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Elizabeth Urwick
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Posted: 5/1/24 at 9:16pm


I am coming to NYC next week and plan to rush multiple shows. Has anyone rushed any shows recently and how early did you get there? I am trying to understand how early to get to each theatre. I'm really interested in Stereophonic's, suffs, the outsiders, and the notebooks rush lines. Thanks so much!

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Posted: 5/2/24 at 12:23am

It might be more helpful for you to post in the individual show threads, but when my friend rushed this weekend, she said the Outsiders line was already quite long (maybe 15-20 people?) at 10:20 on Sunday (box office opens at noon)

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Posted: 5/2/24 at 4:35am

I heard that the notebook rush was pretty easy with someone getting a rush ticket at 530pm.

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Posted: 5/2/24 at 7:45am

I tried for Outsiders last weekend after the box office opened and the worker said they sell out as soon as they open and people line up early. He did say I could come back later in the day for standing room if the show sold out so if that is an option for you I felt it was a good view for $39.

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Posted: 5/2/24 at 7:53am

A Beautiful Noise has an easy in-person rush. $45, and the seats are typically rear orchestra.

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Posted: 5/2/24 at 8:23am

I got rush tickets for "The Notebook" on Tuesday, and was the first person in line at 7:45am.  By the time the window opened at 10am, there were about 20 people in line.  Got great seats - 5th row, side Orchestra, right on the center aisle. 

Will get rush tickets for "Water For Elephants" tomorrow.  

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Posted: 5/2/24 at 8:36am

Stereophonic’s rush line picked up last weekend compared to the week before and I can only assume the 13 noms will boost it even more. An hour before should still be okay ?

The Outsiders is regularly the longest. Water is a pretty decent size line as well.  

Suffs is longish but got easier after they got rid of the $19.20 tickets. 

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Posted: 5/2/24 at 8:50am

Stereophonic still offers digital rush as well