchestra location. But the set design makes sitting under the overhang the worst seats, so mezz or front orchestra is ideal.