Balcony experience at Merrily?

#1Balcony experience at Merrily?
Posted: 5/5/24 at 9:36pm

I’ve looked through the other Merrily threads to find people describing their view/sound from the balcony at the Hudson and couldn’t.

Can anyone here share if they’ve seen this or any other show at the Hudson in the balcony? What was your view and sound like? Did you miss anything? Thanks!

#2Balcony experience at Merrily?
Posted: 5/5/24 at 9:57pm

I’ve sat at the first row of balcony for Merrily. I thought the view was very good. 

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#3Balcony experience at Merrily?
Posted: 5/5/24 at 10:40pm

Best balcony on Broadway. As long as you're not too far off to either side, you'll be fine and won't miss anything.

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#4Balcony experience at Merrily?
Posted: 5/5/24 at 10:54pm

Hudson has one of the best balcony on Bway

If you had to pick one side from the other, sit on the left side  for this production. 

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#5Balcony experience at Merrily?
Posted: 5/5/24 at 11:32pm

Sat house left on the aisle first row for 1984". The view was excellent but there was very little leg room. As good as the view was from the first row I suspect it is just as good even 5 rows or so back. JMO

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#6Balcony experience at Merrily?
Posted: 5/6/24 at 1:22am

I was in the 4th to last row of the center balcony and the only thing I missed were the heads of the band - but saw all the action on stage perfectly.  The rake is steep at the Hudson so unless you’re on the very far left or right you don’t miss anything. 

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#7Balcony experience at Merrily?
Posted: 5/6/24 at 4:32am

Our seats for Merrily were in the middle of the very last row and I was surprised at how good the view was.  Like B212323 said, the band is slightly obscured, but we could see the actors at all times.  To be able to see this show for under a hundred dollars, I was more than happy to be sitting there.

#8Balcony experience at Merrily?
Posted: 5/6/24 at 11:09am

My seat was Balcony L, row C, seat 1. I was very pleased with it, especially given the prices of other seats.  I couldn't see all of the band from what I remember but everything else was good.  This seat was on the aisle too (but note that the stairs are steep).  I'm sitting there again when I go back to see it this summer

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#9Balcony experience at Merrily?
Posted: 5/6/24 at 11:35am

I was in C15 (far house left aisle) and the height was fine. For the most part, the view was fine, but there were a couple of things far stage right that were screened and I remember some of the actors' heads being screened by the multiple door setpiece. I thought it was expensive for the location, but all the seats are expensive at Merrily and it was a spur-of-the-moment trip, so I had to take what I could get. I'm glad I went, as this is the best production of a problematic show that we're likely to get any time soon. Groff was great, but Radcliffe alone made it worth seeing for me. Give him the Tony!

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