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SUFFS Previewsabout th  Apr 18 2024, 06:46:44 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "I’m really curious why they don’t have Hillary Clinton doing a preshow announcement for this show. It seems like it would be a given for her to do it, especially since they don’t even have one at this point."

And Malala. What a pair!  My respect for the production grew exponentially when I heard who would be producing. 

Dream Two Show Day  Apr 17 2024, 08:29:33 PM

The OBC’s of Evita and Sunday in the Park with George.  I’ll leave it up to Mandy Patinkin to negotiate starring in two major musicals at the same time.  

Honorable Mention to the OBC’s of Dreamgirls and Come From Away, each thrilling in very different ways.

In between I would eat at Zen Palate, the wonderful Asian vegan restaurant in the theater district that is no longer around.  Loved that place.  Big loss when it closed.  <

Just a thank you  Apr 12 2024, 11:43:02 PM

Thank you for your post Dmama.  With all the ugly around us in the world today, a moment of civility and gratitude is honored and appreciated.

THE WIZ Previews  Apr 7 2024, 02:21:14 PM


CABARET at the Kit Kat Club Previews  Apr 5 2024, 03:31:04 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "I had forgotten Eddie and Gayle were only in this until 8/31. Wonder if all future casting pairs will be “shorter” stunts like this."

So was that an intentional "stunt" or a mistyped "stint"?  The power of one vowel to change the entire meaning.


CABARET at the Kit Kat Club Previews  Apr 5 2024, 11:18:05 AM

dramamama611 said: "That works, but only if the staff allows it.
If not, I might just pull it off once I'm seated.

That’s what seems so silly about this solution. Anyone hell bent on taking pictures and/or recording is going to pull off the tape. Anyone concerned about leaving residue on their phone is going to remove the tape. Anyone oblivious to this entire conversation is going to take their phone home and be pissed when they realize the after

In Ear Monitors  Mar 31 2024, 10:34:18 PM

Many thanks for the replies.  It’s fascinating to learn how everything comes together.

In Ear Monitors  Mar 31 2024, 01:58:29 PM

trpguyy said: " . . . There is also the fact that performers have very different opinions on what they like to hear, and catering to everybody’s needs/wants is not always possible with traditional monitors. In ear monitors allow for much more individual control."

Interesting   Can you explain the differences in what performers might want to hear?  


Who Deserves the Next Lifetime Achievement Tony Award?  Mar 30 2024, 10:25:19 PM

I have enjoyed Andre De Shields on stage in starring and featured roles for 45 years.  He's brought a brilliant cocktail of class and sensuality to every part he's played.  He gets my vote.  

What Is The Best Way To Resell A Broadway Show Ticket?  Mar 30 2024, 10:17:36 PM

gibsons2 said: "All your questions are answered right before you publish a listing on the app. You will receive money a few business days after the show, given there are no issues with your ticket. I personally only listed my tickets once i was able to immediately transfer. Stubhub works the same. You need to upload a pdf file of your ticket or transfer it directly to the buyer via email. Stubhub doesn't handle everything. You still must directly contact a buyer for some tickets

What Is The Best Way To Resell A Broadway Show Ticket?  Mar 30 2024, 05:16:24 PM

Hey all - can someone please explain the process by which we sell shows on Theatr?  I see that I list ticket details and wait for notification that they were (hopefully) sold.  If I am selling a ticket purchased from Telecharge that won’t be issued to me until two weeks before the show, what happens between now and the date I receive the tickets?  Does the buyer pay me or the service?  Why would they risk paying a stranger for something that can’t be consummate

LEMPICKA Previews  Mar 29 2024, 09:24:45 PM

Kad said: "Her being involved does not preclude her placing restrictions on how the production can use the artwork. Since the paintings aren’t being featured in ads or on merchandise, it’s not a leap to assume such restrictions may exist."

One day history will recognize this as the missed marketing opportunity that proved fatal to the production.  For the majority of us who recognize the artwork but not the artist, and hear "Lempicka" and t

LEMPICKA Previews  Mar 23 2024, 10:50:45 PM

Jordan - Are you sure you're not still suffering from BTSD* when Eden Espinosa appears on the stage?

(*Brooklyn Traumatic Stress Disorder of course.)

Is Ben Platt Reopening The Palace theatre with a concert for his new Album?  Mar 18 2024, 10:18:49 AM


What to do on a Monday??  Mar 16 2024, 06:31:30 PM

I started a similar thread a few weeks ago and got a lot of helpful advice. Here’s a reply from Broadway Bob that steered me toward all available options. May be helpful to you as well.

Broadway Bob* said: "Check out this site:
You can search by date and it will list most of the on-stage events happening for that day. I have found it quite useful in the past for finding "odd" time performances! Good luck!

Why do so many shows conform to the typical Tue-Sun performance schedule?  Mar 6 2024, 03:49:17 PM
I started a thread a few weeks ago because my husband and I will be in NYC Sun-Wed in early May and needed recommendations for a Monday show.  You were helpful with sites that show availability by date and that was much appreciated.
The purpose of this thread is to understand the rigid nature of the Broadway calendar.&nbs
Why don’t actors share roles on Broadway?  Mar 4 2024, 08:01:45 AM

I thank everyone for your replies in this thread.  I enjoy learning about the realities of Broadway behind the curtain and appreciate the wealth of experience and insight on this board.

As I hope I made clear in my original post, my focus is on the negative reaction of some when they believe that an actor, while otherwise an extraordinary talent, would be unable to handle an 8X/week performance schedule. I found BeingAlive4Ever's reply to be particularly compelling simply beca

Future of the Museum of Broadway  Feb 28 2024, 07:59:01 PM

I enjoyed the museum. It was fun sharing with my husband experiences that I had before he and I met and I started dragging him kicking and screaming into an appreciation for theater. And I enjoyed reliving the memories of shows I hadn’t thought about for a very long time. However, I couldn’t quite get my head around the fact that some shows were given an entire room (of sometimes uninteresting material) and other shows were given a single photo on a wall of shows from a certa

Why don’t actors share roles on Broadway?  Feb 28 2024, 06:59:13 PM

A topic discussed frequently on these boards is whether certain actors are able to competently perform the required X shows per week on Broadway. They are judged harshly if their voices are unable to handle all of the performances, or if they simply choose to assume a less demanding schedule. This confuses me, so just throwing the question out there for you guys, because I know many of you are in the business and closer to the realities that I’m unable to see from the sid

I tried...  Feb 21 2024, 07:34:48 AM

@Teddy1996 - you were very enthusiastic about the movie in the months leading up to its release but it has been radio silence since.  I hope it brought you moments of joy despite its many shortcomings.

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