cd's vs streaming

#1cd's vs streaming
Posted: 8/13/21 at 6:18pm

so ho hear loves to buy cd's and ho hear love streaming musicals

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#2cd's vs streaming
Posted: 8/13/21 at 6:34pm

I like having the physical cd.  It represents, to me, a souvenir from the show.  As I stated on here, multiple times, I never listen to it.  I just like having it.

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#3cd's vs streaming
Posted: 8/13/21 at 6:43pm

I am a proud Spotify user through and through. It is a joy giving B'way cast recordings a first listen the day they release on digital platforms. 

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#4cd's vs streaming
Posted: 8/13/21 at 6:46pm

I have a huge collection of CD'S--and black vinyl, too!

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#5cd's vs streaming
Posted: 8/14/21 at 9:56am

I like having physical media, and I do still buy CDs, but I typically listen to streaming music. This is mostly out of convenience. I don't have to leave the couch to stream music, but I have to get off my butt to change a CD every time I want to hear something different.

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Mr Roxy
#6cd's vs streaming
Posted: 8/14/21 at 11:06am

A few years ago I sold about 1/2 my cds . Between downloaded cast albums that I bought from Amazon and sold I have many of the sold ones.I than found out YouTube has A ton of them Add to that the cast albums I burned myself. I rarely listen to them now sad to say.

With the possibility of another lockdown very real my wife and I will listen to them and the dvds and boots I have .I sold what I did to have more time to listen to the rest.I still do not listen as we have Netflix and Max and broadcast stuff. Even being retired you still don't listen to them all

Bottom line is it is nice to listen to cds with the booklet in front of you. We have something to fall back on. I vote for cds.

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#7cd's vs streaming
Posted: 8/14/21 at 11:16am

Streaming for the most part but will buy if I love the show. Streaming pays so little especially Spotify. Tidal and Apple Music have the best payouts for artists.

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#8cd's vs streaming
Posted: 8/14/21 at 11:24am

I never thought I would give up physical cds. But when I think of the packaging waste, and the fact that I was doing 95% of my listening through digital sources -it stopped making sense.   It took me a hot minute to be over it..  Never have questioned my choice.

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#9cd's vs streaming
Posted: 8/14/21 at 12:22pm

I had over a thousand cast recordings on CD as well as hundreds on vinyl I had been collecting for decades. One day I realized I never listened to any of them so I donated everything to various libraries. Never missed them one bit.

I now solely have the classic shows I love on my iMusic for the rare chance I’m in the mood to listen to them. If there’s a cast recording I feel like listening to and that I don’t have, I use Spotify and get my fix.

Unlike my childhood and teen days when I was always listening to my cast recordings collection, I rarely, if ever, listen to a cast recording today. I guess after over 45 years of Broadway, I finally got burnt out.

#10cd's vs streaming
Posted: 8/14/21 at 12:46pm

Call me crazy, but I just bought a new cd player at Target!  I love listening to cast albums on CD. 

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Sutton Ross
#11cd's vs streaming
Posted: 8/14/21 at 2:12pm

They still sell CD players? That is dope AF.  

I'm a klutz who always ruined my cds. I scratched them, dropped them, lost them all over the place. Streaming is so much easier for me or anyone like me. Also, someday I know that all of my CDs will be in a landfill, which bothers me. 

#12cd's vs streaming
Posted: 8/14/21 at 7:55pm

I am slowly starting to more and more go with CDs. I have been getting into sound and sound quality when it comes to music. For example, I was going through my old CD collection, came across the cast album for my very first Broadway show. After having listening to via streaming I was able to notice a clarity in the sound, and little subtle things that I hadn’t heard when streaming the album. 

I love hearing a new cast album on CDs. Vinyl is a totally different story.