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Isn't it about time for a major Broadway revival of DREAMGIRLS?  Jan 31 2024, 09:22:08 AM

Amber had a great vocal sound for Effie, so I'm massively bummed she didnt transfer to Broadway. Is it really too late for her?

Morocco, you are not in the minority at all. Like with Phantom, I'd want to see the original staging and orchestrations and choreo, just with a new cast. Otherwise, it seems like diminishing returns.

Those original descending catwalks in Steppin To The Bad Side looked so awesome...but there's no clear video of them online. Would love to see

Chita Rivera has died  Jan 31 2024, 09:10:21 AM

This one stings.

I only saw Chita once, in Drood, but she was so lovely at the stage door and always so vivacious in her interviews I somehow convinced myself I'd get the chance to see her again in something.

Life is so short. She made the most of it. What a superb performer and person.

Did they end up doing something in her honor at Chicago?

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread  Nov 25 2023, 08:42:56 PM

I'm hoping to walk away impressed by both Cynthia and Ariana in this...but we'll see. The casting could definitely have been worse.

I'm almost more curious how far they stray from the show's content with the additional time the 4 hours provides them. Would studios allow Elphaba to be more overtly evil in the story and actually do something "bad"? That's the one element I always felt was missing from the show.

I'm also curious how much more development Nessa is given. She has pot

PBS Great Performances - Celebrating 50 Years of Broadway's Best  Nov 25 2023, 08:36:50 PM

I happened to catch what I now realize was a rerun of this special, and only saw the last 20 minutes or so, starting with Sutton's career retrospective number. What was that? Bizarre bits and pieces of various songs stitched together?

And now I'm watching the clip of Rob McClure doing essentially the same thing...why? Ugh. Who comes up with these silly ideas? Let the performers do ONE number all the way, or most of the way, so the audience can experience it. Name-dropp

Immersive AMERICAN PSYCHO Premiering 2025 In Brooklyn?  Nov 25 2023, 08:22:50 PM

I really enjoyed the opening number, with the choreo and lighting, and hope they keep some of that for this revival, but given the largeness of the space, I expect much will be changed.

This is just a tricky show. You know he's a murderer, you know the characters around him are largely vapid, and it leaves you feeling like you're supposed to laugh about him doing away with them. Yet seeing murders happen on-stage is genuinely disturbing's hard to know what the draw

Thank you Secret Santa!!! Merrily ticket :)  Nov 25 2023, 08:16:52 PM

That is absolutely amazing. I'm sure she was thrilled.

I love it when people do that kind of thing. If you have the power to be one of those people, please do. It's such an amazing thing.

Life can be so dark sometimes. Seeing people just be kind to anyone, generous like that, it restores a sense of hope in the world :)

I hope she had a wonderful time.

The Lion King to open a new sit down production in Toronto!  Nov 25 2023, 08:13:37 PM

I am disappointed it's Lion King, to be honest. It's already had a sit-down and it would have been much more exciting for it to be another show. I don't think people really care much about Lion King at this point. The costumes are great, the staging is great...and...?

If you could have wished a different show to get a Toronto sit-down, which would you choose?

Sondheim/Ives HERE WE ARE @ The Shed  Oct 15 2023, 01:55:50 AM

Oh they do? Where do they become available? Which site?


I asked in person at the theatre about rush tickets and different ways to buy some, but didn't get anywhere with the staff, who said "todaytix is the only way".

Sondheim/Ives HERE WE ARE @ The Shed  Oct 14 2023, 10:16:00 AM

I have tried repeatedly and failed to get rush tickets for this. If someone can't make tonight - Saturday - or Sunday night's performances, and doesn't want a large amount of moolah for one ticket, please reach out.

Remember when the folks rewarded with a rush ticket were the ones who bothered to line up at the box office? Yeah. Sigh.

SARAH BRIGHTMAN To Star in Australian SUNSET BLVD.  Oct 9 2023, 05:35:36 PM

That's right - I remember hearing about Tina Arena maybe doing this a while back...what happened there? She would have been very interesting. Great voice.

I think this is brilliant stunt casting but I question if Sarah has the range. Her Christine wasn't met with universal praise from an acting perspective. Norma needs a certain darkness. Also, Sarah doesn't really belt. Norma needs to belt sometimes, right?

