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Posted: 5/16/24 at 12:01am

Home sweet home.

The 2024-25 Broadway season kicks off with a revival of the 1979 play by the late Samm-Art Williams at the Todd Haimes Theatre; previews begin tomorrow (May 17) before a June 5 opening. The three-person show stars Tory Kittles, Brittany Inge, and Stori Ayers; Kenny Leon directs. Home runs through July 21.

“Cephus Miles has the whole world in his callused hands — until his sweetheart Pattie Mae goes off to college and marries another man. Samm-Art Williams’ Home is a muscular and melodic coming-of-age story that gives voice to the unbreakable spirit of all Americans who have been searching for a place to belong.”

Who’s going?

Oh look, a bibu!

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Posted: 5/16/24 at 12:34am

I know hands are tied by Roundabout's subscription, Haimes Theatre avail, and Kenny Leon's schedule, but I can't think of a worse time of year to open a low-profile play with a relatively unknown cast –– and just days after the playwright's death. I wish them well and hope the houses won't be too small.

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Posted: 5/17/24 at 11:06pm

Anyone here go to tonight’s first preview?

Roundabout’s website lists a 90-minute runtime, no intermission. 

Oh look, a bibu!

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#4HOME Previews
Posted: 5/17/24 at 11:31pm

Has this been up on TKTS? 

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Posted: 5/20/24 at 12:28pm

I went to first preview and it was pretty full from an audience standpoint. I have been a longtime fan of this script as it is one of the Black classic plays, and found the production to be good and entertaining if not a astoundingly incredible production. Tory Kittles and Brittany Inge are definitely the standouts. Tory is giving a wonderful performance, with great storytelling and a wonderful command of the somewhat heightened southern Black language the play is written in. My only complaint, which is more often than not my complaint when watching a Kenny Leon production is that the directing is uninspired. There are no great stage pictures, moments of blocking, or interesting directorial choices to elevate the story. Because it is told in such a recall and recreate manner, the arc of the story would benefit from some dynamic directing choice that keeps the audience engaged. It really is a lovely play! Curious to see how this does. Also, I think it's great that they kept the idea of casting just great actors and no names in the show. I think that is in line with original production that starred Charles Brown and L. Scott Caldwell in the 1980. I know that it is probably a hard sell, because people want/need a name often to buy a ticket, and the play is not famous outside of theatre schools and circles. I hope it has a wonderful run. Especially up against Tony season and going into summer. I am also appreciative that there is a Black play on Broadway represented at all even if it is not a part of this season. Thank God for variety!

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Posted: 5/20/24 at 12:46pm

UWS10023 said: "Has this been up on TKTS?"

Yes, I saw this on the board yesterday for very cheap (forget exactly how much).

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Posted: 5/20/24 at 4:04pm

Boy this just feels like a production that was suppose to be at the Pels and bumped up for some reason

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Jordan Catalano
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Posted: 5/25/24 at 4:59pm

Saw the matinee today. I knew nothing about this play and totally agree with the above statement that it seems better suited for the Pels. I found my mind wandering a lot during the first hour but was more engaged during the last 30 minutes. Performances were all fine but this script is absolutely a product of its time and even if I didn’t know this was a revival, I’d know almost right away it’s from the late 70s/early 80s. 

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Jonathan Cohen
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Posted: 5/26/24 at 1:03am

Nothing says a timely revival like discussing conscientious objectors during the Vietnam War.

I have no idea why this ended up on Broadway now, both in terms of subject matter and regarding it being a very small play with no stars. There were also long sections of the play I was actively bored. 

That said, the love story at the center of the story is very sweet. It ultimately won me over, even though I didn't connect with this play for the majority of the running time.

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Posted: 5/26/24 at 10:33am

I thought this was a big misfire for Roundabout.  The play feels extremely dated.  With a script that is largely poetic, it lives or dies by its direction, which essentially is nonexistent.  The staging is quite boring and the actors are playing at a 12 for the entire performance, which gets exhausting.  I just don’t understand the reason for producing this right now with no stars.  

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Jordan Catalano
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Posted: 5/26/24 at 10:50am

I don’t think having “stars” in this would fix the problems it has. 

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Posted: 5/26/24 at 3:19pm

I wanted to see this but now these posts are making me feel this should be skipped.

I wanted to a 3 show day on June 22:  Titanic, Titanique and Home.

What is the hottest off-broadway show right now?

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Posted: 5/26/24 at 10:22pm

Truly awful boring production.  Does not belong on Broadway.  Appeals to a very narrow niche audience, perhaps at a tiny off-off-Broadway venue.  Save your money and time.

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Posted: 5/26/24 at 10:37pm

Voter said: "I wanted to see this but now these posts are making me feel this should be skipped.

I wanted to a 3 show day on June 22: Titanic, Titanique and Home.

What is the hottest off-broadway show right now?

I don't know what's the 'hottest,' but Here There Are Blueberries is the one that I can't stop recommending. Closes June 30. 


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#15HOME Previews
Posted: 6/9/24 at 5:12pm

I saw this today and I mostly enjoyed it. One of the major problems here is that while it is very poetic, the delivery makes it seem verbose and hard to follow, especially in the first half hour or so when they are using their NC regional dialect and speaking at a fast clip. I did find the story heartbreaking and I could see how this story would’ve landed in the 1970s, but it almost seems like a relic of the time now. The ending though, while sentimental, did make me feel warm and it was nice to see a black-centric play that didn’t have a tragic ending despite the protagonist’s many trials.

Kenny Leon has done worse for sure (OHIO STATE MURDERS, anyone?) but it wasn’t one of his best efforts, especially with the superior PURLIE VICTORIOUS currently making the rounds on the awards circuit.

I wanted to stage door but had to run so I didnt and also didn’t know if they came out - does anyone know about that. I did run into Corey Hawkins in the lobby before the show though, and that was pretty cool.

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