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Dave Malloy's THREE HOUSES at Signature

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#25Dave Malloy's THREE HOUSES at Signature
Posted: 5/19/24 at 11:34pm

Organized my spring trip around seeing this show, and yeah, absolutely worth it. I liked this even more than I liked Octet, probably because the sound is a little more reminiscent of Comet/GQ and those are my favorite Malloy pieces.

Despite the fact that it's about the pandemic, something I was really not begging for a musical about, it was funny and dark and weird and specific in a way that really worked for me (like most of his work, tbh). I enjoyed the theme, the lyrical patterns that are introduced and reinforced throughout, and most of the performances - as another commenter mentioned, JD Mollison doesn't really do it for me, either.

Not sure to how to do the spoiler cut, so I'll be vague, but I will say a specific detail present in every story had me googling his personal life, and my suspicion was borne out.

Really hope we are getting a cast album!

#26Dave Malloy's THREE HOUSES at Signature
Posted: 5/20/24 at 3:06pm

I saw this on Thursday and I was not ready.

I'm a huge Malloy stan, but I don't think he's beyond reproach (Moby Dick was an hour too long; Don't Stop Me has too many plot lines; Octet felt like a first draft of an idea).  That said, I always appreciate his willingness to take big swings, and I always take something away from his work.

The second I realized this was about the pandemic, my shoulders tensed.  I've seen a few pieces recently set in and around the pandemic, and it almost always feels too soon (I Love You So Much I Could Die is a noteworthy exception).  But the way each "house" centers on one person's lived experience during the pandemic kept It grounded and easy to relate to.  Each of the sections brought up different emotions for me, and by the end I was a complete puddle.

Somehow Malloy managed to represent the trauma of the pandemic in a way that was relatable, hilarious, devastating, and cathartic.  Honestly, I feel like sending him a bill for rent because it certainly felt like he's been living in my head for much of the last few years.  

It's a challenging piece (it's Malloy after all), and each of the sections could probably be tightened up by 3-4 minutes.  But I found the show beautifully moving overall.  Strong recommend

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#28Dave Malloy's THREE HOUSES at Signature
Posted: 5/22/24 at 3:03pm

Extended thru June 16th.

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#29Dave Malloy's THREE HOUSES at Signature
Posted: 6/2/24 at 6:31pm

I did a three show day yesterday of Stereophonic, Titanique, and this, and Three Houses was the highlight of my trip, absolutely adored it. This might be a bit of an out there reference, but I kept thinking about the way the pandemic was handled is in a similar vain as how Bo Burnham handled it in his special, Inside. It is "about" the pandemic, but is far more universal, using that as a catalyst to dissect these characters' vices and over excessive self-isolation.

Have to agree with Margo Seibert and Mia Pak being standouts (though the whole cast is solid, including J.D. Mollison). Dying for the cast album already, and I hope this has life after this run, would love to see it again

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#30Dave Malloy's THREE HOUSES at Signature
Posted: 6/12/24 at 11:14pm

Margo Siebert confirmed on the Signature Theater instagram that a Kickstarter to help fund a cast album will be coming out soon. I imagine it will reach its goal quickly like the Octet one, so a cast album is more or less confirmed.

She also talked about how The Wolf had a song in early previews but it was cut. Such a shame, I actually think The Wolf is the least developed character and I would have loved for him to get a song. Well, outside of the dance. 

#31Dave Malloy's THREE HOUSES at Signature
Posted: 6/16/24 at 1:23pm

I was lukewarm on Natasha, and I missed Octet, so I was curious to see another Malloy project. The talent is there- like in Natasha, some lyrical moments and melodies are just perfect and haunting in the best way. And while the style isnt necessarily for me- both shows kinda felt like a jumble of one long song without stops/starts-- i liked what he constructed here in many ways.

And if it werent for the last 1/3 of the show, i might have loved the whole damn thing. What felt like subtle through-lines in the first two pieces came bursting out the seams in the third, hitting us over the head with an extreme version of loneliness/delusion that undermines the first two. Part of it was the cute, fun way the "puppets" were include in Parts 1 and 2 vs the heavyhanded monster in Part 3; part of it was the absence of color/detail around the physical space being lovingly described (a house in the Latvian woods, a New Mexico mansion and a reconstructed childhood paradise vs.... a bare room in Bklyn); part of it was JD Mollison, who was harder to understand and less spectacular (but still v good!) than Margot Seibert or Mia Pak. 

but it just felt like the steam seeped out in the third piece, and the overt tying it all together failed. Why abandon the open mic thing entirely? Why ignore how the third character came out of the pandemic, while having him be all hostile to the Wolf? Who the hell was the Wolf really? 

Feels like this needed a workshop or two to make more sense, but I guess they think it does, so the loss is all mine. Loved the cast, loved the staging, would pay to see a show that is just Mia Pak telling stories through song. 

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#32Dave Malloy's THREE HOUSES at Signature
Posted: 6/16/24 at 3:48pm

I probably would’ve enjoyed it more if I could’ve understood what the singers were singing about.  Especially Margo. Why is it that this is happening in so many shows lately?  Even with a mike, you still have to enunciate properly…


It’s also staggering how the performers actually learned all the material. 


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#33Dave Malloy's THREE HOUSES at Signature
Posted: 6/16/24 at 3:54pm

I saw the show and loved much of it.  I have seen many things at The Signature.  Sometimes with these playwright residencies, or whatever you call them, I feel like the playwright has a homework assignment due and they write something to fulfill that assignment.  Or maybe they have a draft of something sitting around that they try out. Maybe that isn't a bad thing.... it's just the way it feels to me.

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