Spring 2020 Musicals

#1Spring 2020 Musicals
Posted: 8/14/19 at 12:40pm

With Six and Diana recently being announced as new additions this coming spring (2020), and the multitude of newly emptied theaters, any predictions on the next wave of announcements?  Any chance for Mrs. Doubtfire, The Devil Wears Prada, The Flamingo Kid, Magic Mike, or Almost Famous?  I know that Once Upon a One More Time and Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough will be later in 2020 (summer and/or fall).  Just curious what everyone's thoughts are.

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#2Spring 2020 Musicals
Posted: 8/14/19 at 12:54pm

ALMOST FAMOUS is very likely happening this spring.

MRS. DOUBTFIRE runs out of town in November/December, so depending on reviews that could move in the spring. That's also some scheduling things:   1. Jerry Zaks is going to be tied up from June to October with Music Man, and Scott Rudin is weird about "his artists" working on multiple shows in the same season (though it happened with Zaks and Dolly/Bronx Tale).   2. Kevin McCollum is producing Doubtfire, Six, and Devil Wears Prada; it's one thing to lead-produce multiple plays in one season, but it would seem unwise to pit two big musicals against each other.   3. Maybe it's not a bad idea to have more time between Tootsie and this.

DEVIL WEARS PRADA has not announced an out of town run yet and probably depends on Anna Shapiro and Elton John's schedules (and how good the recent reading was). Perhaps a commercial OOT run in Chicago, since Anna Shapiro is based there?

MAGIC MIKE hasn't announced new authors yet, so who the heck knows.

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Scarlet Leigh
#3Spring 2020 Musicals
Posted: 8/14/19 at 1:44pm

Magic Mike is in development hell. It would need to get new creatives and a book a new tryout get before coming in so I highly doubt that this season is realistic for it.

I think "Marie: Still Dancing" is a possible announcement waiting for the ink on the paperwork to dry. It seems like of all the recent out of town tryouts, it's about as ready as Diana was to move and so it might have a similar time frame as that one.

I wonder on "Ever After"'s chances this season. Was the cancellation of their run out of town (that was then replaced by Six) a sign of more trouble for it or that they are instead trying to work out a deal for the spring this season?

What about the Beaches musical? It had a tryout then kinda faded out of the picture.

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#4Spring 2020 Musicals
Posted: 8/14/19 at 2:30pm

MRS DOUBTFIRE - Spring 2020 - Sondheim Theatre

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#5Spring 2020 Musicals
Posted: 8/14/19 at 2:39pm

I’ve heard Bees is doing London in the fall so not expecting that.

From Off Broadway, I think The Wrong Man is Broadway aimed and could come in and depending on how Soft Power does at Tbe Public, that could transfer. Some have mentioned A Strange Loop and Octet but I doubt those will transfer.

#6Spring 2020 Musicals
Posted: 8/14/19 at 3:02pm

Flamingo Kid is transferring in the Spring, I think to the Lyceum but don’t quote me on that. As other have noted above Mrs Doubtfire is also coming and has a theater locked down (someone above said they have the Sondheim and that tracks). We will also be getting a musical revival in the Spring from Roundabout, but which has yet to be confirmed (Parade and Caroline or Change seem to be the top contenders).


Someone above mentioned Soft Power, A Strange Loop and Octet.  Soft Power is eyeing a transfer but likely not this season.  A Strange Loop and Octet and both looking at second runs but neither is eyeing Broadway.  But we will likely see both of them in NYC again soon.

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#7Spring 2020 Musicals
Posted: 8/14/19 at 3:09pm

InTheBathroom1 said: "I’ve heard Bees is doing London in the fall so not expecting that.

From Off Broadway, I think The Wrong Man is Broadway aimed and could come in and depending on how Soft Power does at Tbe Public, that could transfer. Some have mentioned A Strange Loop and Octet but I doubt those will transfer.

I heard from a semi-reliable source that Octet might be transferring.


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#8Spring 2020 Musicals
Posted: 8/14/19 at 3:20pm

Broadway Inbound has group sales alert signups for Almost Famous, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, Dreamgirls, Marie, and Mrs Doubtfire so I would think these are all plausible to be coming in 20/21

#9Spring 2020 Musicals
Posted: 8/14/19 at 3:30pm

I also heard that since the poorly reviews of Flamingo Kid, it’s future is uncertain

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#10Spring 2020 Musicals
Posted: 8/14/19 at 11:24pm

Is Everyone's Talking About Jamie still planning on coming?

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#11Spring 2020 Musicals
Posted: 8/17/19 at 4:44am

I heard from a semi-reliable source that Octet might be transferring.

I have also heard from reliable sources, and they are planning additional runs of the show but not on Broadway. Don't know in what form, but it'll either be out-of-town, another Off-Broadway space, or converted performance space like Kazino. But don't anticipate this or any other Malloy shows hitting Broadway anytime soon, he does not want to be involved in commercial theatre.


#12Spring 2020 Musicals
Posted: 8/17/19 at 5:10am

Mrs. Doubtfire: I had mixed opinions of Something Rotten and yet knowing it's the same writing team, I'm not turned off. With all the recent movie adaptations, good word of mouth could definitely push this forward.

Marie: The topic interests me and I want only the best for Ahrens and Flaherty. But the songs I've heard sound too much like the newer material in Anastasia for my comfort.

A Strange Loop: I don't think it's meant to transfer to Broadway. It's not just that it's subversive but I don't see how it benefits from losing the intimacy of a small theater and upping the production values. It's not that kind of show. If anything, it's meant to be filmed. There's a certain choppiness to the storytelling that would work well with the editing conventions of a movie or even a filmed version of the show. 

The Secret Life of Bees: I thought it needed a lot of work. At the very least, the lyrics need an overhaul. 

#13Spring 2020 Musicals
Posted: 8/19/19 at 1:56pm

Roundabout just announced Caroline or Change has its Spring musical. It’s a transfer of the recent West End production starring Sharon D Clarke. The Company revival (also a West send transfer) is expected to be announcing its run this week as well.

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#14Spring 2020 Musicals
Posted: 8/19/19 at 2:23pm

What happened to Dave?

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#15Spring 2020 Musicals
Posted: 10/30/19 at 4:14pm


SIX- IMO the best musical running in London right now, but at 75 minutes long with the 6 wives of Henry VIII as the subject matter is going to have a hard time on Broadway. This will NOT work in anything but the smallest Broadway house and this will be a tough sell.

ALMOST FAMOUS- Reviews aside this is just another mediocre musical from a well-loved film. I love Tom Kitt, but when the best songs in the show are by Elton John and Joni Mitchell, you have problems. The biggest errors made are that the 1970's setting is crammed down your throat and there is absolutely no plot. The two centerpiece roles are performed adequately, but without any star power, and the Penny Lane character sings beautifully, but brings nothing else to a pivotal role. My feeling is that she will be replaced. Yet another long drive to San Diego to see another just "ok" show.

EVERYBODY'S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE- It's very British and the subject matter won't fly yet in NY. A high schooler who wants to have a career as a drag queen is great, and there were many youngsters in the audience, but that's Europe. American parents for the most part will not take their kids to see this. Too bad, because it is truly great. (I call it the "drag queen version of Matilda!)




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