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Robert Downey Jr to make Broadway debut in Ayad Akhtar's McNeal at Lincoln Center
 May 21 2024, 03:06:03 PM

Is 2 tickets per account the norm or just for this show? I feel like historically I’ve only bought one ticket per account. 

Here Lies Love Rush
 Aug 9 2023, 08:28:13 PM

Has anyone rushed since Lea for a Sunday 2 show day? How long have lines been?

Lea Michele as Fanny - Funny Girl - CLOSING DATE ANNOUNCED
 Mar 17 2023, 12:29:21 PM

Do they usually sell rush tickets when Lea is out? Or do they just stick to lottery/TKTS?

 Mar 17 2023, 08:30:32 AM

Any updates as it’s gotten a bit warmer? 

Kimberly Akimbo Rush
 Jan 7 2023, 02:58:57 PM

Any recent rush updates?

Merrily tickets
 Oct 3 2022, 01:56:39 PM

Can anyone still see the ticket page? I refreshed and now it’s blank. 

Merrily tickets
 Oct 3 2022, 12:13:27 PM

Did you click right at 12 or right before? I ended up in the 700s and by then all weekend dates were already gone. 

OFFICIAL: INTO THE WOODS Broadway Revival to Open at the St. James Theatre, Performances Begin June 28, 2022
 May 26 2022, 09:54:37 AM

Or any guesses on how fast it’ll sell out? 

A Strange Loop Rush/Lottery
 Apr 26 2022, 09:36:19 PM

Got to the box office on Wednesday 4/20 around 10:50am and asked about rush tickets. They had rush tickets at $47 on extreme sides and I was also offered back of the balcony for $49. I went for the $47 orch side tickets and got D11 and 13, which were definitely side views (missed the L most thought when in their squares) but overall didn't miss much else. 

Company Rush Tickets?
 Apr 26 2022, 09:27:55 PM

Swung by the box office around 4:30pm on Saturday, April 23rd to inquire about a rush ticket. I was offered a side seat for $59 or orch center for $69 and was told that Patti was out. I ended up going with a $59 ticket and was given B2 which I would consider a side seat but if the box office decides too I won't complain haha.

Music Man Rush Line.
 Apr 26 2022, 09:10:41 PM

A follow up to my last try- Went the next day (4/21) at 5:45am and was 7th in line. Got offered boxes or far sides orch and decided to go with the orch seats. Was definitely partial view but was nice to see the cast up that close!

Music Man Rush Line.
 Apr 20 2022, 05:33:22 PM

Was also there this morning! Came straight from the airport and got to the line around 7:45am and was probably about 49th in line. By the time I got to the front they announced they only had one ticket left for the matinee and none left for the evening but unfortunately I was looking for two so I passed. They did say they had tickets at the $99 price point but I’m going to be here a couple more days so I’ll probably try again later this week. 

Broadway Discounts
 Apr 5 2022, 09:53:02 AM

Anyone ever use the Amex offer to buy a gift card online that you can use at the box office and still have the credit post? There wasn’t anything in the terms about gift cards but unsure if it’s worked for someone before… 

Shaina Taub's SUFFS at the Public to feature Phillipa Soo, Nikki M. James, Jenn Colella, Grace McLean, Taub, and more
 Mar 28 2022, 08:46:38 AM

Do they typically release tickets at specific times? Would love to catch this when I visit at the end of April or if they extend again in early June…

COVID performance cancellations
 Dec 17 2021, 11:39:22 AM

I won the lottery for Freestyle Love Supreme for one of their cancelled performances and while the cancellation email gave the opportunity to refund or exchange when I logged into the website it only had the option to refund. I wouldn’t have been able to see it any other time so I didn’t press the issue but I wonder if Hamilton would do something considering the price differential. 

COVID performance cancellations
 Dec 17 2021, 10:43:24 AM

I’ve had two shows cancelled on me so far, with tickets purchased online through Telecharge. The cancellation emails stated that everyone would be refunded through point of purchase. Through Telecharge online I also had the option to exchange tickets for a future show, but this had to be done before the show was set to start. As I only got the emails 1-2 hours prior to curtain and as someone from out of town who didn’t have an idea at the time when I was returning I had to take th

PARADISE SQUARE Chicago Pre-Broadway Tryout - Previews
 Nov 23 2021, 10:24:17 AM

Has anyone won the lottery for this? Considering how ticket sales are I’d expect it’s an easy get but would love to know if that isn’t the case/where people are getting seats. 

Flying Over Sunset
 Mar 7 2020, 05:58:37 PM

Was it officially announced? Is it a student rush or a general rush, and does anyone know how much the tickets are? 

Flying Over Sunset
 Mar 7 2020, 02:38:27 PM

Does anyone know if Flying Over Sunset will have a digital lottery or rush? Broadwayforbrokepeople says they have a student rush, is that accurate?

 Mar 7 2020, 08:47:10 AM

Anyone do this recently on a Sunday and successfully get tickets? Or does anyone know if they aren't sold out do they discount tickets close to show at the box office? 

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