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The New Broadway Merchandise Trade Thread  Oct 26 2016, 01:41:36 PM

I am looking for one of the Gray Newsies the Musical Caps that were sold in the gift shop. I had one and  it has been stolen by a now ex friend. I would really like to replace it please pm me or email me at

Who Have You Gotten Stuff Back From?  Jul 21 2016, 02:10:58 AM

@z5 said: "While I don't have insight into that...congrats on graduating law school!!! "

Thank You it has been a long, long journey and now I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Getting this signed playbill, makes up for the heartache of not being able to go to New York until Spring due to the selfish and .....I can't even get into how much this person hurt me. Seeing CATS again would make my heart soar.  CATS was m

Who Have You Gotten Stuff Back From?  Jul 21 2016, 01:13:09 AM

I am really really hoping for a cast signed playbill from CATS. Who would I write to, and what are my chances? I have never had a request returned and I gave up. I was supposed to go to New York, and see the show, but a betrayal from a now ex-friend and my graduation from Law School that has been pushed forward, prevents me from going till Spring. So I would really really appreciate help in at least getting this signed playbill, to keep me going till graduation. When I can hopefully go s

Cats Previews  Jul 21 2016, 01:06:49 AM

Can I ask a big favor from someone going to see CATS in the coming weeks, would someone please be willing to get me a cast signed playbill? I would be happy to pay for shipping and handling. I was just betrayed and majorly let down by a very close friend-who I have ended our friendship, lets just say he took advantage of my friendship, and my money that I put away to go see CATS on Broadway. And now...I do not know when I am going to be able to go to New York.  Given that my graduat

Who should replace Scherzinger in CATS?  May 13 2016, 01:40:17 PM

Emmy Rossum 

CATS Revival Casting  May 10 2016, 10:32:31 PM

Whoever Grizabella is going to be played by, it will be a big name! 

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/8/16  May 9 2016, 03:22:54 PM

The question is, how much longer can Tuck Everlasting stay open, and the writing has to be on the wall for Jersey Boys and Kinky Boots. 

CATS Revival Casting  May 9 2016, 01:07:31 PM

Ladybug84 said: "Awesome to see two former Billy Elliots in the cast!



I am so excited that Giuseppe Bausilios is in the cast! But who is the other Billy?

Musical Revivals of the 2016-2017 Season  May 8 2016, 06:29:05 PM

I really excited for the CATS revival, but I do hope that Rum Tum Tugger does not rap like he did in the British  nearly revived version, apparently people did not like the new number. Hopefully they return the song to its original glam rock form. 


Shows that picked the right theatre  May 8 2016, 03:47:25 PM

Mr Roxy said: "Any musical that picked the Neil SImon since Hairspray



What is wrong with the Neil Simon, CATS has moved in?

Hamilton Professional Recording of OBC  May 8 2016, 01:56:50 PM

Did Lin say that he wanted the show to be professionally filmed with the original cast for wide spread distribution

Finding Neverland Posts Closing Notice  May 5 2016, 11:00:13 PM

Will Tuck last through the summer ?  May 4 2016, 08:16:37 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "Did tuck perform on the today show today. I can't find a video. Can anyone link it?



Apparently, the performance was rescheduled for 5/13 due to inclement weather, IE rain. I would be surprised if the show was still open.  

tuck everlasting today per  May 4 2016, 08:09:57 PM

DottieD'Luscia said: "Changed to Friday, 5/13 due to the rain today.



Is that a guarantee that the show will still be open, because there are rumors flying that it could close before next week. 

CATS Revival  May 4 2016, 03:24:16 PM

BroadwayConcierge said: "Okay, but actually, where is the casting news.



That seems to be the big question if previews start July 14th, where is the cast list?


CATS Revival  May 4 2016, 02:46:50 PM

The CATS marquee went up today!


BREAKING: Disaster the Musical closing Saturday!  May 3 2016, 06:33:09 PM

An update on the next Broadway season  May 3 2016, 06:09:15 PM

Anastasia is going into the Shubert. 

The stage adaptation of Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty’s 1997 animated musical Anastasia will arrive on Broadway at a Shubert theatre-to-be-announced during the 2016-17 Broadway season.

Stage Entertainment USA ( Sister Act, Rocky) and Tom Kirdahy ( It’s Only A Play, The Visit) announced plans for the Broadway transfer April 15.


Will Tuck last through the summer ?  May 3 2016, 06:00:34 PM

I do not forsee Tuck Everlasting lasting much longer. With the growing list of shows waiting to move into a Broadway theater, and the lack of tony nominations, and tickets sales, they will be gone, packed up and moved out before the end of the month. There is little to no chance that the show will still be open when the cast album is digitally released next month

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/1/16  May 3 2016, 04:06:28 PM

¿Macavity? said: "Call_me_jorge said: "Hoping Matilda will see a bump soon. Summer is close.



As am I...




Matilda has already posted a closing notice thought. Its closing in January? Could it close sooner? Also the drop in numbers for Tuck and no nominees does not bode well for the show. I do not see it lasting on Broadway much longer. 

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