But still....she will sell tickets! And if

SARAH BRIGHTMAN To Star in Australian SUNSET BLVD.  Oct 9 2023, 04:33:19 PM










*sits down to try and process all the thoughts*

Sondheim/Ives HERE WE ARE @ The Shed  Oct 8 2023, 10:26:03 PM

jakebloke said: "I sat in FF 208 and on the whole it was great. There are a few things that happen at the back of the stage which I missed…..mostly in the first act. But for $40 I can’t complain given the prices of more central sets. The HH 101 102 seats will have a better view I think."

How did you get a 40$ ticket?

Also, and feel free to be brutally honest here, is it worth going out of the way to see this production/this cast, or would

Broadway flea market 2023 collectors unite!!  Oct 2 2023, 04:28:27 PM

Tking0012 said: "Do we have a TDF's trading list yet?"

What does that stand for?


Also, northlandfan did you get my pm? We were chatting and then I didn't hear back anymore. Thanks :)

Kristin Chenoweth/Stephen Schwartz team up for Queen of Versailles stage musical  Oct 2 2023, 04:25:22 PM

fbueller said: "CarlosAlberto said: "First "Joy" now this? Talk about scraping the bottom for source material. SMDH. What's next? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Musical?!? Ugh."

Kristin deserves better material.

She does. She really does.

This could end up being great but honestly...this subject matter is depressing. I struggle to think that *this* is what backers want to put money behind. It all sounds t

Broadway flea market 2023 collectors unite!!  Oct 2 2023, 12:41:57 AM

While it's true that there was a ton of stuff this year, there's never not going to be to be Phantom stuff. As the biggest example, there have to have been at least 20 MILLION Playbills printed, including 10s of thousands of different special event ones. There's no way there won't be some of those next year. Other things were not produced in such high numbers. But, there's always stuff that pops up from older years and it's 100% accentuated for Phantom by it being

Broadway flea market 2023 collectors unite!!  Oct 1 2023, 09:24:29 PM

thedrybandit said: "The ATPAM table somehow had more Phantom stuff than the Phantom table did. Tons of playbills, brochures, masks from a painting competition a few years back, tons of costumes pieces, hats, shoes, and even two really special pairs of shoes, a Carlotta pair worn by Judy Kaye, and a pair worn in act two by Sarah Brightman. Those went for $550 and $750 respectively I believe."

Thank you so much for this rundown! I just saw a tiktok video showing some of the costumes and things. They had those old Carlton Cards Phantom ornaments! Were they all signed? I wonder how much they were...

I hope - perhaps foolishly - that there's some Phantom stuff still waiting for next year and that this isn't the end. Hard to have missed the Flea this year as a big Phan

Broadway flea market 2023 collectors unite!!  Oct 1 2023, 05:03:54 PM

Theatrefanboy1 said: "Listener said: "Theatrefanboy1 said: "If anyone sees a phantom closing book as well (the program. Not the playbill) with no bends or tears. can you please pick up. I can etransfer. Thanks"

Hey....! Copy cat!


hey now- notice my first message with response to phantom closing program in my first entry (sooo I believe it would be “me first!”  


*sends Carlotta over your way to finish this discussion*


Broadway flea market 2023 collectors unite!!  Oct 1 2023, 03:44:17 PM

Theatrefanboy1 said: "If anyone sees a phantom closing book as well (the program. Not the playbill) with no bends or tears. can you please pick up. I can etransfer. Thanks"

Hey....! Copy cat!


Broadway flea market 2023 collectors unite!!  Oct 1 2023, 02:59:21 PM

If anyone sees one in good condition - no bends or tears - please pick it up. I will reimburse :)

Broadway flea market 2023 collectors unite!!  Oct 1 2023, 02:41:16 PM

bwayphreak234 said: "Did a few laps around the market this morning and picked up the following...

-Phantom exclusive closing night souvenir program

-Into the Woods souvenir program

-Assorted marquee postcards from Anything Goes, The King and I, Bullets Over Broadway, On the Town, and On the Twentieth Century

-Magnets from Hedwig and the Angry Inch with Neil Patrick Harris, Tina, and Priscilla

-Frozen pen

Great turnout

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