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2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 10:16:09 AM

BoringBoredBoard40 said: "Did anyone go to that taping featuring two a-listers that happened last night?"

Alicia Keys and Jay Z are teasing a “Empire State of Mind” announcement on X, with Ayanna P pumping out teasers for tonight. 

I’m presuming they’ll appear in some combination of the Opening number,HK’s performance and presumably a reprise to end the broadcast once HK wins best musical.

 May 2 2024, 10:23:24 AM

TITANIQUE will debut in Montreal at the Segal Centre for Performing Arts from October 27 – November 24, 2024, followed by an engagement at Toronto’s CAA Theatre from December 5, 2024 – January 12, 2025.

London dates TBA. 

New WICKED Cast Replacements this month and next?
 Mar 31 2024, 03:08:20 PM

Long-time Production Stage Manager, Mary Beth Abel  is departing as of today’s performance. 
Highly recommend this BWW feature:

Hearing Casey Nicholaw is new director of Disney's 'Hercules'
 Mar 24 2024, 11:10:13 AM

Trailer from the Hamburg production:

The set and puppet designs are much better than previous incarnations IMO. 
I really wish they hadn’t slowed the tempo for Zero to Hero this much, it sucks the energy out of one of the most exciting songs.

THE WHO’S TOMMY Broadway Previews
 Mar 10 2024, 10:40:38 AM

The director and musical team are all theatre/rock veterans who likely have been damaging their hearing for decades. 

I would expect levels to balance out once the creatives ease off a bit. 

2024-2025 Touring Season
 Feb 13 2024, 02:14:51 PM

fashionguru_23 said: "The mystery show has to be something that isn't announced yet for tour, or is a transfer from London, or a world premiere. I have a hard time believing they would hold back the name of the show if it was announced in other cities."

Perhaps Mirvish is still deciding how long Six will reman open before closing to make space for Come From Away, which was already soft-announced for the Royal Alex starting September 2024. 

2024-2025 Touring Season
 Feb 13 2024, 11:10:18 AM

The Toronto 2024/2025 season was announced this morning:

  • Life of Pi (September/October 2024) 
  • Mamma Mia (October/November 2024)
  • Lion King (November 2nd 2024 - Open Ended) 
  • Moulin Rouge (November 2024/January 2025)
  • Beetlejuice (May/July 2025)
  • Back to The Future (July/August 2025)
  • 1 x TBD Show 

COMPANY Revival On Tour - News & Discussion Thread
 Feb 4 2024, 10:28:26 AM

ACL2006 said: "A.J. said: "Fingers crossed this tour makes a stop in Toronto in its second year."

this tour isn't running for a second year.

Thanks for the heads-up. 

It’s such a bummer when shows launch a “North American” tour that never leaves the states.

Why not just call it a “National Tour” instead of teasing us Canadians? 


COMPANY Revival On Tour - News & Discussion Thread
 Feb 3 2024, 11:50:44 PM

Fingers crossed this tour makes a stop in Toronto in its second year. 

New WICKED Cast Replacements this month and next?
 Jan 31 2024, 06:07:05 PM

Allie’s time will come eventually.
I could see them slotting her in when one of the movies premiere so she and Ariana can appear in a little PR moment together. 
Anyone else from 13 available to make it a mini reunion?

2024-2025 Touring Season
 Jan 25 2024, 11:55:16 AM

The Toronto 2024/2025 season will be announced on Feb 13th. 
We’re still waiting for a number of tours from the past few years: Frozen, Beetlejuice, Funny Girl, Company, Moulin Rouge and more. 

CONFIRMED: CABARET at the August Wilson Theatre, Spring 2024
 Jan 19 2024, 10:57:12 AM

Marty (Marcia) is also the only listed Emcee understudy as per the official website. 

Good for them, what a fantastic gig!

Rob Madge's MY SON'S A QUEER... at the Lyceum February 2024
 Jan 17 2024, 08:02:43 AM

The Balcony and Mezz are practically unsold for most performances so far. 

HERE LIES LOVE closing November 26
 Nov 7 2023, 04:01:22 PM

This should have opened at a reasonably sized house 5 or 6 seasons ago, while the off-Broadway buzz was still hot. 

Broadway Journal: Water for Elephants running cost $960,000 per week
 Nov 7 2023, 12:52:13 PM

Would a show like this require a larger insurance premium to account for all the circus risks? 

Does anyone know if this was an issue for the last Pippin revival? 

OFFICIAL: SUFFS to open at Music Box Theatre, April 18, 2024
 Oct 18 2023, 12:44:06 PM

Here’s hoping they revist some design elements to bring some life, colour and texture into the look of the show…. Make it look a little less dusty.


2023-2024 Touring Season
 Sep 5 2023, 05:50:11 PM

It’s fairly typical for national tours to use the first day of rehearsal as a photo call to announce the complete cast the next day. I expect we’ll be hearing lots of casting news tomorrow. 


Sondheim's Final Musical HERE WE ARE will premiere at The Shed this fall (No, really!)
 Aug 30 2023, 09:38:12 PM

I’m debating going into this blind or watching both films beforehand. 

 Aug 24 2023, 12:37:01 PM

Well, I guess I’m seeing Titanique later this year!

FUNNY GIRL Tour auditions
 Aug 19 2023, 03:28:35 PM

bwayphreak234 said: "A.J. said: "Caught a few glimpses of tour set renderings in a cast TikTok, and it looks as though they’ve redesigned.

The rotating silo is gone and lots of painted flats & drops are in. It looks… sparse.

Would you please share a link?


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