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Carolee Carmello to lead KIMBERLY AKIMBO National Tour
 Jul 18 2024, 12:23:57 PM

MatthewS1 said: "Call_me_jorge said: "Hopefully she sticks around for year two of the tour. Would love to see her in this when it comes to Chicago."

Chicago could definitely be June 10-22. That’s the only slot left in year 1, between Columbus and Memphis.

Why, wouldn't you know it, you were absolutely correct!  Kimberly will play at the CIBC Theatre for those two weeks.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To the Forum film
 Jul 8 2024, 01:53:50 PM

Sure, the book of Forum is dated in its casual sexism, but it's not like the male characters are contrastingly any better.  Hero is as dopey as Philia, Senex is a dirty old man, and so on.  A production also doesn't need the women of the House of Marcus Lycus in completely skimpy clothing, either.  So I think Forum absolutely still works in a good production, even if its 60s sensibilities are apparent.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To the Forum film
 Jul 8 2024, 11:54:48 AM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "I have a general FORUM question

Was the "House of Marcus Lycus" that Ernie Sabella sings on the 90s cast album written for that revival? Or a trimmed song that was reinstated? It's not on the original cast album or in the film, butI don't remember if it was in a licensed stage production I saw a few years back.

It was in the original production, but for album length, it was not recorded for the original cas

Jason Robert Brown, Taylor Mac, Rob Ashford collaborating on MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL musical adaptation
 Jun 26 2024, 11:44:36 AM

In its current state, this is a mixed bag.  Most notably, it is currently unfocused and too scattershot.  I think the second act is stronger and gives a clearer picture of what story they're trying to tell and how it could cohere.  The rest of my party thought it was much more of a mess than I did (especially my friend who read the book, as he said it had an entirely different narrative focus), but I think this can turn into an effective show about community and how to reno

Jason Robert Brown, Taylor Mac, Rob Ashford collaborating on MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL musical adaptation
 Jun 24 2024, 04:16:41 PM

First preview is tomorrow night.  I'm looking forward to hearing others' reactions to this one!

JRB's THE CONNECTOR at MCC will star Scott Bakula, Jessica Molaskey, Ben Levi Ross, & more
 Jun 21 2024, 01:24:24 PM

TylerJia said: "Listened twice this morning already (I'm UK-based), music is very reminiscent of JRB's solo material (especially the first album) and I have no qualms with that at all. This will be getting MANY rotations on my Spotify for the foreseeable..."

Not only is very stylistically JRB, but man does Ben Levi Ross' voice remind me of the composer's.  I'm definitely digging the album, because it is so very Brown.

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 17 2024, 01:19:24 PM

MadsonMelo said: "Question: how many times a show won Book AND Score but lost Musical against a show that was also eligible in three categories?

I remember Into the Woods, Ragtime and Millie, and now Suffs. Did we had any other show that also did that?

I think ''The Outsiders'' is the first winner in the century not to win, score, book or an acting award.

I assume you meant Urinetown in that trio.  Otherwise, those are the

What is the worst production you have ever seen on Broadway? What is the worst show?
 May 18 2024, 06:48:08 PM

The thing I return to often when thinking about “worst productions” is: what is the show aiming for? I saw the tryouts of both The Devil Wears Prada and Paradise Square in Chicago, and while I had major issues with both, there was a difference in their ambitions. Paradise Square wanted to be a 10/10 show, even if it was only hitting 6/10 for me; alternately, Devil Wears Prada might have been about a 5/10 of show, but it only seemed to be aiming for 5/10. So even though I don&

Audra McDonald-led GYPSY for 2024-2025 Season?
 May 16 2024, 06:08:16 PM

Laurents made some smart decisions over the years regarding the book (some cutting of the hotel room scene, the added dialogue during the strip), but overall, as people have said above, this is not a musical that needs revising by anyone else.  If you want to use different versions of the libretto, sure.  But I don't want anybody touching this perfectly crafted book!

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024
 May 9 2024, 04:06:22 PM

MrsSallyAdams said: "Unfortunately, it carries over the film’s weaknesses. It is utterly heartless. There’s no attempt to flesh out the central relationships. Who are these people? What do they want? Madeline’s a familiar type. But Helen’s a different person each time we meet her. By act two she’s settled into a second Madeline. Doctor Menville has no personality or goals beyond pursing, and then running from, the women.

Wow, did I write this

HERE WE ARE heads to the recording studio
 Apr 26 2024, 03:57:21 PM

chrishuyen said: "I think one of the main reasons it could be called unfinished is because Sondheim famously made big changes over the course of previews in a lot of his shows, and since he never saw it performed with an audience, we don't know what things he might've adjusted had he been around."

This is exactly how I think of it.  It is both a finished work and a tantalizing "What if?"  Did I like what I saw and feel satisfied by it?&nbs

HERE WE ARE heads to the recording studio
 Apr 26 2024, 02:31:54 PM

jkcohen626 said: "I do kinda wish that they'd released a song with lyrics (maybe the Soldier's song?). But, the exit music is beautiful.

All I can think about listening to this is that, if this show somehow had transferred, it would probably be the frontrunner for Musical, Score, Book, and Lead Actress at the Tonys, along with noms for directorand every technical category.

I would think that Rachel Bay Jones and David Hyde Pierce would both have g

FOLLIES at Carnegie Hall
 Apr 19 2024, 01:06:32 PM

BCfitasafiddle said: "This cast, 30 piece orchestra, original choreography!!

I LOVE that the Kimberly Akimbo kids are in this.

"You're Gonna Love Tomorrow/Love Will See Us Through"?  It's what the people would deserve.

The Notebook - Original Broadway Cast Recording
 Apr 19 2024, 11:13:41 AM

As a huge Ingrid fan, I've been waiting for this recording since I saw it in Chicago.  It sounds so lovely as an album, and I look forward to whenever I can see the show again (which I say as a noted non-fan of the romance genre).

Great songs given to minor/insignificant characters
 Feb 3 2024, 12:57:16 PM

My immediate thought is “The Gentleman is a Dope” from Allegro, although several of the songs in that show also qualify.

Thinking on some of the above, it depends on how you define minor or insignificant.  I think Freddy is a very significant character in MFL, but he doesn’t have a lot of stage time; same goes for Beth in Merrily.  But relative to others, they’re minor characters. So it’s an interesting question that I think can yield a wide arra

Jason Robert Brown, Taylor Mac, Rob Ashford collaborating on MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL musical adaptation
 Aug 16 2023, 01:02:43 PM

New Jason Robert Brown/Taylor Mac Musical MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL to Premiere at Goodman Theatre (

Very excited about a JRB premiere in my city!  Date-wise, this seems to be replacing the previously announced Female Troubles.

 Aug 6 2023, 05:12:28 PM

110 in the Shade has a glorious score, and I wish it had more than just the Audra revival.

Pipe Dream has a wonderful R&H score, and I think the book could work if it’s just directed to make the prostitution angle clear.

Of Thee I Sing is a riot and should absolutely be revived.  It’s a good score, and while it’s of its time in episodic structure, the book is phenomenal and holds up today.

PARADE On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Aug 6 2023, 05:05:25 PM

Broadway Flash said: "does anyone think this will go on tour?"

I hope this does.  It would be fairly easy to stage on tour.  And this was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time, so I’d love it to tour.  Even sans Ben and Micaela, who were fabulous, I think Arden’s staging is such a star that it would tour incredibly well.

Notebook Musical coming to Broadway
 Aug 3 2023, 09:36:21 AM

The new art looks great, and the Schoenfeld is a good house for this.  I hope they tightened the show during its downtime; this was in the best shape of any Chicago preview show I’d seen in a while, but it could be something really special with some work.  Very excited for this!

DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES Off-Broadway Reviews
 Jun 6 2023, 11:26:08 PM

These reviews are certainly more positive than I was expecting.  I am not shocked by the praise for BDJ and Kelli O’Hara (especially the latter, because her singing was MAGNIFICENT), but they are generally more forgiving of the score and book than I was.  Both had their moments for me, but I thought this show was going to be reviewed as a mixed bag.

I still doubt the commercial viability in a Broadway house. Sometimes it’s okay to have Off-Broadway be the final st

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